A Story by Jeannette Lunete

The water is boiling. No finger prints are signed above your sculp. 10 days since we have left the planet, but the water is still boiling. Trying to turn itself into a geyser. Nothing has changed. The pigeons still s**t over our house's sculpt. Now it serves as a shelter for little teenage  goths to settle down and play "Spirit catcher" with an Ouija board. No, we are not dead. Our souls are held in a laboratory for forensic violation against zen. This is not a report, or a cry for help. It is actually pretty cozy to leave your own bare soul. It is possible. We have escaped. Now we are, hmm, oh I rember again....We are atoms. They call us "atoms". There even exist bombs named after us. There is no grief to overtake us for the life, we were not cautious enough to live. Not sincere enough to love. Now that we are invisible but crucial, the sense is reincarnating itself. And maybe after all, it was the only thing that we were meant to be.

© 2016 Jeannette Lunete

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first of all ..great to see you are again posting jeannette! i take you to mean sculp in a slang expression ..is that right? ... had to read this several times ..your line "Nothing has changed" empties me ... as over a black hole ... your short story captures my attention through out ..some striking lines as "...held in a laboratory for forensic violation against zen." (love that) ... in and out of dark struggles can leave one in a very strong depression ..your speaker turns to the science that spiritualists all agree on ...all things are one ...matter is neither destroyed nor created ;) humans have such a unique experience in the heart and soul ..emotions triggered by the mind ... i hope you are doing very well my friend and again ..so glad to see you have posted!! love and peace

Posted 3 Years Ago

Jeannette Lunete

3 Years Ago

Thank you :)
our souls, our hearts...we do need to feel again...that place is out there, we just have to find it again.

peace within....not the boiling that is now...from one planet to another---and a starting over...

back to basics...would be nice.

a very thoughtful and intriguing write here.


Posted 3 Years Ago

Jeannette Lunete

3 Years Ago

Thanks Jacob :)

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Jeannette Lunete
Jeannette Lunete

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