Chapter 2-Deadly Hearts

Chapter 2-Deadly Hearts

A Chapter by Alexis Macomber

Elizabeth turns to the sound of faint footsteps coming to where she was standing. "I think we have a visitor" She gives a small dark smile.Victoria nods her head "i just need help finding blood" Victoria buries her face in her hands."Every time i want to get blood i feel shameful killing somebody please help me". Damien laughed a little. "You feel 'shame' for killing something!?" He smiled at her harsh. "You're better than those humans now, why not make them suffer?".She smiles darkly "oh come long as you haven't got my parents then she cool with me" *walks to Victoria but stands near Damien just in-case* "but why are you so sad to kill people? You have to eat don't you? and so do they. You have nothing to worry about." "Just because you killed doesn't make you any better than humans!!" Victoria yelled but not loud enough.... Damien scoffed but still kept that smile. "Don't tempt me to kill you next, 'Kay Kid?" Damien smiled widened as his eyes went amber and fire started in his hands. "Fire is sometimes uncontrollable, you know? Shouldn't mess with it!" He snapped at her. "Sorry i just want you to know i was just turned into a vampire a week ago what do you expect? I've only killed once this whole time I'm very week without blood i just need help getting blood..."Damien groaned and rolled his eyes. "You need to kill to live, you could always drink other vampire's blood." He shrugged. "I'd never tried it but I've heard its better than humans.."Elizabeth looks at Damien then back at the new blood."its really easy...should we teach her how?"The she looks back at Damien. Victoria widens her Hazel eyes and takes a couple steps back"Ummm what does that mean?"Sarah walks along looks for her next victim she smiles spotting a young man she drags him in the ally and sucks him dry "How much i love killing" Sarah smiles. "we are talking about hunting ,you sorry vampire"Elizabeth looks far,where sounds came from."WHO IS THERE?" she calls out."Your worst nightmare." Sarah Smirks. Victoria looks around but sees nothing then turns head back to Elisabeth."Please don't kill me I've only lived for 15 short years.Please just....let me join you!"
"Damien! Come over here and help me get this new blood" She growls again and looks at Victoria. "Find but you answer to me and Damien from now on understand?." Sarah laughs *New blood please I'm iv lived this life for 25 years I'm not no new blood"
"Where is Damien?" Elizabeth turns around and does not see him... Sarah takes this change and uses ice to bind the girl to the ground "Haha"
Elizabeth growls and jumps back up from the ice and rises deadly thorns around Sarah "Try to get pass those!" They seal all around and get smaller.Sarah laughs and freezes the thorns so that they wither and die "Ever heard frost?" Sarah snickers.Damien is hiding in the shadows, he hates people he doesn't know seeing him. He growled at Sarah. "Frost is such a useless element." 
"No not when it has water with it."Sarah sneered finding Damien. Victoria tries to fire bee horns at Sarah but falls down."I'm to week" Victoria got up again "I need blood,we must kill her!" 
"Alright Damien its your turn!It seems I still have to learn."She said frustrated.Damien rolled his eyes and sunk deeper into the darkness. "Got it Lizzy (Elizabeth)." He looked at Sarah and smiled faintly. "Both can be boiled into vapor by fire." His hands were huge flames suddenly, bright and burning in the dark.


© 2011 Alexis Macomber

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Added on January 6, 2011
Last Updated on January 6, 2011


Alexis Macomber
Alexis Macomber

Alanta, GA

Im not that old,im really 12 years old,same with my best friend who helped me write it.Her name is Courtney.I live in Georgia,Atlanta.A very crazy place.Anyway,I live in a small house with 4 other peo.. more..