What she deserves

What she deserves

A Poem by AlexValkyrie

Happy birthday Kristian. I love you sooooooo much

She deserves better than I. Yet how can I be sure she gets what she deserves?
She deserves to sleep safe and sound without a care or a fear.
She deserves to rest in the arms of a stronger man.
But I love her. It is nothing short of the truth.

You are all beautiful. The epitome of pretty. Nothing in all of creation is even a candle compared to the explosive volcanic fire of your wondrous image.

Deep within your soul is a matching beauty. Matching in kindness, intelligence, decency, modesty, humility. 

When I said you were all beautiful I did not mean perfection. For as a human you have flaws. 

The simple truth is that my eyes have failed to see them. 

In my previous darkness you were driven away. Yet you lowered your walls and returned. Feel always my love dear. It burns for you. Yearns for you.

Together may we heal. Earn something real. Fight for eachothers hearts and strengthen eachothers creative arts.

For everything I should have said that I did not. Apologies...
For everything said that should not have been, more apologies. Never doubt yourself nor the spark between us. Things are truly different now.

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. Can it even be said enough? The thought devours my mind. Your eyes, oh so lovely... how they enchant me. Your hair the perfect shade and length. Just right for mindless gentle playing. Your smile is so cute yet so lovely - commanding to be kissed.

The best shall you receive. By blood or by sweat shall your dreams be achieved. My hands are yours to command my queen. Simply speak and it shall be done. As long as when the day becomes night you are mine to hold. 

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. 

If ever there was a thought of you in my mind that I had failed to share, let it be known it was of the good. You are beautiful my love. 

© 2016 AlexValkyrie

Author's Note

Its not really a poem. There is no structure, no rhythm, and no rhyme.

I'm not sorry. Ha.

I love you Kristian!!!! :)

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Thank you so much! I love it! And I love you, Alex! ❤

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you Princess

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Added on February 8, 2016
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Joshua Tree, CA

I'm back. I don't do read requests. Those things stack up way too quickly. If you really want me to read something of yours then you will take the time to ask in a message. more..