Chapter 2 New

Chapter 2 New

A Chapter by Alicka

Chapter 2

The whistling of the summer breeze flew thru his dark black as he horse galloped hard to his uncle mansion. Every muscle in his body was tense from his long ride, every gallop meant closer to his uncle. I’m coming uncle. I won’t be much longer, He thought.

            Bren was leaving his huge mansion with his servants when, a young rider galloping his way toward him. He pulled the reins hard to stop the horse. “Uncle, it’s been a winter since we saw each other last” climbing off his horse. He walked over and embraces his uncle in his arms. “I got message that you needed my help. I came quickly as I could”.

His uncle turned to his servant and motioned them to leave them, “Rylan I need your help protecting someone, who doesn’t know that she is in danger.  One of my oldest friends told me a secret concerning his daughter. Sadly he was killed three winters ago. But he told me before he was killed to make sure that she is taken care, he told me that one day unknown forces would  come and looking for her. I got word from the north that an army is slowing moving through the valley, in search of someone. She is unlike any women, if she is anything like her mother let the gods have mercy on us” Bren touched his nephews shoulder. “I would not ask this of you, but I need you. I’ve also send word to my friends from the eastern, southern and western kingdom to aid me in this matter.”

            “Uncle, I know this. A messenger came to my home a day before you sent word to me. Also the king’s men arrive at my home, asking if I would join the king’s army.  I think the King is going to attack the army. Who is this woman?” Rylan walked in circles “Why does she not know she is in danger? Are you not going to tell her?”

            “It is not an easy discussion, How can I tell this young women who is lead to believe that her mother died during childbearing. When her mother is very much alive and she plans on killing you when you were a baby.  That my oldest friend her father stole you away from her, to protect her.” Bren walked over to his fence peering at Sais home beyond the woods. “Rylan, the young lady that lives just beyond the woods, Sais is her name. She needs to be protected.”

            Rylan looked at where his uncle pointed to and smiled, “I met her this morning, her wolf nearly tried to eat me. She quite beautiful, and hot temper too.  Sais…beautiful in deed” Rylan turned his attention to his uncle, “How am I going to protect her? I can’t tell her that I’m here to protect her. Have you thought of how I’m to keep her out of danger?” he sighed.

Bren stood next to him along the fence, looking into woods “Don’t worry, I will find a way. You do know how to help on a farm, right?” his uncle laughed, “Come we need to go to Delius. I know you need rest but, it can wait.” Bren walked to his horse and called his servant to accompany him to Delius. Rylan saddled up next to him. “Delius is quite full of noblewomen; you might meet one that captures your heart.”

They set off to Delius; it was distant ride to village of Delius, It was midday when there arrived in the village. Some of the buildings in the village had sandy brown color to them. Other buildings of the village ranged from sandy brown, to a light copper. “Wow, what is that building?” Rylan gazed up at the two-story light copper stone building in front of him. Statues of warriors stood on each side of the gates.

“That is David’s Warrior Training Academy. If I were you, stay far from there. A lot of hot temper young men come from there always looking for a fight. You don’t need to get involved with that. Over there” he motion further down to another two-story building, but this building was a dark brown with a giant red double doors; their statues are of man holding a sword in one hand and lightning bolt in the other. The woman statue was holding a staff with an orb on the top of it. Rylan new right away that was academy of magic. A few students came out the double giant red doors and greeted Bren and himself.

“Hello Bren,” the young blonde greeted him. “And who might this be?” she turn her baby blue eyes at him. She stepped back and looked Rylan up and down, and blushed turned her head away. She composed herself and looked back at him, not looking into his golden brown eyes.

“Sara, this is my nephew Rylan. He is going to be staying with me for a while.” Bren introduced.

 “Hello Rylan” she smiled and held out her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sara. Do you attend this academy?” he nodded to the building before kissing her hand.

“Oh yes, I’m trying to learn how to heal. I’m not much of a caster of spells. But if you ever find that you hurt, I can heal you. I just live west of the village, in my father’s home, you can’t miss it. I must be off. I hope that I get to run into you again” she smiled with so much desire behind those baby blue eyes.

“Tell your father that the celebration is set for tomorrow night at my home” Bren informed her.

“I will” she waved hurrying to find the rest of the friends.

“Come now, we need supplies for the celebration” he began walking to the market. “The celebration is for the harvest, we are hoping for a good one” Bren talked to a few fellow merchants and introducing Rylan to all friends in the market. People were asking why he was staying with him. “Rylan was in the top of his academy when he finished. Rylan is an excellent swordsmen and fighter. So I asked him to enjoy life and spend some time here, since he has been at the academy for the last four years” he answered them.

Rylan caught sight of the long auburn hair, and light olive skin of Sais. She was talking to the fabric merchant haggling over the price. He watched how she didn’t take no for answer on the price. The fabric merchant walked back into his shop and came out with more fabric for Sais to go thru, in which she did.



“Oh look its Sais. She always seem to be busy with that little farm house of hers. I can’t imagine why she spends so much time there, when she is a noblewoman.” Marc gazed at her shopping at the fabric merchant. “I’ve asked her cousin to introduce me to her, but she say that Sais is not interested in meeting me. I can’t see why. We come from noble blood.” He told his group of friends.

“Sais is one of those rare beauties’ that are untamed and intelligent. My father warned me of women of those traits, they can be dangerous.” Devon touched Marc shoulder “You should move on from Sais.”

Marc turned to face his friends “I can’t, she will be mine. I will tame and teach her to know her place beside me.”

“Who is that? Talking to Sais” Devon looked past Marc.

Marc turn to see a young man talking to Sais “Who is that?” he looked confused, then angry at the sight of them talking.

Sais paid no attention to anyone passing her. “Hmm, I don’t know which one I should purchase” she said out loud. She continued to go thru all the fabric. “Quinn, do you have anything in copper tone or light beige” she called after him. “Arlo, be a good boy and relax” She patted his head.

“I think you would look great wearing purple.”

Sais turned to see that intoxicating smile “You, what are you doing here?” Arlo moved around her to face Rylan, “Arlo be good” she warned her wolf. “I asked what you are doing here?” a little annoyed this time.

 Slightly ignoring her “Easy boy, his name is Arlo?” he asked bending down patting Arlo on the head. “See now, I’m not a stranger anymore. I’m with my uncle he is shopping for the celebration for tomorrow night.” He stood back up and looked into her eyes.

Some of the villagers noticed that they were staring into each other’s eyes. Sais heart beat started racing the longer she looked into his golden brown eyes. Rylan kept the gazed on her hazel eyes, the longer they stared into each other’s eyes the closer they got. Please speak; I can’t keep looking into his eyes. I won’t be able not to touch him, she thought to herself.

“Sais, I found a copper tone” Quinn happily handed her the fabric. He looked confused “Sais” then turn his attention to the young men she was looking at.

Sais snapped out of the trance “Oh thank you Quinn, did you find any light beige?” she ran her hand thru hair.

“I’ll be back” he went back into his shop.

 “Are you going to tell me your name, now?” she put her hands on her hips.

“Well I know your now, Sais” he laughed showing his pearly white teeth, “my name is Rylan. I’m sorry again for scaring you at your home.  I didn’t mean any harm.” He stepped back from Sais, “I think I should return to my uncle. Are you coming to the celebration tomorrow night?”

“I should be able to make it” she blushed.

He nodded and started off in search of his uncle, but he stop and turn back at her. “I still think you would look great in purple. I’ll see you tomorrow, Sais.”

“Bye” she waved, feeling weak at the knees.  Wow even how he says my name, so smooth, so intoxicating.  She smiled so big that she didn’t notice that Quinn was looking at her.

Quinn returned with the light beige fabric, “Sais, Sais. Is that all for you Sais?” he glanced at the young man walking away from his tent. “Who was that young man that you were with?” being nosy.

“That was Bren nephew, Rylan. I’m sorry but I’ve changed my mind, could you see if you have any light purple fabric, and that all.” She continued to smile.

Quinn annoyed tone, “Yes Sais I do have purple. I’ll be right back” he disappeared into his store. He finally returned with the fabric “Are you all done?”

“Yes Quinn, I’ll take these” she thanked him and her and arlo headed to get feed for her horses and talked to the blacksmith. Sais and Arlo were walking to the blacksmith when she spotted  Dacia talking to a group of girls. Sais tried not to get spotted, but her cousin Dacia spotted her and waved her to come over and join them.

“Sais, we were just talking about you” Dacia smiled

If Dacia was talking about me, it must be about how much time I spend at my little farm and how I like my privacy, she thought. “Oh what about it?” she turned to face the snobby socialites group whom she hates. She hated that Dacia was friends with them, she wasn’t like them, and they were cruel and believed that they deserve everything.

“If you were going to make it to the celebration tomorrow, because you always seem so busy with your little farm,” Sara mocked, “what are you trying to be, a farmer? Sais you really need to grow out of this rut you’re in. We all come from noble blood, it isn’t right. We have perks that other people don’t get. You have Marc chasing after you. Dacia told us that you don’t even want to meet him. He is the best warrior in the village, also the most handsomely. At least until Bren nephew came to live with him.” She laughed turning to the rest of the group.

“Oh you mean Rylan” Sais smirked “Yes I met him this morning, when he stopped by to fill his pouch at my home.”

“Oh” Sara put a false smile on.

“I must be off, I have to talk to the blacksmith before I go” she waved them off. “Take that Sara,” she whispered to herself.

© 2010 Alicka

Author's Note

What do you think of the story so far? I'm going to slow, not enough information, anything just tell me. Thanks

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The change was amazing, it really grabbed my attention right away. Great job! :)

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I made some small changes to the beginning of this chapter.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

You might want to change the begining. You need a good attention getter

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

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