Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Alicka


Chapter 4

Three winter’s earlier, “Aunt Sylvania don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine at the Academy.” Young Sais told her. Sais and her cousin Dacia hugged each other goodbye in front of Dacia home. “Dacia, write me every day. Three winters is not, that long of a time. I’m going to miss going with you to the market and seeing Marc” she giggled. “My father says it’s time for me to be schooled in the finer arts of lady hood. I don’t see why I can’t stay here and join you at the Yamani Academy” she sighed.

“Oh Sais, I’m going to miss you like crazy. Don’t worry I will write you every day.” She hugged her again. “Maybe I can ask mother to come visit you and why would you want to stay here with me at Yamani Academy. You get to travel beyond the valley, next to the sea. I think you are lucky, that your father is going to spend a small fortune for you to go to Belle Dona Royal Lady Academy. Only the royalty and few nobles get to enter that Academy. I’m jealous.” She sulked.

“Sais” Her father Arian called her from the carriage. “We must be off.” He walked over to his sister Sylvania. “She will be fine at the Academy. Sylvania I know you, Sais is like a daughter to you. But she is my daughter and she needs this.” He touch his sister shoulder.

“Alright,” she nodded. “Dacia come now, Sais needs to be on her way. Oh Sais come here and give me another hug.” She wrapped her arms around her. “If you need anything just send word and I shall be there.” She whispered in her ear before letting her go with her father.

“Bye, I’ll write you all every day” she promised, waving as she entered the carriage. Her father followed behind her and he sat across from her in the carriage. “Father, did my mother go to a school like this?”

“Sais, you mother was an amazing woman. She attended an Academy like yours.” He put on a false smile. “I wish she wouldn’t have died giving birth to you.” He looked down at his hands, seeing the scars.

“Father, I didn’t mean to upset you,” she reached across and placed her hand on his. “I know that it upsets you when I asked about her. I won’t ask anymore.” She squeezed his hand, changing the subject. “How far is it from here to Belle Dona’s?”

“A few days ride from here to the sea, and another couple days heading north. It’s fairly long journey you should get some rested.” He touched her face.       

© 2010 Alicka

Author's Note

I know a very short chapter, but it's a flashback.

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The flashback was really cool to add in the book. The plot is moving along very nicely too. :)

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

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