Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Alicka

Chapter 6

“Uncle your party is going well” Rylan walked up to his uncle, wearing a dark red shirt with silver lining on his sleeves, and black pants. His dark red shirt made his golden eyes more noticeable. “The courtyard is filled with the whole village. Except Sais. I haven’t seen her yet.” Sighing.

“Sais is not here, that unlike her not to come to my celebration. Other people’s celebration is understandable.” He seemed confused until he looked at his nephew face. “What happen the other night when you went over there to speak to her?”

“I may have insulted her.” He bit his lip “I try to apologized but she was very angry at me. She didn’t give me time explained myself.”

“Rylan” he spoke harsh “We need to keep a watchful eye on her.” He started too continued when he spotted Sais entering the courtyard. “There… there she is” He motioned his head toward the entrance.

Sais entered the courtyard; I can’t believe I’m here. She looked around the courtyard and immediately heard her aunt calling her name. The courtyard was all made up orange, and red silk fabric draped across the courtyard. Candles and torches light the round courtyard, candles circled around the dance floor giving glow to the dancer who were dancing.

“Sais you look absolute beautiful” Her aunt looked at her light purple dress with a silver silk shawl draped between her arms, and her auburn her lay against her back with a light purple flower in her hair. “Did you make this yourself? My words you have a gift” she examined her niece’s garment closely.

“Oh yes I did make it Aunt Sylvania. I had to put on some finishing touches.” She turn her to reveal that her dress tie up behind her neck and left her back bare for all to see. “Do you like?” looking back at her aunt face, who was in little shock.

“Uhm, Sais that different” she said in an awkward tone. “It’s very bold of you.” She looked around and waved her daughter Dacia to join her. “Dacia is wearing this light beige dress with flower on her shoulder.”

Dacia left her snobby socialites group and came walking up to her mother and Sais She smiled at her mother then turned her attention to Sais, as her mouth drop when she gazed at Sais dress. “Wow Sais, you like look goddess in that dress.” Dacia walked around her cousin admiring her. “Where did you get this dress? At one of the merchants at the market” she giggled.

“Oh no, I made this.” Sais spun around. “I just wiped it up” Sais shrugged, and glanced around the courtyard trying to find Rylan, but instead she spotted Marc and his bully of friends looking at her. “Oh no”

“What is it?” Dacia drew closer so her mother would not hear.

“I just spotted Marc. I think he might be heading my way” she looked over her shoulder seeing him moved thru the crowd of people. “I need to use the powder room” she quickly walked off. She made her ways to the outer columns of the courtyard and hid behind them. She peered around to see Marc talking to Dacia. She leaned back against the column Great now I have to avoid Marc the whole night. I should have stayed at home. But I wanted to see….

Just then a hand touched her shoulder “Sais, darling are you alright?” Bren looked concerned. “Maybe I should get Rylan to help you sit down in one of our rooms” He started to waved down Rylan.

“Oh no please don’t” she pleased with him. “I was just looking for your washroom, and I got a little confused that is all. It’s been a long time since I set foot in your home. I see that you had a little work done on your home while I was away.” She smiled “Your home looks just wonderful. Could you point me to your washroom?”

“Follow this set of column till the end of the corridor, then turn right it the first red oak door” Bren smiled “I should get back to the celebration, I am the hostess. Would you honor an old man with a dance later this evening?”

“Of course Bren” Sais made her way down the corridor and to the washroom. I need to keep calm, I can control this power. Breath, Breath. Sais headed back to the courtyard. She spotted Marc talking to Sara and her socialite group. Sais made her way to the dance floor.

“I see that you took my advice. You look beautiful”

Sais didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Rylan behind her. “Yes” she turned to face him. “You look handsome” looking up and down. “I guess you have been dancing all night?”

“No, not at all. I’ve been saving my first dance for someone” he smiled

“Oh who might that be?” she held her breath.

He stepped closer to her “Sais would you honor me in a danc…”

“Rylan” Sara interrupted sweetly, “I’ve been looking for you. You told me that you would save me a dance.” Sara turned to face Sais “You won’t mind if I dance with him?”

“No Sara, I was just going to get a drink” She said dryly, before walking off.

Rylan looked at Sais and then back at Sara “Shall we?” He led her to the dance floor placing his hand on her back. “You look great.”

Sara blushed “Thank you Rylan. Your uncle home is quite beautiful; can you give me a tour?”

“I would be delight to. I can tomorrow afternoon if you like?” he turns his head looking for Sais in the crowd.

Sara frown “No I mean tonight. I’m busy with my studies tomorrow. You think we can sneak away?” She noticed that he was not looking at her “Rylan?”

“Sara, I’m sorry but I can’t leave the party tonight.” Turning to face her. “Thank you for the dance” he pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. “Enjoy the rest of the celebration” He left her at the dance floor. He spotted Sais talking to a group of people he made his way towards them.

“Sais you look remarkable” one of the young woman looked at her dress. Marc came up to beside her. “Hello Sais. I’ve been meaning to talk to you all night.” He smiled and he gently lifted her hand and kissed it.

“Marc it’s been a long time. I see that you have made a name for yourself in the village. You’re the best warrior in the academy.” Sais looked at him.

“I try not to boast about that. But yes I am. I’ve been trying to see you for weeks since your return for your academy. But it seems that you spend so much time at your little farm. May I ask what you spend your time doing? I only asked so if I may be able to call on you at your home that I won’t interrupting you.” Marc gently rubbing Sais hand.

Sais smiled “I just spend my time tending to the farm house. I usually don’t get out to Delius unless I need supply.” She caught a glance of Rylan making his way to her.

“Sais would you care to dance?” Marc held her hand up and gently led her to the dance floor before she could decline his offer. Marc held her close with his bare hand gently resting on her lower back. “Sais, if you wouldn’t mind I would like you to accompany me tomorrow on a morning ride?”

“Tomorrow morning, I’m busy. I have a pressing matter that I need to attended to.” She lied. “Maybe another time.”

They continued to dance in silence, when a hand touched Marc shoulder “May I cut in?” Rylan smiled a c**k grin. “Sais wouldn’t mind at all, would you?” Completely ignoring Marc’s growl, pushing him aside.

“I DO mind” Marc raised his voice and took a step forward. “I think you can wait till THIS dance is over.” Taking Sais in his arms and started to move away from Rylan.

Sais stopped walking feeling overwhelmed she looked back at Rylan then at Marc who was looking at her confused. I can control this, I can. Breathing a little hard, I need to relax. “I’m sorry I ‘m feeling a little dizzy.”

“Sais, please take my arm. You need to sit.” Marc guided her to a near table away from the dance floor. “Do you need anything?” He took the seat next to her.

“Water, I think some water would do me fine?” she took a deep breath.

“I’ll be right back” Marc stood up and went to get Sais some water; he passed by Rylan giving him a scowl.

Rylan waited a few moments before going to Sais, “Sais are you alright?” kneeling down beside her. He looked into her once hazel eyes, but now only seeing silver instead. He touched her hand; it felt so warm to the touch. “Sais?”

Sais was so stone still, she barely heard or felt Rylan touch and call her name. She shook her head “Rylan I’m fine, just a little dizzy” she pulled her hand away quickly from his. “I think the ale was a little too strong for me” she lied. She stood up and turning to get her silk shawl from her chair. “I think I might need some water.”

Rylan stood up, “I can get you some water”

“Excuse me,” Marc pushed his way to Rylan and Sais. “Here is some water, Sais” He handed her a cup. He looked at Rylan giving him a hard stare. “I have everything cover, Rylan you can leave.”

Rylan took his eyes off of Sais and on to Marc, “I don’t think so, I’m staying right here. This is my uncle’s home and Sais is my uncle’s best friend’s daughter. I must make sure she is alright before I leave her in your care, which I won’t.” he growled.

Marc took a step closer to Rylan “You don’t seem to get things around here. You can leave Sais with me. I’m the best warrior in the village. Or maybe you want to find out for yourself” he snarled.

“I told you both I’m fine” she roared before storming away from them into the crowd.  I need to get away from them; they are making it hard for me to focus. Oh please not now!!!!  Sais stopped and looked back at Marc and Rylan moving away from each after saying a few words. She felt her hands feel warm and tingling as she looked down at them as they started turning red. Oh No. She turn around be couldn’t find a quick escape out of the courtyard before a fire blast burst from hands into the air catching the drapes above the courtyard on fire.

Before any scream hit the air another two fire blast came from her hand went across the cobblestone of the courtyard setting a few table cloths fire. The screams filled the air as people scatted away from the flames. People yelled “Fire Raiser!”

Sais looked at her hands which turned back to her olive skin. She heard her cousin screaming, she was caught between tables that were in golf in flames. “Dacia!” she ran to her. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you” She looked around and spotted a long cloak and wrapped it around herself. “Dacia I’m coming” she ran into the flames straight to Dacia; open the cloak and wrapped her and Dacia. “We have to run thru the flames.”

“I’m scared” she sobs a little.

“Me too” she nods “Ready” both ran into the flames and out the other side.

“Ah ah the cloak is on fire.” Dacia screamed,” desperately ripping the cloak from her and Sais. “We need to get out of the courtyard”

“Sais and Dacia follow me out of the courtyard” Rylan yelled as he appeared in front of them. “Now!” he started running down the side columns hallways and out of the courtyard into the open garden.

Sais and Dacia quickly followed close behind him, as they entered the garden. Most of the villagers were there. Men ran pasted them in the opposite direction towards the fire. “We need to put out the fire before its spread toward the rest of the mansion” one yelled racing past them.

“Are you alright Dacia and Sais?” a fellow villager asked seeing how there dress had sot on them and scorch marks.

Both glanced down at their dresses, seeing the damage to their dress. “Oh my dress” Dacia looked sadden. She looked back at Sais, realizing that her dress was open in the back. “Are you alright? Is your back okay?” looked around at her back. “Thanks goodness that you weren’t burn. Why would there be a fire raiser her in Delius?”

“I don’t know” Sais looked at all the people who were scared and frighten. She walked over to the one of the stone bench.  The men were returning from the courtyard announcing that the fire was put out by the some spell casters that were invited to the celebration. Bren followed behind them and stood in front of his guest.

“Alright everyone” He put his arms up to get the attention on his entire guest. “Everyone has been accounted for, no one was hurt luckily. Only a few tables, chairs were burned. The Magistrate is sending troops here. All I ask if you all will stay here a little longer, to make sure that the fire raiser is no longer here.” He moved thru the crowd of people making sure they were all right.

I need to get out of here. Sais slowly stood up and spotted a small path thru the garden. I hope this leads me to the outer gates. She made her way to the path and slipped back into darkness, letting it be her ally. She made her way quickly in the darkness as her eyes adjusted. Where is the way out? She stop and listened No that can’t be footsteps, no one saw me enter the garden. She turned around and looked down the path.  Nothing, I’m hearing things. She quickly turned around and made her way to the outer gates.

“The outer gate” she whispered please be unlocked, please, please.  She touched the gate and pulled, but it didn’t budge. “No” she overlooked the gate, I can climb over it. Damn I might be seen. She shook the thought out of her head. Here go nothing. She placed her hand over the lock of the gate and took a deep breath her palms started to tingles and the blue ball of energy came from her palm and hit the lock. She smiled at the sight of it, as she pulled the gate open. She glanced back before making her escaped.

© 2010 Alicka

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I really liked the chapter, even if it is a rough draft. :)

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a great chapter for a rough craft

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a very rough rough draft. So tell me what u think about the whole chapter, thanks

Posted 10 Years Ago

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