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The word Friendship brings some of the best memories of our life..We all have friends;some of them r so good to be remembered ans some r so untruthful that they r even harder to forget..We all have friends of such types..If we get to know that they are'nt loyal with us we still love them..still remain the same with them just for the sake of knowing them from so long..But those friends they just use us..They just make fun of our loyalty..And at the end they leave us all alone in the mid of our problems..I just don't say that all of them are the same..There are also some people who remember us all the time..They pray for us..Who just want to see us happy..contented...They make our problems theirs and our pains theirs..
I've seen both kind of  friends in my life...And when i fell then i understood what selfish people are..What unloyal people are...Just beware of those friends PEOPLE...They may harm u veey badly and won't even see back.. 
"The friends who hurt u were never ur friends..That was God's way of testing you"..

© 2014 Alina.Al

Author's Note

Please ignore grammar problems if any..And tell me abt ur experiences abt friendship...

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To my mind a true friend is one with whom your relationships don't depend on some situation. In your university you have your cheerful and funny mates, in the sport gym you have your collegues, on the job - the same. But the relationships with them nver come out their actual area of being. A friend is one who is with you anywhere;))
Nice shot, like :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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A wonderful write about friendships and their many aspects. What to expect and not. Friendships should be tested to weed out the false ones. Bravo....................

Posted 6 Years Ago

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A Story by Alina.Al

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A Story by Alina.Al

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A Story by Alina.Al