A Poem by Alex Vandool

You have it or you don't

Some will, some won't

Do me a favour

Shut your f*****g mouth until you have something to say

That's not some cliché

Someone else's recycled view

I've heard it all before

Gets worse with the retelling


Poor comprehension

Dedicated cowardly conformism

And the audacity to attack the ones who coolly know

You're empty

Your style is old and cold and dying deaths of end-of-era

You should see what's coming next for you

Literal panic attacks fill your weak little self

So, don't strike out, madly, blindly

Turn your glare around

Look deep into that mirror

Penetrate your soul

Ask yourself who stood on whose head

Reveal all the lies you've spun

Keep staring, glaring, realizing, stunned

You're the bigot

You're the privileged abuser

You're the user

You violate pure life

You steal

You cradle hysteria

You kneel before the wrong god

A pale version of a nothing mind


Truly pathetic

An embarrassment to your drying self

You paint the picture

You never kept it hid

Decay is in and outside you

The image now condemns

Suck it up and swallow it down

The ghoulish seed of profound despair

Swamp creature

Sickeningly mediocre




Everything is theirs

Even you

They own you

Can't you see it?

Fake liberal

Cell totalitarian

Holy-staining fiend

You get it

You're not stupid

Though you tried to be

For that



Eternal zero


Cheer up

The mood is getting better

The waiting nearly done

Onto you

As you would have done

Onto others

Tragic innocents

Repeat the crime

Pass it on

Pollute a hero

Hold geniality under

As they try to push you up

And rescue you

Save you from yourself

The only one

Think of all

The others did to you

Who pulled you out

Cleaned you up

Dragged you back to life

We're smiling

On the other side

One day you'll learn to laugh


And recognize, understand

The massive debt you owe

And what we mean by taste

© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Added on October 6, 2018
Last Updated on October 6, 2018
Tags: Love, life, death, Hate


Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


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A Poem by Alex Vandool