Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by Alicka

Lora front doors of her shop burst off it hinge and slam against her knocking her to the ground, pinning her down. Dacia screamed at the sight, Sais rushed over to her cousin and rushed her to the back room. “Dacia there is a few men outside attacking Delius. Stay her and keep hidden, I’m going after Lora, she might be hurt.”

Dacia was in shock and shaking her head, “You can’t leave me here.” Still shaking her head, “You can’t leave me.”

“Dacia, STOP it” she shook shoulder. “I need to go back and get Lora. I’ll be right back” Dacia eyes widen and nodded slowly. “Okay keep hidden” Sais rushed back to the front of the shop she stop and peer over the table seeing that the door was still on top of Lora. She got on her hands and knee and slowly made her way to her, continuing looking up at the window and door way making sure she wasn’t caught off guard from an attacker. She could hear men yelling and energy blast out in front of the shop. “Lora” she called softly still crawling to her “Lora, Lora can you hear me. I’m almost to you.” Sais slowly pushed the door off her, she turn Lora around so see her face, Lora head was bleeding, Sais ripped the bottom of her light purple shirt and wrapped it around Lora head to stop the bleeding.

“Sais. What are doing?” Lora whispered softly. “You need to get out of here.” Lora tried to more her hand and point to the back of the shop.

“I’m not going without you” Sais slowly stood up and started to pick Lora up when she heard running footstep coming thru the front doors. Sais looked up at a man that she didn’t know.

“Look what I just found” The burly man chuckled with his sword in his hand.

“Yeah look what I did” Sais shot a huge energy ball at his chest, the explosion of the energy ball throw him out the front door into the road in front of the shop. “Come we need to hurry someone might have seen that.” Sais hurried to the back, still half holding Lora up “Dacia, Dacia, come here I need your help.”

Dacia rushed out from behind a few flour sacks, “Oh my Lora, is she alright” looking at Sais. Dacia took Lora from Saia placing her against the flour sacks. “Who are those men?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never seen them. We can’t stay here much longer, they know we are here.” Sais looked thru the back window, spotting Marc and few of his friends fighting the attackers. A huge energy ball flew right past Marc and his friends, hitting the attackers. Demeric and Quinn came running with swords in hand and energy balls in the other. Sais looked away from the window and back a Lora, who was more awake. “Is there a hidden place for you two to hide?”

“What do you mean us two, what about you?” Dacia said franticly

“You don’t know that Sais is an energy caster and is a powerful one at that. She sent a man thru the front door and into the road in front of my shop.” Lora looked at Sais with ease. “Dacia she can handle herself. I have a hidden room underneath these flour sacks. Help me move them.” Lora and Dacia started to move them, and pulled the handle up and went down the little stairs and looked back up at Sais.

“Sais, why didn’t you tell me? It doesn’t matter why, just please be careful.” Dacia said calmly. Both Lora and Dacia took seat inside the hidden room, as Sais closed the door.

“I’ll be back.” Sais place two sacks on top of the door to cover and return the rest along the side of the wall. Sais walked slowly back to the front of the shop looking thru the window, seeing that the burly man still lay in the front of the shop motionless. She hurried across the window and peek her head from the door, not seeing anyone. She still heard blast down towards the academy. Sais step out from the shop and moved to the next building peering around the corners before moving to the next one.

She spotted Rylan in a sword fight with three men down the road. He knocked one back while cutting down the next one that charged him. She smiled at the sight of Rylan sword fighting; she looked up across the way seeing half a dozen men coming toward Rylan. She turned back to Rylan who was walking in her direction, where he was going to meet up with a half a dozen men. She heard groaning from behind, she turned around seeing the burly man start to stir from the ground, but then fall back unconscious. She moved her attention back to Rylan who was now facing a dozen men between her and him. The God of war will be please at the sight of me, in this fight. She step out from the building and rushing the dozen men at their backs, while Rylan fought to their fronts. One of the scrawny attackers turned to see her energy ball hit him knocking him into the rest of attackers.

The rest of the goons turned and spotted Sais, the leader of the group spoke up, “A rare beauty that one is!” he cackled. He turned his head towards Rylan, “Keep that one busy, while I deal with this delicacy.” He moved closer to her; resting his hand on his the sword. “Don’t you know we keep treasure like you for ourselves? You should have stay inside. But I wouldn’t  have never seen a goddess like you.” He rushed toward her, Sais swooped down underneath his arms and place her hand on his chest send a ring of energy into him and send him flying up into the air crashing him into the building. All the goons turned toward her and charged her with swords in hand. She made an energy whip in one hand, whirling at the goons, separating them into two. Quinn came running along at her side, “Glad you could make” Sais slashed at the goons to her right.

“I thought you could handle yourself.” He joked and sent three energy discs at the men to the left. “Whoa” as an energy rod came to his left side. “We have a caster on our left side” he yelled at Sais. Before Sais could look another energy rod hit between them separating them a couple of feet.

One of the more heavily built goons, swung his sword at Sais head, she rolled her and step up on his knee elbowing him in the face whirling around and taking his sword from his hand. “I need that” she landed on her feet. She moved thru the men cutting them so easily that they back away from her. She moved back to Quinn, who was sending men into the air.  “Quinn they’re still coming, I have an idea. Come close to me.” Sais shouted. Quinn fell back to her position, “We need to do an energy sphere ring, and it will knock them back.”

“I can do it, can you?” he eyed her.

“Yes!” she roared. They put their backs together and started to build their energy sphere in front of them, the more they focus on the sphere on bigger their got until it was too big for them to hold it. “Ready” she shouted Quinn shouted back, “Now!”  They both push their sphere in front of them and pushed their hands back toward each other and each sphere wrapped around each other and became a massive sphere with them inside it, “Push!” Sais yelled. Both Sais and Quinn pushed and the sphere became a ring of energy pushing outwards to all the attackers coming at them. “Swoosh” All the attackers were hit with the energy ring completely knocking them off their feet.

Rylan looked up just in time to see the energy ring coming his way that he drop down to the ground, as it surged pasted him. He looked up from the ground and saw Sais standing against a man. She’s an energy caster. Rylan stood up and started to brush off dirty from his pants. Sais rushed over to him.

“Are you alright?” she glanced around at the men on the ground.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He looked up at her. “Why didn’t you say you were energy casters? You’ve been trained well from the looks from it.” Rylan nodded “We need to get all these men into chains.”

Demeric and Marc, along with a few others came dashing up towards Quinn. Marc and the other looked around at the sight of all the men on the ground. Demeric just smirk at the sight, and toss his hand out for a shake,” Nice work Quinn, with the energy sphere.” Demeric turned his attention to all the assailants, “We need to get these men in chains. Marc is it?” Marc nodded at Demeric. “Alright, gather all of your men and fetch chains. We need to arrest all these men, and lock them in the dungeon. Until we get some answers.”

Marc hollered at his men to fellow him. He spotted Rylan and Sais standing not that far from him, “Sais what are you doing here? Devon take the rest of the men and get chains, and tell the magistrate we have about 20 men captured.” He eyed Sais and Rylan before speaking, “Sais why are here in town? You never come into town.” He glared at Rylan.

“I came here with Quinn and Demeric to do some shopping with Dacia. Dacia and Lora!” she started to run back to the bakery, with Marc and Rylan running alongside her. “I left Dacia and Lora in the cellar of her bakery. We need to hurry!” As they rounded the corner the burly man had Dacia with his arm around her neck.

“Remember me” he snarled out at them.

“Let her go!” Marc barked back.

Lora lay motionless only a few feet away from her shop. “Lora is unconscious” Sais nodded her head as she whispered to Rylan.

“I said let her go” Marc took a step closer to the burly man.

“I wouldn’t do that; I will snap her pretty little neck “he hissed back at Marc.

“What do you want?” Rylan shouted at him.

“That red hair beauty behind you.” He growled “I want her.”

“No you not are getting her!” Marc and Rylan yelled back.

“I’ll trade this one” he squeezed his arm around Dacia neck.

“Ahhh” Dacia whined.

“I’ll do it” Sais stepped forward.

“Sais no, we can’t let you” Rylan put his hand up to protest.

“Don’t worry about me, worry about Dacia.” She whispered “Alright I’ll go with you!” She shouted back at the man.

“Alright, come slowly. Try any of that casting and I will kill her” He warned them. Sais slowly walked towards them “Slow, slow, slow, STOP.” He paused “Turned around!” Sais turned around to face Marc and Rylan who just stared back at Sais, shaking their heads. The burly man pushed Dacia forward and grabbed Sais around the neck, with a knife at her back. “Come or I will kill you” he whispered in her ear. She gave a slight nod.

Dacia ran towards Rylan “Are you alright?” checking her over. She nodded slightly and looked back at Sais and the man. Rylan pushed Dacia behind him. “You not going anywhere with her!” he shouted.

“That’s what you think” he smirked. A dark hair rider came bursting down the road towards them, with and extra horse.

“Jared!!” the rider shot two energy balls at Marc and Rylan.

“Move!” Rylan tackled Dacia to the ground pushing her and him out of energy balls way.

Marc tucked and rolled away from the blue surging ball.

“Here Jared” the rider toss the rein at the burly man. The dark hair rider casted up an energy ball and aimed it at Sais “Get on or be killed where you stand!”

The burly man release Sais and saddled up on the extra horse “Come now” he reached out his hand towards Sais.

Sais looked at the dark hair rider then back at the burly man hand, she took his hand climb up behind him. “Where are you taking me?” As the burly man turn around and ties her hands together with silver and gold chains.

The dark hair rider looked deep into her eyes “To your destiny” they galloped off.

© 2011 Alicka

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