A Poem by AlexValkyrie

Fairly dark

If only you could comprehend,
How much I truly hate you,
Oh how I long to see you bleed,
The fear you'd feel if you knew.

My existence you have soured,
Though many say the fault is mine.
To catch you alone and rip out your throat,
Would simply be divine.

Once upon a time,
In the Creator did I believe,
But thanks to you and family,
Unadulterated evil did I achieve.

Oh the many times,
that I plotted your demise.
To hear your desperate screams,
and revel in your pathetic cries. 

You are not my brother,
You're simply blessed by genes.
I will make you feel unloved,
by whatever evil means. 

The parents favored you,
their precious athletic star.
Even though my genius,
outstrips your brains by far.

If ever the time arises,
when your death I can create.
I promise you "dear brother",
You shall feel my pure hate.

© 2016 AlexValkyrie

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The anger is very visible in this and can be felt as well. I am sorry you feel this way, but I do like the emotion in this piece.

Posted 5 Years Ago

ah...the tale of sibling rivalry...as old as Cain and Abel. Yet obviously different in your case. Behind hatred is always a deeper sorrow, and that I can feel in this poem. I think we all play roles in our family...the golden child, the black sheep. Sometimes one of us abuses our station of power, and creates this...this pain.

This is well expressed with something bubbling underneath.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on January 6, 2016
Last Updated on January 6, 2016
Tags: Darkness, Hate, Blood, Gore



Joshua Tree, CA

I'm back. I don't do read requests. Those things stack up way too quickly. If you really want me to read something of yours then you will take the time to ask in a message. more..