New book i'm writing

New book i'm writing

A Story by Pandora

its only the preface. its about a girl who has a dark secret and goes against everything in her nature to safe him

The evening was warm, warmer than it should have been on Halloween night especially in Alaska. It snowed the day before but the temperature had risen to sixty degrees, turning the piles of white into trickles of water. The sudden spike in temperature had alerted the elders of the small town and talk of something evil was tossed about.
    As the sun fell below Mount McKinley, surrounding the peak with a halo of orange light, a woman crept out of the shadow of a building and abruptly began running silently. She wore a heavy jacket that flapped in the wind she created and the hood fell away, exposing her ratty golden hair and grungy face.
    Bare skin pounded against the pavement steadily; her feet were uncovered. Had anyone seen this figure they might have helped her but since all were too busy whispering silly superstitions over cups of too much alcohol no one ever saw her. After a glance over her shoulder revealed an empty street the woman pressed forward, running harder toward the trees at the edge of town; her destination.
    It was her birthday too. Twenty-two the day she escaped from her captor. Twenty-two and pregnant with his child. In addition, the first time she had seen the sky in almost four years. It was a welcome sight and she greeted the stars and rising crescent moon with tears in her eyes.
    Her swollen belly gave a jolt and her gasp of pain and hard breathing broke through the silence. She found a large boulder and lowered her heavy body onto it, rubbing her stomach and sucking in deep, rhythmic breaths. In… out… in… Her breath caught in her throat when she felt a terrible pain in her womb, the feeling resembling being torn from the inside.
    She then realized what was happening as blood gushed from between her legs, staining the ground scarlet. She could feel the child clawing its way out of her body as she was told by him when she found out she carried his seed. She knew she would not survive and as her life left her, she wondered why. She wondered why this had happened to her.
    She was a good girl, nice to everyone back home, did not disrespect her parents; she was always smiling and had kind words for whoever she spoke to. Perhaps that was why she had been taken; her kindness was rare and her beauty astounding. The perfect vessel for a demon child.
    Her body fell limp against the rock, dead, and the child emerged, covered with its mother’s blood, and silent. Not a cry escaped its lips or a breath. Not even a heartbeat thrummed in its chest. To anyone that might stumble upon this scene it would look as if both mother and child had died in birth. An hour later, however, the man the woman had escaped from found them and instead of being angered, he was pleased.
    Everything had worked out exactly how he had wanted it to. He stooped to pick up his child and marveled at the “perfect” baby girl. Her eyes were closed as expected so he wrapped her in the blanket brought specifically for her.
    He returned to his home and began packing his meager belongings, the baby under his arm, silent still as she would remain for an undeterminable amount of time. The man was prepared to leave his home right away with his large duffel bag on his back and car keys he had snatched from the table but the silent child remained on the couch, appearing to be in slumber if it was not for the lack of breath circulating through her lungs
    He picked her up as well and ran out the door but did not turn for the garage where his car waited. No, he kept going; towards the home of the couple he had chosen would raise his offspring since where he was headed would kill the newborn.
    Looking at her angelic face and smiling cruelly, he kissed her forehead, promising her that she would grow up to be as malicious as he was. He would make sure of it.
    The next morning the townspeople would wake up to nine inches of crunchy, clean snow, the bizarre heat wave clearly over. However, for a particular young couple they would wake up to something much more important than a weather change.
    When twenty-eight year old Alexander Simpson opened the front door to shovel the snow out of the driveway so he could drive the thirty miles to work he discovered a bundle on his porch. Curious of course, he bent down and nearly cried with horror. Sickened, he picked up the newborn corpse and cradled it in his arms, looking out at the white covered town, and cursing whoever abandoned their child to hell. Little did he know that that person was already there, quite comfortably too.
    He re-entered his home and quickly brought the child to his wife, clueless to any other option. She was still sleeping, her only occupation was being a stay at home wife, and when she was jostled awake she grumbled and tossed a pillow at her husband’s head, mumbling.
    Alexander urged her to wake up, his voice trembling. She lifted herself from the warm mattress, drawing her heavy-lidded eyes immediately to the cluster of gray cloth folds in Alexander’s arms and then the porcelain skin swathed within it. Dead. Allison Simpson covered her mouth in fear she might gag.
    They decided to bury her in the woods behind their home, not prepared to deal with the paperwork and legal things that came with reporting a death. They figured since she was left on their porch to die then no one would come looking for her anyway. Spade and child in hand the couple put on winter wear and set off on a short trek deep enough into the wood so no one would discover their secret.
     It took almost an hour for Alexander to dig the frozen ground deep enough to put the baby in and before he was close to finished, he had already shed his heavy coat and was damp with sweat. Allison had stood by, cradling the bundle and marveling over the beauty of the child.
    She was perfect in Allison’s eyes; soft, creamy skin that was unlike anything she ever touched before with hair as golden and silky as she imagined an angel’s would be. Her eyes remained a mystery since Allison was too afraid to lift her purple lids. If only she had seen the blood crusted underneath the girl’s tiny fingernails, she would not have been so perfect then.
    They lowered the body carefully into the hole and then Alexander scooped up the first load of dirt and tossed it back in the opening of the earth. It was not until the third dumping of soil that the most peculiar thing happened.
    It was a sound that came from within the shallow chasm that halted Alexander in his shoveling and made Allison grip his arm in terror. Together, they peered over the edge to see a squirming bundle of cloth that emitted very soft cries. The cries of a newborn baby.
    Alexander nearly toppled over as he hastily jumped down and hoisted up the beautiful baby girl that had clearly been dead seconds ago. They could not comprehend how it had happened; there had been no pulse, breath, or any sign of life. Yet there she was; whimpering and twisting in the arms of the man who had been ready to bury her moments before.
    They took her back to their home; silent as they were too overwhelmed and disturbed by what had taken place in the woods. The baby had taken to sucking on Alexander’s index finger and had fallen asleep doing so, leaving her hushed. Allison clung to her husband’s shirt, staring blankly at the snow that crunched under her feet.
    Not a word was spoken until the trio was seated on the large bed and the dingy grey blanket was unraveled from the baby. She was nude under it and her skin was cold to the touch but most unsettling of all was the blood she was covered in.
    “What kind of people were they?” Allison asked while she wiped the baby with a warm washcloth, rubbing away the filth that stained her skin. “To leave her out in the snow wrapped in nothing but a dirty blanket? She isn’t more than a few hours old, Alex.” he nodded and scratched his chin, the stubble tickling his fingertips.
    They already knew they would keep her; it went without saying that she would be raised as their own. The story they would tell the town was that the child was theirs and they would be believed since Allison had not been exceptionally popular in the town and hardly ever went out. The townspeople would congratulate the couple while thinking “I didn’t even know she was pregnant!” Alex and Allison would nod and accept the good wishes and no one would ever know the child’s strange rebirth.
    As dawn came, the sun rising after hovering just below the point of sight, Allison was struck with an idea for the girl’s name. Eve meaning ‘life’ for her amazing revival and Aurora which meant ‘goddess of the dawn’ which was brought on by the rising of the sun that brought warm light into the room right as Allison thought of the names.
    “Eve Aurora Simpson.” she whispered, stroking her adopted daughter’s cheek. Eve smiled in her sleep, astonishing her ‘parents’; babies that young weren’t known for smiling. That only made Alex and Allison grin wider and for the feeling of rightness and completion to grasp them tighter. They knew this was what they were supposed to do.
    I wonder if things had been different if they still would raise me as their own? If they had known that I was the daughter of a succubus and a witch who didn’t even know she had her powers would they still have taken me into their home, fed me, and loved me like they did for the ten years that I lived with them?
    If they had known would they still be alive?

© 2010 Pandora

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i hope u like it

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