A Poem by Alex Vandool

These people are having a laugh

These people are winning a path

Through your hypocrisy and emptiness and lies

Feel sorry for you, I really do

All you do drags everybody down

Wake up, it's not too late to dream

Two skeletons banging skulls and teeth

That's not romance, it's purgatory

One day you can get back to warmth

Real life, it's feeling kind

Kill your narcissism

Break your dead heart too

That endless hell, fake happiness

That poisoned mask: pretence

And hard work is for harpies

Let them push past you

They seek the road to judgment days

Regret their all night sigh

Leave them to it

Express your true self

Faraway from screens

And slipdowns

Give gollum some hope too

Now, think about it, billions face addiction

But not the streetwise kinds

It's bourgeois to the clinics

Beg virtual methadone the sons and daughters of the nothing class

Conformist to the bone

Fake flake-shakes in the underworld

Technology abounds

Antifa and multinationals

Ugly twins a mile above

And crawling some dark ground

Smash it

Smash their twisted programmed mind

An urchin has more soul than them

They're everything that's wrong

That's ok, don't get bored

You know it's nearly over now

And then you'll run and run and hide

That's ok, it's not like they'll just find you there

It's your birthday this time

Your karma curse warns first

Switch it off and walk away

Never turning back

© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


Feel Feel

A Poem by Alex Vandool