A Poem by Alex Vandool

Here's the secret

Here's what's going on

As the rain falls and the cosmic event unfolds, remember:

It's all already in you

You're ready for this note to soul

Lose their horror ideologies

Forgive yourself and everyone you've known

It's only easy

In the feeling as you do it

And afterwards the rush keeps going

So do it now and do it always

Fight to do it every day

Bathe in that serene forgiveness

Know your universe is true

It's in you right now, strong and perfect

Just as it can only be

You're in the same perfection, showing

Everything to see, and be

And feel the glory, feel the wonder

Push for unity and joy

Bring men and women back together

Praise every girl and boy

Love is all

Inside and outside

You are the universal truth

So, let it be and glow out from you

Relax in everlasting youth

© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Added on October 4, 2018
Last Updated on October 4, 2018


Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


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