Chapter 1-Deadly Hearts

Chapter 1-Deadly Hearts

A Chapter by Alexis Macomber

Elizabeth was walking out of a abandoned apartment with freshly new blood on her white shirt. and chuckles."Humans will fall for anything" *she remembers her parents and what happen. "Yea,well...when i was human i didn't know about this life yet."she said to her self. She walks down the street and lens on a wall in the shadows."I hope they will be OK without me." Then she closes her eyes dreaming of the cloudy memories.Damien looked at Elizabeth from the darkness, his red eyes glowing bright in the darkness of the alleyways. "You hope who will be OK without you?" Damien was leaning against a wall a few feet away from her, with his arms folded tightly across his chest and a sly grin on his face. It made him look pure evil and bad.
Elizabeth looked at Damien shocked that she had not realized him."My parents....they are all by them self's...without me." He looked so evil it almost looked good.Damien shrugged and rolled his eyes. "Do they NEED you to live?" He asked and scoffed. "I don't think so." He made a disgusted face and then looked back at Elizabeth. "What's your name?" He said and smiled at her."My name is Elizabeth, what is your name?" She made a small smile while watching her past go thought her mind."Damien." His smile broadened and he walked close to her. He had the scent of blood clinging to every part of his body and was utterly drenched and dripping with it. "Nice to meet you. So, how old are you? Human and vampire."She knew that she had not cleaned up after her diner and bit her lip. "I'm 14..what about you?"
"18 years human. 2 months vampire." He brushed some of his black hair out of his eyes and looked at her. "What are you doing in this city?"
"I lived her. I just turned into a vampire about a month ago. I'm still young"
She pushed her golden hair behind her ear, but it fell back out. "Same here. At least..I think I did." He said and shook his head. "Can't remember much. Just my name, age, and..random things." He shrugged."All i know is my name,age, and my parents" She closes eyes then opens them slowly. She shrugged.
"Guess where the same then huh. Wait, you a good girl or bad girl? You look too..preppy like." He laughed a little bit.
"I think I'm a good vampire..all i do is hunt when I'm hungry..but sometimes i kind-a feed to much.And my parents thought i was preppy to.But the truth is that I wasn't all popular or preppy. I didn't care about having every little thing that's pink. I didn't care about going to the mall everyday and i didn't get spoiled either." Elizabeth chuckles. "I think my mom wanted me to be preppy"
Damien rolled his eyes. "Oh please. Being a good vampire gets so boring. I hunt everyday." He smiled faintly. "And I am..Gothic, emo? I don't know."
"I said i think didn't I? and that's the thing about me I'm ALWAYS hungry" Elizabeth give a dark chuckle. Damien smirked. "Well, to be with me you have to be quick, fast, and deadly. Are you that?"
"of course" Elizabeth gives a big smile and gets up. "So do u mine if I change real fast? I hate that u have to put up with the bloody smell."Damien nodded. "Sure. Sure." 
She walks back to the old apartment to her kill, thankfully their was not that much blood on the clothes and she quickly changes with her diner. Elizabeth runs as fast as lighting back to her new 'friend' "OK, ready."
"You change fast." He smiled at her. "My clothes are at my old house. And that's kinda not a good idea to go back." Elizabeth tilts her head to the side "How come? family?"and brings her head back up.Damien nodded. "A HUMAN family. Wouldn't be good to walk in like this and be surrounded by blood. It drives me nuts."
Elizabeth nodded her head."Yea i know what u mean. I cant stand being around sooo much blood for so long. If i ate my parents....." Elizabeth looked away and sighed. "I couldn't deal with it." Damien smiled. "I could. They didn't want me, why would I want them alive?"Elizabeth wanted to ask why but that would be to personal. " how did you get turned into a vampire?" she said changing the subject. "I was wondering an alleyway, then I saw something. I was stupid and began challenging him or her And they just..attacked me." He said and sighed. "I woke up and was a vampire." 
Elizabeth shrugged."I was walking home and i saw a dark shadow. it sounded like my mom calling out for help. So i ran to her cries and....that's all I know till I woke up know"
"Seems like we're the same."
"Yea" She goes back to thinking about that last night of being human. She was watching as she runs to her false mom cries. She tries to remember who or what had attacked her but as no luck.

© 2011 Alexis Macomber

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Added on January 3, 2011
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Alexis Macomber
Alexis Macomber

Alanta, GA

Im not that old,im really 12 years old,same with my best friend who helped me write it.Her name is Courtney.I live in Georgia,Atlanta.A very crazy place.Anyway,I live in a small house with 4 other peo.. more..


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