Next War

Next War

A Poem by Alex Vandool

Man, I can't believe this fucken s**t

All you want to do is prod us on

Couldn't give a damn about the ones who die

For all this bullshit

Just: make a theme, start a game

Blacken the names and lives of us and them

Yeah, they're humans too

In and out of uniform

Young man old man

Woman; male and female child

You bombed them everywhere

Used drones when you couldn't trick us into signing on the dotted line

Sign our life away before we can even buy a beer

But you don't care

You stay here

Or tell us what it was for you, your fathers, grandfathers...

Guess what - they hated wars for money too

They knew the tricks

The schemers played on them

Lies and propaganda

Meticulous building up of hate

For months and years and decades

How ever long it takes

French, Spanish, Germans, Russians, Arabs

They're people too

Like me and you

...This anglocentric fuckfest

Pushing me to fight other cowards' wars

Why should we go to Persia?

Fly magic carpet-bombing hells

Turn their cities into Dresden, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Berlin, Fallujah

Through undefended skies

Yeah great, that's some beauty to bequeath your grandkids

History books to tell of millions more

Burned alive and tortured

Torn apart

Their tender flesh ripped up

We go and kill the poor because we fear what their leaders say

And have to stick up for our real friends:

Some friends those faceless, heartless bankers

Some reality their media disseminates

They're paid to brainwash all their subjects

These priests of mainstream screen are hollow-heinous

Their eyes swivel-read commands

Over and over

...The programmed message:

Prepare the children, of what was a nation, to carry out the whims of their unholy lords

...We say:

Separate new church and new state

Switch CNNBC off for good

And this google-facebook

Promoting hate, division, greed

To play us by remote control

Turn brother against sister, man against woman, creed against creed

Because you know they'll always win it

The only ones to laugh and smile

Through the horrors that we'll swim in

And afterwards when they count more power and lucre

Wave me off

Your tears will dry

© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Added on November 18, 2018
Last Updated on November 20, 2018


Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


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