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Sister? I have a sister?

Of course you do, Malicious replies, disgusted.

“Fasten...” I repeat the foreign word, trying to wrap my lips around something that should be so familiar-- the graveyard of a broken city.

Yes, Fasten. Malicious rolls her eyes and spits red.

Matthew suddenly stills and rolls over, his eyes glazed, yet alive with passionate insanity.

“Oh, Girlie... Fasten... Come here, come give Daddy a kiss...” He bellows and presses his calloused hands to his gut as if trying to push the laugh from his twitching body.

I, Fasten Marjorie Lane, stand absolutely still, disbelief rattling my chipped bones. The name came so quickly to me, so easily; I, Fasten Marjorie Lane, felt proud.

It's just a stupid name, Malicious mutters.

“Shut up!” I burst, surprising myself with the sound of my own voice.

Vulnerable smiles, that's my girl.

I shudder, stop saying that...

Matthew begins crawling, his eyes a screeching jungle. He bares his teeth and spits, missing me by a mile.

“Baby, you look so good. I'll eatchu' up, little miss Fasten, my little w***e.”

I back away, suddenly aware of the chill seeping across my naked skin. His eyes are ice, breathing into me-- freezing me inside out.

“No, no baby, come here. Papa'll take care of you.” Another snicker drops from his loose lips. He clumsily continues to crawl until his hands miss the edge of the bed and he falls to the floor-- a watermelon hitting pavement. His watery, flaming guts explode from every crevice it can slither from. It is a torrent of emotions that detonates when he hits the floor, and he abruptly lurches toward me. Demons, demons, demons... All these demons reaching for me, trying to drag me to that fireplace-- hell. 

His head swings in the general direction of Genevieve, “why aren't you as good as her, huh? She's such a good little s**t, and baby, you” His feet hardly cooperate as he tries to stand, “...f*****g...” The bed creaks when he leans his full weight upon the edge, “...good...” he slurs, saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Genevieve gasps, throws her head back and lets out a howl to the moon of ecstasy.

“Matthew! Oh, Matthew! You f**k so good! Oh, God...” Her hand reappears, glistening.

“That's my girl.” He growls. “Remember how your Daddy always said that? He taught you a real lesson, didn't he? That's... My... Girl...”

It's too much, too much, too much.

Get out! Shriek screams, throwing me toward the door.

“That's my girl!” Matthew shouts after me, followed by the cackle of goblins.

© 2012 AleyshaRosa

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So f*****g strange!! Now I'm thinking Matthew may be the narrator and Gen's father (or step father, since she's referring to him as "Matthew" as opposed to "father") and is a crazy, abusive drunkard. The only thing that doesn't add up is that the narrator met him at a club/party and ITJEOIRJAWIR I AM SO CONFUSED AND SO INTRIGUED

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Well first off, no, Matthew is not her Father... two completely different characters .. read more
De-personalize Yourself

7 Years Ago

They did, thank you so much :D
EW!!! Ugh, this chapter is f*****g creepy! I cringed the whole way through. It's good though. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

It is pretty cringe-worthy... and makes no sense whatsoever. I really have t.. read more
what the hell just happened....?

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

well f**k.
obviously I'm not being very clear.
Fasten just escaped the room.
What the [email protected]

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Really, Gina??

8 Years Ago

I'm sorry, it's, wow I can't finish that sentence.

8 Years Ago

its ok. ive come to realize this whole series is out of this world confusing.

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