A Christian Man

A Christian Man

A Story by Alice1292

A very short story, about a man who is cheating on his unsupecting wife.


Everyday at 6:30 am, the man wakes up. It's a very Holy time to rise, his wife says, with the Sun and the Lord. Everyday he kneels down next to his marriage bed, says a decade of the Rosary, a prayer to his guardian angel, and one to the Father for forgiveness. He washes his face, combs what's left of his hair, puts on his suit and tie. He walks downstairs to his wife making breakfast and the Sound of Music. He drinks his tea, eats his pancakes and reads the newspaper, relaying to his wife what sins were committed today. She thanks Heaven that she and her family are good Catholic people, smiling at her husband. He looks down and takes a noisy slurp of his drink. Quickly he leaves, remembering a last minute lecture. He does not speed down his street, he has patience, and waits till he's around the corner.


Lacy is antsy - her client is late. Finally the doof-doof of the rap music he loves sounds, and her imagination runs wild. She leads him in by his tie and pushes him down. This one's different from her other clients. He handles her with respect, and he doesn’t stuff the money down her bra. Lacy likes this man, even if he's Christian.


The man arrives home tired, his briefcase full of assignments. His wife greets him from the kitchen, setting dinner down. The man goes to his bedroom and readies himself for dinner. He empties his pockets and puts it away. He eats across from his wife, tells her about his classes and students and their anti-Christian music. His wife tells him that her sister called. She said her husband had been unfaithful. The wife reaches her hand out and holds her husband's hand.

"Thank Heavens I have you."

The man looks down and takes a noisy slurp of his drink.

© 2010 Alice1292

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Author's Note

Please don't pick on the formatting - I was wondering whether the language use was appropriate, or if it perhaps isn't subtle enough? Too overdone?

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This is just feels too unfinished to be honest. And kind of like something you'd read off of a chain e-mail. I mean, it's not terrible, but I feel like you could make it a longer story. It has potential, but not in this format.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2010
Last Updated on December 20, 2010
Tags: marriage, adultery



Brisbane, QLD, Australia

I'm a struggling, lazy procrastinator who calls herself a writer but only ever finishes her stories when she feels pressured to do it, mostly because she is doing a degree in writing and these are her.. more..

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