"C**t"omer Service Part 3

"C**t"omer Service Part 3

A Story by AlexValkyrie

Real life experiences from work

I step out from the back room after hearing the bell ring announcing the arrival of a customer. I spoke loudly so they could hear me over the dull but obnoxious hum of the freezer "I need to scrape ice off the granite. But if you are ready to order feel free to speak up. I won't forget what you're asking for."
As I begin scraping the ice away one of the members of the family almost belched out (his voice was so foul it could not be described as speaking) "Can you serve us now?"
"I just need to scrape this ice away sir. However I'm listening if you're ready to order." There was no sarcasm in my voice. But apparently it wasn't dripping with enough honey. The customers who had just came in stood silent and awkward as if I'd done something awful yet they weren't brave enough to explain how I offended them. They ended up ordering one small bowl of ice cream and leaving even though there was five of them.
I later found out that they called to complain about my "poor customer service".
I scrape ice before I serve every single person who comes into that building. Until now no one has had a problem with it.
Grow the f**k up you whiny bitchy self centered egotistical children.

© 2016 AlexValkyrie

Author's Note

If you have anything negative to say about customer service this is not the place to do it. You are an awful customer and always will be until you've put up with customers yourself. That is just the way things go.

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Yay! Adventures with dealing with the general public right? LOL I must say I enjoy these. They throw in a laugh for a day. People are so rude if they don't served right when they get there. They have to act like you need to know what they want and have it ready before they even get to the store. I am not a miracle worker I can't do that. When will be learn? (Probably never lol)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on January 10, 2016
Last Updated on January 10, 2016
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Joshua Tree, CA

I'm back. I don't do read requests. Those things stack up way too quickly. If you really want me to read something of yours then you will take the time to ask in a message. more..