Eternal Lord

Eternal Lord

A Poem by Alex Vandool

Take you chances

Go wild girl

You go to bed

She said

That's all that's left

To do

See this holy morning

Everything so bright

You say

Just remember lord

Of all the mornings

And night eternal

For our souls

Stretch out timeless

Past and Future

Take this gift

And shove it up

You're glory

Box to box

This player thinks

You're dead

So we wonder

Where's the endpoint

What comes after

Don't know

But we hear rumours

Crafty echoes

Violent reverb

Basic style

Nothing and the winner

Emptiness or space

We're free to see

The signs and proof

Images we won't forget

Till next time maybe

Then go to sleep

In outside-inside

Bitter memory

Subconscious - Dream matter


To those worlds with no masters

You change the scope

You own the place

It's in you always

Least while you brush the rest away

And rest on, take it easy

The Lord is there and always waiting

Hurry, hurry

Work and sweat

Now, infinity is some kind of answer

Remember: all is possible in this imagine nation

Extend time past set limits

Way beyond and up and higher

I remember powerfully

I reach out through

The tracers

Into mild eternal love

Life is spellbound

To the master


Challenge put

To this new generation

And to our Eternal Lord


© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Added on October 4, 2018
Last Updated on October 4, 2018


Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


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