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5 years ago a 16 year old girl named Andrea Marx had been brutally murdered. She had lost large amounts of blood and there were many lacerations on her throat, arms, and wrists, including bite marks and scaring. The police thought the attack had been from some kind of wild blood crazed animal. At least that’s what the police told her family, they didn’t know what else to think, all theories ran cold.


But what I think is that they were too afraid to know the truth, to know what really happened to poor Miss Andrea Marx. Every one expected her to be dead…but on the day of her funeral, her body went missing, to this day no one knows where she may be lying. No one except me…. I’m Andrea Marx, and this is how I lived….

                                    Chapter 1


It’s dark and cold, but I’m too numb to even care whether I’m cold or not at this point. Taking in a small breath of icy air, I let it fill my lungs to its full extent; when I suddenly detect the scent of pine and grass. Greedily I take another quick breath and instantly regret that decision, a sudden unbearable pain slithers through my spine like a slow disease, I tremble and wince from the snake like poison that weaves its way through my body.


I let out an unsuspected and tortured groan; sucking in as much air as possible for my lungs to hold, I wait for the next current of electricity to shoot it’s self through my body. It comes, but this time it was even more painful, I bite down into my bottom lip so hard I taste blood. I can’t take this anymore; and let out a bloodcurdling scream drowning out everything. It felt like days went by before the pain ended; I was breathing hard and digging my nails into the sides of my chest crying, I’ am hurting so much….


My eyes slowly flickered open, I was lying on the ground looking up at the sky, I see the moon and stars, and the shadows the clouds make with its light. I noticed I’m surrounded my tree’s, bushes. Another small jolt of pain, I winced, cringing at how weak it makes me feel, I don’t like it-feeling so small and fragile.


Slowly….I lift my upper body, balancing myself on my forearms. I do a quick scan over my body and immediately go into a panic attack. There is blood everywhere on me; MY blood. “Oh my god, oh my GOD! Wha- What’s going on, how did I, wha…what happened to me.” I cry, and curl myself into a ball on the damp ground. A low chuckle from somewhere close, its echo surrounds me lie a blanket. My face stained with tears and blood is reflected in his eyes. He came from behind one of the trees farthest away from me. He is dressed in the regular attire; a t-shirt and pair of dark navy blue jeans. The clothes are torn and blood stained, but through the holes, I see no wounds.


My mouth parts as I get ready to speak, but he cuts me off. “Surprised? Well don’t be. I won’t bit…. much.” His voice, is dark and menacing, his smile exposes sharp teeth like daggers threatening me.


His eyes were of electric blue almost white in some lights. He’d walk over to me and crouched to the ground beside me; his eyes were flickering to my wounds and back to my stained and confused face. He reached up with his hand and moved my hair behind one of my ears, and then he brushed my cheek with the back of his fingers.


“Don’t be afraid of me, I wont hurt you. All I’m giving you is another chance at living a better life.” His pupils went inhumanly large and his hand tilted my head back. He wrapped one of his hands around my waist and the other supported my head. He held me close to his body, his head bending down to my ear whispering something I couldn’t quit make out. Maybe it was because I was too weak to understand what he was saying. I could feel his lips pressed against the hollow of my throat, then I felt the same unbearable pain I had last time except it was much MUCH worse now. I could feel this man pulling my body closer to his, his arms gripping my waist and shoulder.


 I was gasping for air in little quick gusts; the pain became too horrifying as he pulled me closer. I could feel my nails digging into his shoulders and the warm liquid that came from them ran down his arms. With my last few breaths, I whispered “mom, I’m sorry…” then my eyes slowly flickered closed and my body became limp in his arms. Then there was nothing but blackness….

                                  Chapter 2


I woke up screaming, breathing hard and drenched in sweat. I closed my eyes and sucked in air letting it fill my lungs, after a couple minutes I released. I repeated that only twice, after that I just let my upper body plop back on the bed, curling myself on my side. I kept my eye closed, concentrating, just concentrating. And after only a few minutes, I opened my eyes, the electric blue had become a pasty white; I was breathing very slow and calm, raising my arms to the sky and tilting my head back.


I was finally levitating-after a zillion tries-I’d finally done it. But it didn’t last long, my white cat Luna jumped on me, and I fell on my butt. “Ow….why wont you ever let me try this Lulu. I need to learn how to control my powers, or I mean you never know you might become bald.” I chuckled and petted her; she gave me a sweet and annoyed meow, her sea blue eyes hungered for food and attention, which meant she’d wanted me to get up and feed her.


“Awe Lulu, are you hungry little one? Well come on, lets get you something to eat.” I got up and motioned for her to follow me to the kitchen; I could hear her paddling along side me trying to keep up with my long strides.

“Hmm, lets see, what would little Lulu want to eat?”



Opening the fridge I saw pasta, macaroni and cheese, cat food and milk. “Yeah, I know I have to get more food. See anything ya like Lu, how about pasta? Mac and Cheese maybe?” She gave what looked like her rolling her eyes at me. “Oh all right, cat food it is; well I just wanted you to at least try something new for once, because this stuff smells and looks like someone’s brain.”


“But what ever suits your fancy I guess, here ya go Lu.”

I set the can of cat food on the counter, and went into my room to get ready for the day. I turned on the shower; stripping myself of my sweaty clothes. When the water was warm enough, I jumped in. I tilted my head back and let the water run through my hair, looking down at my shampoo; I opened my hand out to it.


And in the blink of an eye my shampoo bottle was in my hand “HOLY S**T!!!” I poked the shampoo bottle to make sure it’s not an illusion “IT’S REAL! SWEET I FREAKIN DID IT!!”I opened the bottle and squirted the light green hair product in my hand, the smell of cucumber and green tea filled the steam filled air. I closed my eyes and let the sweet smell surround me, then realizing what Luna might be doing, I started scrubbing through my hair.


I grabbed my scrubby and poured some of Dove body wash onto it. Washing my arms, I noticed the scars on my arms and wrists. Remembering the man and what he’d done to me, I shut the thought from my mind as I rinsed off my body, turned off the shower, and stepped out wrapping the towel around my body. I sat on the tubs edge; If I could just get that horrible memory out of my mind. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks, remembering what my mom looked like when she’d found out I had died.


I didn’t get to finish my thoughts because the next thing I heard was a loud bang. I jumped up and grabbed something not caring what it was. Opening the bathroom door, I silently stepped out, clinging to my towel. I walked out into the kitchen and see Luna on the floor eating her spilled brain-like-meal.  Then, I see a persons shadow coming from the living room. A person’s voice is loud and clear, “Luna where’s Andy?”


The only words that floated through my head are…. “How in the hell did he know my name?!?!?!”  Luna saw me from the corner of her eye and paddled towards me. The man came around the corner and I almost jumped right out of my skin because he screamed, then I screamed and threw my tooth brush at his face.


I took a sigh of relief when I realized who he was, and then I went into complete shock because well I was only in a towel!


“What the hell, Garrett you could’ve at least knocked!”

A big smile came across his face, and I saw him scan over my towel wrapped body.

“Oh god, Garret your such a PERV!!”


“Hey I was just observing, it’s not my fault, I’m not the one wrapped in a towel.” I took a deep breath and I settled my self before talking again.

“Ok, well you’re here, so what do you want?”

“Aw, why do you say it like that, all I want to do is hang out.” His grin grew even bigger and he batted his eyelashes innocently. Rolling my eyes, I just motioned him to stay there while I got dressed.


“Cool, thanks Andy.” And lifted me up and gave me a big hug. I freaked out and started pounding on his back yelling at him to put-me-down!…he just carried me to my room and plopped me on my bed.


“Ok first of all never do that when all I have on is a freaking towel jeez! And second WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY ROOM!!!” His smile came back again and his eyes gleamed. “Ugh never mind, just don’t touch anything ok.”

“Got it chief!” And he saluted me…god, sometimes his dorkyness is a bit weird. I walked to the closet and grabbed the same clothes I always wear, a tank top and cargo pants…. today I think I’m going with shorts.

I put on my tank and shorts, and I could feel Garret’s eyes watching me, I turned and looked at him.


“What are you looking at?” I could see his pupils getting large and hungry. “Garret? Hey man if you take a bite outta me, your going to be in big trouble.” I turned back to the mirror and brushed through my curly dark brown hair, I could still see the golden streaks I’d put in my hair a year ago. I grabbed a hair band and tied my hair in a pony tail. I froze, I could sense Garrets presence close by. When I turned around I nearly ran right into his stone chest, I stepped back a few till I was leaning on the bathroom counter.


Ok Garret’s been my best friend forever but… he’s never acted like this around me. I mean yes he’s insanely gorgeous and beautiful, but I’d never realized that till now. He’s 6’3” and I’m 5’9” so he doesn’t tower over me all that much. His eyes are the same as mine electric blue, and his voice is semi-deep and sexy sounding.


His hair is wavy and caramel colored and oh God what’s happening to me?! His voice had broken off my mind babble and I couldn’t help but look at him.


“Andy, are you afraid of me? You know I’d never hurt you…”The words snaked through my mind and reminded me of the man’s words.  Garrets hand went behind my head and I felt my hair fall to my shoulders, he brushed my hair behind one of my ears and traced down my jaw and throat. I had to take a couple calming breaths before speaking, “Garret…what are you doing?” His voice came in a whisper that only I could hear.


“I’m doing something no other guy has even attempted to do with you, cause their afraid but I’m not afraid. I’ve been with you for five years and now have the courage to do it.”

 “….Do what?”


His voice was dark and sexy and I could almost detect hunger in his tone. “I don’t have time for this.” I turned to walk away from him when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him. I could feel my heart beating even faster, and his touch made my skin fly. I peered up at him through my hair, and could see his two fanged smile gleaming down at me. I couldn’t help but smile back at him too. His head bent down to mine and he kissed me, pulling me closer; our bodies fit perfectly.


Shock had taken over my body, because the next thing I knew I had been forcing all of my power into my palms. My eyes became black as crow feathers; I pressed my palms to his chest and he shot crossed the room nearly going through the wall. I gasped in shock as Garrett crashed into the hard plaster, moaning in pain.


“Garrett! No!” I cried, hurtling myself over to him so I could pull him from the small indent in the wall. He came away and landed in a heap at my feet and I immediately dropped to my knees so I could cradle him to my chest.


“I’m so sorry, I-I wasn’t thinking, You shocked me and my body reacted, not my mind.” I sobbed, rocking him back and forth, tears streaming incessantly from my eyes. He chuckled and I pushed him away from me, my flow of tears slowing as I took in his laughing face.


“Andy I’m fine, I was just shocked. You honestly did not hurt me.” he assured me, placing a warm, comforting hand on my shoulder that calmed me instantly. I nodded and let my shoulders slump with fatigue that came rushing through my muscles.



“If you’re sure.” I mumbled, rubbing my hand over my face, trying to soothe the dull pain slowly forming into a migraine. Garrett stood then, his movements nearly as fast as mine could be, and offered a strong hand for me to take. I grasped it in my own and he hurled me to my feet where I nearly knocked him over as I stumbled. Luckily he caught and steadied me before I could do anymore damage to either of us.



“Oh Andy?” he started and I looked up into his face where I saw laughter in his eyes and his lips curling into a mocking smile, “school starts tomorrow, you might want to start getting ready soon.” With that he disappeared, vanishing out the open door to his car where I heard the engine rev and him speed off.



“Damn school.” I muttered falling, once more, to the floor where I tried unsuccessfully to rid myself of the inevitable migraine.



Chapter Three



I walked into my expansive closet the next day, losing myself in the shelves upon shelves of cargo bottoms, black tank tops, and combat boots. I grabbed my usual garb, a black tee, cargo skinnies, and my favorite pair of worn boots. I slipped into them easily, the fabric as familiar to me as my own skin.



I walked out of my room and walked over to my vanity which held ponytail’s, clips, makeup and any other accessories I would need. I picked up my black eyeliner and slathered some on my lower eyelids and then quickly abed on mascara, making my eyelashes appear nearly twice as long as usual. I decided to change up my hair from the usual pony so I picked up my rarely used curling iron and quickly set to curling my hair into tight spirals.



Once I finished with getting myself ready I picked up my plain black bag and made my way down the stairs. Not pausing, I picked up my keys to my shiny black 1970 Ford Mustang which was parked ever so smartly in the middle of my lawn. What can I say, when I have to pee I don’t fuss about my parking.



Throwing my bag through the open window, I unlocked the driver’s door and sunk into my sleek leathered car seat.



© 2010 Pandora

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thank u i've been really really busy to do much writing atm. but i keep trying to work on it every now and again.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow, Im to the second chapter and so far Im likin it. I only spotted like two mispellings. As far as anything else I just say keep workin on it and spreading it out. Make it beat with extravagent details. Don't think Im being a critic im not. I see the potientail and i really do like this.


Posted 12 Years Ago

I enjoyed reading this, neat work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow alex i love it i want more ;)
keep writing :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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