(Untitled) from Six Places

(Untitled) from Six Places

A Poem by Alexis Pena (Goco)

The Moon follows the Earth...


Prelude: I imagine to hear an approving voice whilst a spec of light brightly stares through the branches of a tree in solidarity, and branches spread high that seem to be holding up the dark sky depicted without fail on given nights with the tallest of trees or the brightest of stars while a winged creature hawks through the night speaking abbreviated responses to the trees' grandeur and circumvention to his own splendor like the accentuation of a second person in the accoutrement of a trinity emanating a twinkling instant where I stand at the triad and conceal in memory these unspoken words


The Moon follows the Earth and pulls its' waters in disagreement
while a high tide rises as to differ in opinion, dissentingly
and the Moon with its observant bloom brightly mindful and prudent. 
One inherits these sentiments but remains under the influence
of perpetual rhythms of these heavenly hosts, unheeding the fluid within 
adulterating daily conditions and abates
intrinsic parity


and all the while belates my disguises and patents identity.

Two oceans for one moon, but with its many ripples,
even though with two seas embracing,
it still remains the same oceans - as the human race is one people,
steadfast and drenched with common traits. It is oh so mortal!

Thoughts rise like the waters provoked,
and words do follow, like the Moon and its thirst - by this remedy
personage is well tuned and begot  - a poison into mere mortalness with every lethal sip. Its quenching blend of physic updates consequential percentage of my own waters

Not unlike this synopsis with my many ripples and leaps into faith 
blinded into something bigger than you or I and results a kindred purpose which I succumb before the moon in the sky or all the waters engulfed in the sea
reiterating vital clarity and inevitably renewing reality
but only belonging here in this celestial body
and once again, the waters follow, the Moon wanes,
and Earths waters are pulled in disagreement
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved



© 2019 Alexis Pena (Goco)

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There is definitely lyricism in this poem because the elements and Nature in general do play important roles there, and sets in the mind the formidable motions of these elements. I think it needs further 'arrangements' to make its flow serve its lyricism. However, this is only a personal advice.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oceans are so often used as symbols of changing eternity. It's a relief to see a poet cast them as united in mortality.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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