This one time

This one time

A Poem by Alex Vandool

So, this one time, I turned a corner and everything was there. The answer to all questions, enlightenment supreme

I turned back later, took myself by surprise. The others were acting, none of it is real

It's tough when you see through the glorious end. A Goya-dark maelstrom bewitched all your friends

And love for the lovers, the cold, hollow fiends. They drag your soul lower, the longer you spend

With them and their doubles, the sad broken kind. Forgive them, they need you; to climb and survive

So, now you're beyond that, and you're still alive. The wonder's still winning, the light's still inside

© 2018 Alex Vandool

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Added on November 25, 2018
Last Updated on November 25, 2018
Tags: mystery


Alex Vandool
Alex Vandool

Paris, France


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