Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Alicka

Chapter 7

Sais opened her back door and sat down at the kitchen table looking into the fire. “I can’t keep hiding like this anymore. I’m going to have to keep this under control, it been a long time for me to lose control over this.” She lifted both of her palm face up, I wasn’t always like this. In one hand was a ball of blue energy and in the other a ball of fire.  I wasn’t always like this, being able to control both……

Three winters earlier, Sais and her father traveling up the northern coast. The carriage hit a huge log on the side of the road waking Sais from her deep slumber. “Ah, Father what is going on?” touching her head. “Father” She noticed that her father wasn’t in the carriage with her, she was by herself. She sat up and went to the window of the carriage and opened it. She stuck her head out calling the driver of the carriage.

“What is going on? Where is my father?” she yelled

The driver turned back to her and laughed “You won’t be seeing your father for a while. Sit back and you won’t get hurt.” He instructed her, he whipped the horses hard to get them galloping faster.

“I have no intention on staying here” she whispered. She closed the window stood up and kicked the door open and jump out of  the carriage, she hit the ground hard scrapping her arms and head. Her whole body arch from the fall, she slowly got up hearing the carriage stop in the distant. She looked back at the road and went into a sprint in the opposite direction from her capturer.  

I need to get space between me and him, she kept thinking to herself as she went further into the woods. She stop against a tree looking back to see if her capturer was coming close behind her. Nothing, he’s not following me. She peered around to see if anything or anyone was in the woods. Yet again nothing, she walked back and turned to run again. But stop when a man stood only a few feet away. “What do you want from me?”

“Sais” the man called out.

“Who are you?” she demanded

“Sais, it me your father” He step closer showing himself to her.

“Oh father” she ran to him. “I woke up and you weren’t there. What happen?” she hug him. She looked around to see if her capturer was near.

“Sais there isn’t much time. These men are after us, we must keep moving. I want you safe. I can fight them off but I want you far away from here.” He started moving further along in the woods.

“I can fight. You taught me how to handle a sword.” Sais looked him into his eyes. “I can do this?”

Her father Arian began to speak, but was cut short when heard branches break. “Come Sais” he motioned her to follow him. They moved thru the woods quietly and quickly when they came upon a clearing. “I don’t know if we’ll make to the other side without being spotted. Sais on the other side of those woods is the village of Tanis. The soldiers know that we should be arriving very soon. I want you to go to the village and get them. I will stay here to make sure they don’t chase after you. When inside the village ask for Ronan he is one of my truest friend he, Head Master of the Academy of Swords and Magic. He will protect you.” He touched Sais face and gently kissed her forehead. “Go now”

“Father, I will be back for you.” She jump up and started sprinting across the clearing. Half way across the clearing four men started after her. She heard the yelled of father as he charged them as she made her escape.

Her father swung his sword at one of men who had taken Sais “You won’t get her.” The man laughed “Oh don’t worry, Sais will be ours. Very beautiful young lady you got there” the man lunched at Arian, but he blocked it and elbows the man in his face, making him fall to the ground. The other three continued to make their way to Sais, Arian was in quick pursuit, he pulled out his dagger from his belt and throw it at one of the three men sticking him in his back; the man fell into the grass yelp in pain.

Arian quickly ran up as the man with the dagger in his back was slowing getting up, he didn’t slow down as he quickly throw his sword into the man’s belly. Arian pulled the sword from the man, he turn to see that the other two men stopped chasing Sais and turned their attention to Arian.

One of the men growled “You’ll pay for that!” the man charged him with his sword aiming for Arian neck. Arian ducked the attack, more quickly than the attacker realized. “I see you are still able to move quickly for your age” the both attacker circle around Arian wait for their moment to attack.  The shorter of the two attackers, charged Arian’s back, he swung his sword to block the attack. He kicked his attacker in the stomach, making him fall backward.

Sais stopped once she made it across the clearing, turning to see her father fight the two men. She looked back towards the woods where her father told her the village of Tanis was. “I’ll never make it.” She turned her attention on the battle deciding to stay where she was incase her father needed her.

Arian elbow one of the men in the face, busting his lip wide open, dropping the attacker to his knee. Arian kicked him in the face knocking him out. He turned his attention back to the first attacker was slowing walking up to him. He had a smile on his face looking at Arian.

“You are a better a swordsmen then me, more experience. But luckily I have youth on my side.” He twirled his sword in his hand “Shall we?” He and Arian charged each other swinging their swords at each other making small sparks as their swords met. Arian caught his attacker’s arm and head butted him making his attacker dropped his sword. Arian flips him over and stabbed in the stomach.

Arian looked up and caught sight of Sais at the edge of the clearing. He started running toward her, he was almost to her when he felt a sharp pain in his back. “Father” Sais screamed running to her father she grabbed her father’s shoulder placing his arm around her neck they made their way into the woods towards the village of Tanis.

“We have to stop, I have to pull out the arrow” Sais stop and placed her father against a tree. He sat forward for her to pull out the arrow. “I will hurt father” She pulled it out so fast that he didn’t have time to react from it.

“Sais we need to get moving, one of attackers is dead, one is badly injury, leaving the other two to come after us.” He try to get up but couldn’t. “I will slow you down, leave me” he informed her.

“No” she replied harshly. “I will stay here.”

Before he could say anymore the last two attackers came bursting into the brush, spotting Sais and her Father Arian opposite of them. Sais quickly pulled out her father’s sword turning towards them. The attackers laugh at the sight of her holding the sword  at them.

“You see this?” one of them laughed. “Drop the sword and come with us. We’ll leave your father alive.” The attacker moved towards Sais with his palms up.

“I’m not going anywhere with you! Stay back” Sais tightened her grip on her father’s sword.

“So be it” the first attacker pulled out his sword. “It’s shame; we would have had plenty of gold for this one” turning towards his companion. His companion pulled out his sword also and stepped forward towards Sais. They moved around to circle Sais, she moved forward following them with her eyes.

I need to make the first move, Sais attacked the man that spoke to her. She thrust her sword at him, making him back up. She did a side cut  to put more distant between them too. She whirled around to the other attacker catching him completely off guard, he was not ready for her sword to slice him across his chest, blood splattered across the ground. He placed his hand over his chest, in pure amazement looking at her.

“You little b***h!” He screamed at her. “Agggh” His boiling eyes screamed attack, He tried to cut her down, but Sais tucked and rolled from him. “I will kill!” He charged her again swinging his sword; their swords connected in front of each other. Sais couldn’t hold against him, he was stronger then her. He pushed her back making her fall against a tree; he tried to chop off her head. She ducked just in time for his sword to connect with tree. The attacker’s sword was lodge deep into the tree and couldn’t pull it out.

Sais didn’t know what to do she stood there for a moment till, a tiny little voice inside her head said “Kill him” She plunged her sword deep into his belly, pulling it out quickly. The attacker fell to the ground to his death. Sais felt her hands get warm and tingling, she turned her attention back to the first attacker. He stood next to her father with his sword at her father’s throat.

“I see that your father Arian has taught you the ways of swords. It does not matter. I ask you one more time, drop your sword, and I will let your father live. Refuse it will be the last time you see him breathing” he moved the sword over her father’s heart.

“Sais, don’t listen to him” her father told her.

“Be quite!” the attacker pressed this sword down on Arian’s chest. “Have you decided”?

Sais looked into her father’s face, “I won’t go with you” she throw the sword at him striking him in his shoulder. As he fell to the ground Sais rushed over to help her father to his feet. “We have to keep going father…..Ahhhh”

The attacker pulled Sais hair from behind throwing her into tree, as she collapsed to the ground. Arian punched the attacker in his face; the attacker spun around and back handed him in Arian’s face. Arian and the attacker kept punching and blocking each other’s attacks. Arian kneed his attacker in the rib cage, making him crumple to the ground. Arian tried to make his way to Sais, but his attacker quickly rebounded and tackled him down to the ground. His attacker had a knife trying to stab Arian in the chest. Arian grabbed his attacker’s hand keeping it from his heart. Arian head butt him, making his attacker loosen his grip on his knife; Arian took the chance and pushed his attacker and kicked him back to the ground, hopefully knocking him out. Sais started to move from the ground, “Father” she called out, seeing him walking over to her. She stood up and hugs her father, “You’re alright.”

“I’m okay” he kissed her on her forehead. He looked over her head, seeing his attacker on his knees, smirking. Then he sees the knife in his hands, in an instant he throw it at Sais’s back. “Sais!” He quickly grabs Sais and spins her around behind him; he turns back as the knife hits him in the chest.

“Father!” she screamed catching her father in her arms before hitting the ground. “No nooo nooo. You’re going to be fine, you can’t leave me” she held back her sobs. “Father don’t leave me, now. I need you.” Sais places her father on the soft earth, before standing up in front of the man that killed her father. Her hands started to tingle and burn as if they were on fire; all of her angry is on focus on this man.

“I told you to come with me and your father would have lived. Silly girl” he laughed. He started walking towards her with chains. “Your beauty will fetch a heavy price on the market” he continued to walk to her “You are unarmed, and unmatched.” He started to slow his pace, when blue and red light started to come from Sais hands, then he stopped. “It can be….All fire raiser are near extinction, you’re an energy caster too. That’s not possible.”

Sais hazel colored eyes turned to stone-cold silver, “You killed my father!” fire ball shot from right palm hitting the tree behind him. Energy ball busted out of her left palm hitting in front of the attackers feet.

He started to back away from her, “I didn’t mean too. I was order to take you at any cost.”

“You’re not going anywhere!” she yelled her angry started to overwhelm her. She set fire to encircle them and to close off his escape. “You wanted me, so now you have me” her voice came out harsh. She turned both of her palms inward to face each other as they started to form a massive ball of fire and energy, “At any cost” she shot the attacker in his chest.

The flames from the fire in golf the man, he screamed and the energy ball entered his body electric-frying from inside out. His body light up flashing of red and blue lights from his body. He continued to scream horrifically until his body turned to smoldering black and fall lifeless to the ground before her eyes. She stood there in a trance, what is happening to me? I just killed two people. I’m a fire raiser, and energy caster. I feel strange, I have so much power…. My father…

“Sais, Sais” her father faintly called out.

She snapped out of the trance, “Father” she rushed to his side. “I don’t know what is happening to me” she sobbed. She touched his hands, “I’m a fire raiser and energy caster too, I don’t understand. You not and energy caster or a fire raiser.”

“Sais please listen to me. I’ve always try to keep you safe. But there are things that I’ve done that you won’t understand” he started to cough. “I’m neither of those, but your mother was a fire raiser, and your grandmother was an energy caster. Sais you must learn to control both, or they will control you. They are both opposites, they will be some much conflict in you by both elements.” He continued to cough his voice was getting shallow “Take this to Ronan, he will understand” he pulled his necklace out revealing a locket. “Sais my darling trust only those I have befriended. They will keep you safe. I love my darling little warrior Sais” In the distant they could hear the beating sounds of hundreds of hooves beating along the earth in their direction. He’s head fell to the side when the beats stop along the earth.

“Father!” she screamed…..

© 2010 Alicka

Author's Note

This a flashback, I don't know if I gave enough info. This a work in progress chapter.

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I think maybe there should be a little more details toward this chapter. The flashback was very awesome, love the idea too. Just add some more details and you're good to go! :)

~Bookers~ (Lizzard)

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