Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Alicka

The sounds of hundreds of hooves beating along the earth, still so fresh in her mind as she scream for her horrible nightmare “ Father!!!”, waking up from her bed drenched in sweat. She knew she was alone in the room the light beige walls came into focus from her sleepy eyes and the copper drapes blow up from the summer night’s warm breeze of her Aunt’s old farm house, which her Aunt gave her after returning from her Academy on her eighteenth birthday.        

The low groan of her wolf, made her head turn towards the foot of the bed. “Arlo come on boy get up here” the pure white wolf climbs up on her bed and lay down along her side.  “I need to stop this” she whispered laying back down on her fur blanket and fading into the black abyss.

The next morning it was like clockwork, her cheerful cousin came along the path to the farm house.  The summer morning was beautiful one the sunshine made the old farm house came alive. After spotting her cousin from the porch she made her way down to see her. The morning sun warmed her face as exited off the porch, her auburn hair and her light olive skin, sparkled in the sunlight. The path along the farm house had lilies along one side and a decent pond on the other. This was her peace in her hectic life. She stood in front of her cousin who stood about 5’6 inches tall with light brown hair that was shoulder length. Her slender frame made her look so delicate and her reddish brown eyes so soft. She stood completely different from her; she was 5’8 inches tall with auburn hair that lay half way down her back her athletic frame went well with her light olive skin, and hazel eyes making the opposite sex, gaze linger on her.

 “Dacia, you know I won’t go with you to the market place in Delius. I know why you ask me every morning to join you. And I told you that I don’t want to see Marc.” I crossed my arm in front of my chest.

“By the gods, why not?” she frowned “Sais, what do you do up here on this old farm house that keeps you so busy that you won’t meet Marc?” throwing her hands up.

“I’m busy” she looked down knowing she can’t keep lying to her, “I just need time. After my father’s passing, it’s been difficult. I know it’s been four winters but I’ll never be the same.” She turned and heading back to the old farm house.

“Sais, wait. I’m sorry. I won’t try to set you and Marc up. But you do know that he wants your hand in marriage. Marc is the best warrior in the village, and quite handsome too” Dacia reminding her. “If you change your mind I will be in Delius’, hurrying down the road.

“I just need her to clear the bend in road, before I get to work. I can’t keep hiding what I’ve been doing all these years. I told them that I was at the academy for the last three winters. I didn’t tell them which one.” she thought to herself watching her cousin Dacia walk around the bend. “Practice time” she hurried back to the house.



“Awww “Sais fell back into the hay stacks, the old barn is where she practices, to stay out of sight. She was all dirty and sweaty by the time she was done. “Arlo” she looked around the barn. “Where is that wolf?” Just outside the barn she heard a voice.

“Easy now” the young man kept his hand out in front of him from keeping the wolf back.

Arlo was crouch down, growling and showing teeth anytime the young man slightly moved. Arlo stood in front of the barn doors, when Sais opens them. “Arlo there you are” she saw her beloved wolf. Then she notice’s Arlo growling at the unknown man. She turns her attention to the young man “Who are you?” she demanded.

“I’m sorry to bother you but I was only on my way to Delius. I was hoping if I could refill my pouch. I’ve been traveling a long way. But this wolf caught me walking up and I’ve been right here since.” The young man shrugged and smiled.

“Arlo down” Arlo relax and sat beside her. “Arlo doesn’t like stranger, and neither do I. Fill your pouch and please be on your way.” Keeping her distant from the stranger she watched as he walked to the well. He stood about 6’2, broad chest, dark hair, and his golden brown eyes. “Any mortal women could see that he was made from the gods” she smiled. “What brings you to Delius?”

He pulled the pail up and kneeled down while he started to fill his pouch. He looked up with his golden brown eyes “Family” he returned to filling his pouch. He didn’t say much more he kept his attention on the wolf while he filled his pouch. He stood up and returned the pail into the well.

“So you are returning to your wife?” she wanted to catch him lying. She lived her most of her life and she knows about everyone in Delius.

He was dusting his pants off when he looked up again, “No, my uncle needs my help. You might now him, Bren. He doesn’t live that far from your little farm.” He pointed just beyond her barn. “I should be going, I don’t want your husband getting upset.” He turns back to her house.

Sais and Arlo came up behind as he reaches the front of her house. His horse was tied up along the post. She reached her pouch and stood watching him saddle up “I don’t have a husband.” She came off the porch “You didn’t tell me your name?”

He pulled up next to her, “Nor did you” his smile was intoxicating “I will tell you my name in due time” he gallop off.

She watched him till he cleared the bend. “It’s still early and we have had two guest already, arlo” patting him on the head.  “Oh what now?” she spotted her aunt’s carriage come up on her road. The three horse carriage was dark mauve color; it stops in front of Sais two-story farm house. The door open and out step her beautiful aunt. “Aunt Sylvania”

“Oh my darling Sais” walking over to her niece. “Oh my, you are filthy. What have you been doing?” looking her up and down. “You can’t get a husband looking like that; come dear we need to go to Delius. Bren’s nephew is coming, and I hear that he is one of the best swordsmen, since your…” she trailed off. “I’m sorry Sais; my brother was one of the best swordsmen, and your mother well hum, never mind. Come now dear you need to change” she slightly pushing her to your home.

“Aunt Sylvania, I can’t. I’m too busy tending to the horse, and running my home. I need to chop firewood. I just don’t have the time.” She was lying threw her teeth. “I have to go to Delius but not now, later in the afternoon. I need more fabric and supplies.”

“Oh alright, I just don’t want you to become some farm girl here. You come from Noble blood; we don’t do manual labor Sais. Your schooling should have taught you that. But you are my brother’s daughter, defiant young women who know what she wants.” She kissed her on her cheek and return to her carriage “Sais, if you need any help here on the farm, I can send servant to help out” she closed the carriage door.

The three horse carriage hurled down the road. “At this rate Arlo, I will never get anything done, by the gods they are testing me this morning” she returned to the barn with Arlo beside her. “I need to put these swords away” she told herself. She gathered all of the weapons and practice armor and went to one of the horse stall and pushed one of the hay bales aside and to reveal a door, she pulled the latched and climb down the stairs and returned her weapons. “Thank you dad for telling me about this place” she said out loud.

After returning for her hidden chamber underneath the barn, she returned to her home. She started making her food, when she glanced at her reflection in the water bowl. “Oh I have to bath now, I have hay in my hair” she laughed at the sight of all the hay in her hair. “Come Arlo you can guard me” she went up stair and gathered her clothing. “I hope the water is warmer than last time”

Her and arlo made their way down hidden the path to the river; the huge tree covered the river bank where she would bath. It was tucked away, hidden from the gods. The river bank was covered with purple and yellow flower. “I can’t believe I found this place” she undressed and dipped her leg into the water. “Aww not to cold, want to join Arlo?”

Arlo groan and backed away from the water and turn his back to her so he could be on guard.  “Arlo you’re a good wolf” she smiled she dipped down into the water. She continued bathing when her mind started wondering about Bren’s nephew, who she met earlier that morning. “Uhm the gods did bliss him with a body of a god and looks from Cupid himself. His dark hair his golden eyes his broad chest, but most of all his voice so warm and smoothly sweet when he spoke. His intoxicating smile made her heart racing. Why did I tell him that I didn’t have a husband?” She snapped out of her thought when she heard a branch break.

            “Arlo” alarmed she was moving to the river bank for her clothing. Arlo was on his feet growling at the direction of the broken branch. Quickly she dressed “Arlo come now” she went to the direction of the broken branch, she find the branch on the ground. She peered where the branch would have been if I wasn’t broken. It looked over where she was bathing. “Someone was watching me” she looked around scared. She would have heard him coming near her if she wasn’t think about Bren nephew.  Sais and Arlo headed back to the farm house on the hidden path.  

© 2010 Alicka

Author's Note

Just a story I was working on. I still haven't decide what to do with it.

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It's really interesting! I love the fact that she has a pet wolf :)
I can't wait to read more!


Posted 10 Years Ago

I really liked the details transpired throughout the whole chapter. :) Well done! :D

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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So I started reading this but couldn't finish as I'm in school and free period's nearly over but I will give you my opinion on the part that I read...
There were a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors which made it really hard to understand what I was reading. These errors can easily be fixed if you proof-read.
Be careful not to info-dump. I think you spent a paragraph describing this girl which can easily lose the reader's interest. Slip in descriptions as the story goes along and not just all at once.
Please dont be discouraged by my review, the story itself was quite good but I do think there is room for improvement and you dont necessarily have to listen to me=)
Happy writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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