The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

A Poem by Dutch Jr.

For the money contest...


Who am I? I'll throw you a hint,

Small, crisp note, accompanies lint,

Something like a genie when spent,

Nice jewelry, next month's rent,

Multitudes of wishes fulfilled,

Need protection? How about cold steel?


Still not ringing any bells?


Well, I am the shadow of dreams,

Provider of life and death,

Every breath of my scent, similar to a hit of meth.

Landed many a men in a realm of avarice,

Have and have nots? Oh, you don't know the half of it,

They yearn for my touch; like cold lips, reminisce the last kiss,


Atop every ladder of prosperity, the utmost rung,

Yet still lurking underground, six feet; old, but so young,

Darker and colder than the ninth circle, yet brighter than the sun.

Man's most intimate mate, call me his inanimate wife,

The facilitator of his happiness and pride, and his pain and strife,

Unlocked his generosites, and his inner demons, I control his life.


Jog any memories?


No? Okay, here comes another clue,

Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Benjamin, just to name a few.

Put me close to your heart, or at the bottom of your shoe,

It matters not; my physical stance, because, in all truth,

I am your mentality. That's right, I control you, too.

Avarice, Greed, and Gluttony are the fruits; I am the root.


I am Money, nice to meet you.








© 2010 Dutch Jr.

Author's Note

Dutch Jr.
I know the flow and rhyme schemes are off, but I listen to music when I write, and I kept switching beats.

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Nice and catchy, I like your style of language in this, like an ominous third party who isn't one of the many engaging in the frivolity of compulsive spending and worshiping money. Nice pic too lmao.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I like the poem, but it sounds like your trying to rap instead of write poetry

Posted 5 Years Ago

Dutch Jr.

5 Years Ago

That's just my approach to poetry. I more a prose writer. I was pretty much just fooling around with.. read more
It is good that music inspires you. We rely on money to grant us happiness more than we should, but how can we fix that? We aren't happy without food. We aren't happy without a roof over our heads. Is there any way to be happy without money? It's essential, yes, but the materialism of humanity... I suppose there are many different facets of happiness, and we have made the mistake of allowing money to be the root of all of them.

I think it's okay to find some peace in having money. I know I am happy to have it when I can pay to have a place to sleep at night, especially with five feet of snow outside. I am happy to have it to buy myself food.


Why are we happy to have money to afford yet another flat screen television? A Next Generation console, or even all of the Next Generation consoles? Why do we measure our self-worth in the amount of tangible things we have? Since when is someone's amount of stuff the gauge upon which they measure their happiness?

And yet.

Would we be happy with nothing?

Even if we have bountiful amounts of love, friendship, laughter, in our lives?

Is a homeless man happy as long as he laughs a lot and loves many?

It's a Catch-22. There is no winning and there is no losing. Money--not just money, but materialism, humankind's undeniable greed, our sheer, raw desire for STUFF--it is like ivy. PLant just a little here, and next thing you know, it's everywhere. And what a perfect time to contemplate it: Christmas. If you gave your kids love for Christmas, would they throw a fit because they didn't get an iPhone six, or would they be just as satisfied? We say we keep the true meaning of this holiday in mind, but do we really?

Anyway. Lots of food for thought here. Thanks for giving me a lot to talk about. ;) I think my favorite lines would have to be...

"Man's most intimate mate, call me his inanimate wife,"

Because, although it's an unusual comparison, it's ringing with truth. Mankind falls asleep and wakes up to the thought of money: getting it, losing it, wanting more of it.

You're very talented. Normally my reviews aren't quite so massive, but you've only got one write posted, so I'll put all that I owe you into this marvelous piece! :)

Anyway. I'd best be going. Smashing write. Hopefully we'll be seeing more soon? Shoot me a read request if you've got anything new!

Posted 5 Years Ago

I like that this poem grasps the central ideal of money. Every trait is listed and described, I know that this was sound great spoken out loud. Nice work

Posted 5 Years Ago

Oh man, You sure can write bro!
this was really nice, i enjoyed the way the entire piece flowed. Witty, creative and very engaging piece.
Your imagery is very on point and the blatant way you expressed this truth of how many submit themselves to the bondage of ever living 'money crazed', i truly appreciate.

I really enjoyed this introduction, thanks for sharing a good one. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I really love this great flow great imagery, modern and fun. love how it reads like a riddle. I really enjoyed this. keep it up! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like it, it kinda feels like a modern day riddle.

Posted 7 Years Ago

poetry of truth yet so humorously yours.....

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very true. Money is the root of all evil.
Wow! We use the same literary device...Personification. I like this so much. Very relevant.

Posted 7 Years Ago

yeah..the flow got tangled but the words still rang through...I am an OLDIE but I an seriously going to have a go at rap..because rhyming IS my game

Posted 7 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Well Doc me old chum - me old mate - me old china - how'd that rappin work out for ya ;p

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