A Poem by A. Doyle

He lives deep inside of me
Never tells me where he is
Haunts me for all I did
And all I’ll ever do
He says the power is you

I can’t move, I can’t stray
From these things I do, these things I say
He says live your life that way
Fall down, get up
Its okay

He fills me up
Brings joy to my days
And he brings me down
With his righteous ways
Holds me close and says
Do you think you could have done it on your own?
You only learn what I’ve always known

I believe I was silly to think
I should have asked a psychic or a shrink
Should have closed my eyes
He said the answer is inside
The randomness of life and death
He floats on my every breath
Rides the tide of life
With all its fortune and failure
It spins in chaos
But He holds it tight
He whispers in my ear
Don’t you give up this fight

Deep inside of me I know
If I let him, he will grow
Low and behold an answer appears
To open my eyes and calm my fears
He says I’m not really here
But I’ll never leave
I force your thoughts, I weave your beliefs
I leave it to you, to be and to do

Live out loud without regard
For man made tears
Or nightmares of man made fears
Cry out loud without regard or knowledge of
A higher response
You know you can do without
Being used
The weak are always bruised

And yesterday’s people are caged to their past
Kicking and screaming
Forgetting to laugh
While today’s people struggle with time
Constantly seeking life’s reason or rhyme
Looking ahead, but always blind
To the very thing tomorrow’s people find
Who search for life
But forget to live
Forever refusing each day’s gift

So full or all alone
I’ll be all you’ve ever known
You’ll never say you didn’t know
Only boast you’d known all along

© 2013 A. Doyle

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A splendid read and write...Pen on these great ones...:)..............

Posted 7 Years Ago

A. Doyle

7 Years Ago

Thank you :)
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

You are welcome...:)..............

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A. Doyle
A. Doyle

Norwich, CT

"I'm in repair. I'm not together but I'm getting there. " -JM more..

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