Why people hurt ??

Why people hurt ??

A Story by Alina.Al

...He was just another family friend of mine..No emotional attachments..Nothing..But then things started changing..I felt like he was the only one who is right for me..I started wondering..Making fantasies..I felt his attention towards me..His eyes always searching for me..And when I used to come..His beautiful intoxicated eyes just always looking at me..Crazily..Lovingly..I was confused..at the same time happy..But we were yet to confess our feelings..I was in love with this intense silence between us..I had no words for that relation..The silent communications between us that were enough to understand each others feelings..We never talked..but our expressions did so..But suddenly something happened to him and this communication was losing..It seemed like he was changed..I was unable to find that eagerness..desperation in his eyes..for me..I became worried..that I might lose him..And that was the moment to break the silence and talk to him..I decided to rush towards him and ask him about his sudden change..I ran over the stairs and there I saw him..My heart was approximately beating at 200 bpm..But there was no other option rather than asking him..He was facing the wall..And i was right behind him..But he was unaware..I saw him talking to someone on the phone..He was happy..And at that time I felt contented that he was fine..He was talking to a girl..I heard him exactly saying these words "I love you ,and I missed you so much..I was so worried about you..Now come n meet me fast or else I'll come to you, my love"..On hearing this I was shattered..I felt like I've lost almost everything that I could achieve..He was already committed..I turned back with hundreds of questions in my heart..thousands of complains..And millions of tears in my eyes..He was just another fake guy..He broke my heart..Misused my feelings..And made fun of my emotions..He just wanted to pass his time until his girlfriend was back..And I was fooled by his fake love..I just wanted to know that why people hurt such true people who just need their love..
Why people hurt so much ??

© 2014 Alina.Al

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Thank u so much Sami...its completely my pleasure that u read n appreciated it..

Posted 5 Years Ago

A very personal and touching write. I'm glad I visited...:)...................

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Hi everyone..I am just a person of few words..I am not very expressive while talking and that is the reason I've chosen writing..And through my writing I try to express my thoughts and feelings..I am .. more..

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A Story by Alina.Al

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A Story by Alina.Al

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A Story by Alina.Al