Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Alicka

Chapter 3

Sais was in deep conversation with the blacksmith, when Bren entered the hut. She noticed him right away, and that Rylan wasn’t with him. “I see, how long will it take for you to tend to my horse?”

“I don’t know Sais. I’ve been busy all morning. I wish you would have come in the morning. I should I have it done by this evening” he sadly told her.

“I can’t be stuck in Delius till night fall” she sighed, “I guess I can walk back to the farm with Arlo. Then in the morning I’ll walked back to fetch my horse” she declared, picking up her satchel.

“Oh dear Sais, I won’t allow that.” Bren walking up beside them, “I didn’t mean to overhear your conversation”

“Bren, I didn’t see you come in” catching the blacksmith off guard.

 Bren ignored the blacksmith comment and turned his attention to Sais, “Sais you can ride with me and my nephew. I would never forgive myself it you were injury by thieves. It’s not wise for a woman of your nobility to be walking back in the dark. I must insist” Bren looked satisfied with his argument.

“Alright, Bren” she agreed Bren is one of my father’s oldest friends, ever since my father’s passing his been looking after me since my return. She glanced around “Where is your nephew?”

“Oh did you miss me already?” he teased, coming up behind her smiling.

She spun around nearly hitting him with her satchel. “No not at all” she lied. “Arlo come” Arlo heard her and came swiftly to her side. “You uncle has insisted that I ride with you and him on my return home” trying to look unhappy, to hide her pure excitement of being close to him again.

“Oh wonderful” He gave his uncle a sideward glances. “When will we be off?” he side stepping Sais to walk up to his Uncle.

“I need to place an order to the blacksmith. You and Sais can ready the horses; I’ll be a few minutes.” He touched Rylan shoulder, “Here is your chance to get closer to her” he whispered, so that Sais and the blacksmith couldn’t hear him.

“Alright” Sais spoke up “Which stables did you places your horse at?”

“I’ll show you.” Rylan said offering his hand for her to take. Sais hesitated before gently lay her hand into his. Rylan gently closed his hand with her, and lead her to the stables.



Sara watched in horror as she spotted Sais with Rylan “I wish the gods would strike her down. It doesn’t matter when he find out she different from the rest of us, he will be mine” She told her group of friends.

“Sais is not like us, she is always at the little farm of hers. Don’t worry Sara, you have everything, she doesn’t” one her friends reassured her. “Come we need to get our gowns”. Sara continued to watch them enter the stables, before leaving with her group of friends.

While in the stables both Sais and Rylan ready the horses for their return home. “How long do you intend to be in the service of your uncle?” Sais broke the silence between them. “I mean don’t you have a life back home” she continued to saddling Bren horse.

Rylan turned to look at her sadly “No, I just recently graduate my academy. I don’t have anyone back home. All of my friends returned to their own home. I went back home to be welcome by just our house servants. My mother and father spend more of their time in the company of the king and Queen.” He turned his golden brown eyes away from her.

“I didn’t mean to upset you” she walked around the horse to gently touch his shoulder. “I guess you, are kind of like me” she paused and then looked backed up, to face Rylan looking deeply into her eyes. “Always alone” she whispered softly.

I just want to wrap my arms around you, and kiss you. Whisper in your ear and tell that I will protect. He kept looking into her eyes. He started to raise his hand to touch her face, when his uncle Bren entered the stables.

“Are the horses ready?” Bren entered unaware of the sparks between Rylan and Sais. He looked back and forth between Sais and Rylan. “Sais, you should ride with Rylan, his horse can carry two. I will carry you satchel on my saddled.” He climbed on his horses. He glanced down to spot Arlo waiting just below. “What about your wolf?”

Sais climb up behind Rylan “Don’t worry about Arlo, he know the way home. Arlo home” she ordered. Arlo bolted out of the stalls. “He will be home waiting for me.” Turning her attention back to Rylan’s back, unsure where to place her hands.

“Just wrap your arms around my waist” he turns his head toward her. He waited for her to do so, before clicking his tongue at the horse to start moving.  “We’ve off “.

 Bren rode along beside them as they made their way up the road. “Sais, what did you study at the academy? Which one was it that you were attending?” looking at her curious.

“I attended Belle Dona Royal Lady Academy. I fancied sewing, and pottery. I wasn’t that gifted in pottery, but sewing yes. I’m going to make my own gown for tomorrow’s celebration.” She replied, turning her attention to a disturbance up a head on the road. “What is that?” she focused her eyes on three men in a brawl in the road.

“Rylan” His uncle stop his horse, and instructed him to do so. “I don’t like this. Rylan …”

“I understand” Rylan said cutting his uncle sentence off. Rylan stop his horse and gently climb down. He pulled out his sword from his sheath which was tucked away along his saddle. “Sais, stay here no matter what happens.” He touched her hand softly while looking into her eyes. “Do you understand?” He waited for her to nodded. She nodded slightly.

“Rylan, be careful.” She whispered looking backing into his golden eyes. Except his eyes weren’t golden, there were of auburn color to them. By the gods, his eyes change color. She thought. Sais watched as both Bren and Rylan made their way to the three men. She kept her hands on the reins to keep the horse from charging. Sun down is almost upon us. Why is the air so cold all of a sudden? She shivered. I have a bad feeling about this? she looked towards the trees. “Are those eyes?” she thought.  

Before she yelled at Bren and Rylan to get their attention the dark figure jump from the tree and spooked the horses as he landed in front of her. The horse kicked up on his back legs making Sais fell off the horse. Both horses charged toward Rylan and Bren, uncontrollable.

The dark hooded figure turn to look down at Sais, seeing if she would put up a fight. See that she was frighten he left her be and turned towards Rylan and Bren. The other three men stop brawling and watched as the dark figure conjured up and energy ball, and thrusting at them. Everyone took cover from the blast. Again the dark figure attacks them, keeping them all behind cover.

Sais seeing that Bren and Rylan could not get to her, she knew she was on her own. She stood up and did what she knew would cost her privacy, she crept up behind him and took her stands. “Hey!!!” she yelled.

The dark figure turn just in time to see her flaming blast hit him in his chest, knocking a few feet back, not killing him. She looked down at his crumble body lying on the ground as he yelled in pain. She looked around to see if Bren and Rylan saw her. She couldn’t see them, and took her satchel  and ran to her home just threw the woods.

© 2010 Alicka

Author's Note

Excuse all the grammar errors, I don't know if I should completely redo this whole chapter. I feel that this chapter need a lot of work, please give me some good input. Thanks

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I'm glad people aren't worried about the grammatical errors because it allows the reader to just enjoy the plot of the book. :) Great chapter! :D

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This a great writing there a little grammar here and there but otherwise it is great. good job

Posted 10 Years Ago

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