Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

A Poem by Allen S. Thomas

Not using one specific format.

From the Pillars of Heaven, 
To the valleys of Hell,
Down the angel falls,
Greed, Jealousy, Murder, he has done them all,
Faster, faster, and faster he falls out of the gates heaven,
Arrives at Earth, a lovely place, full of evil and sin,
He finds a soul, rips it out, and now the conquest begins.

More and more his power grows, 
Feasting on the innocent soul,
Inside Hell, the Evil One laughs grinning a toothy smile,
"One day you'll see, I'll be free, but I haven't enough power."
"So I will bide my time and feast on souls until the appointed hour."

Decades past, centuries gone by,
Finally the day is here,
"Yes, Yes! At last I am free!
"Free to feast on souls to my heart's content!"
For a thousand years i will rage,
Destroying everything in my path,
Because this is my playground - my sandbox you see?

Send your planes, let them soar,
Fire missles from boats galore!
Send your laughable "nucular weapons",
send your priests, your shamans too!
I single, double, triple-dog-dare you!

Only the creator can defeat the created,
With the click of a mouse, the swish of a pen, the wave of a hand,
POOF! It's gone...
Never to be seen again......

© 2010 Allen S. Thomas

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Added on August 25, 2010
Last Updated on August 31, 2010
Tags: Fallen, angel, Imagination, Child