Birthday Wishes (to me)

Birthday Wishes (to me)

A Poem by Allen Smuckler

Happy Birthday to me....and it IS my birthday...The big ?


Happy Birthday to me!!

Can’t believe I’m sixty!!

neither can the bumblebee

or that nine foot oak tree.

Too bad if they can’t see

or wish that they could be,

able to escape and flee

from thyme inside the pantry.

Happy Birthday to me...

inside my soul is glee.

Figure out the fantasy

of you, and me as we...

May play nine with Marty,

kayak in the fake sea,

 have some cake and party

as long as it is free.

I prayed my sister Sandy

could be here and be happy..

and celebrate our history

of her, and me, and we.

Happy birthday to me.

I need a cup of coffee,

a little bit serenity

and lots of you and me.





© 2012 Allen Smuckler

Author's Note

Allen Smuckler
Taking a little break from the Discovery IS my birthday after all
written: September 30, 2009
Photo: Outer Banks, North Carolina
September 30, 2010

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Not to rain on your birthday parade, it was wry and still stayed happy; but this was a bit eerie for me; I turned sixty last September, my adored Grandmother was Marty and I too had a sister Sandi that I wished could have been there and happy. Goosebumps.

Posted 8 Years Ago

that was a fun one ! Belated Happy Day !

Posted 8 Years Ago

very nice we ,me,you song!
seriously though Happy Belated*)hahah
thank you for sharing

Posted 8 Years Ago

been there done that - congratulations- nice wee song

Posted 8 Years Ago

A very happy birthday!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was a great rap. Thats how it seemed to me, loved the idea of the oak being sixty as well. Loved it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is refreshing. Birthday's should never be taken for granted. Happy belated Birthday. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Now then, Allen, if your name had been on the birthday list, you'd have had even more happy birthdays! Will i put it there now? Very happy belated birthday, anyway .. so hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Meantime your poem is fun and delightful and says so much about you, happy guy!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I applaud you...for wishing yourself well. Perhaps there's a moral message here? Instead of trudging around...waiting for somebody to wish us well...we need to smile...hug ourselves...and say...THANK GOD I'M ALIVE! Another birthday another birthday well deserved. Something like that....


Posted 8 Years Ago

Now I loved this one. Loving and refreshing..even simple as well. Simply precious :) I so completely loved the rhymes and how my eyes just wanted to jump and skip down the page. Like a game of hop-scotch...little line... bigger line... two little lines...bigger line. Makes the hop-scotch game come to mind...that and how you added just enough to it as a looking back wish list too... check off each desire or wish as you rattle them off... I still like the hop-scotch game even now. Happy Birthday to you Allen. Just a stunner of fun and fresh breath of air :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Last Updated on September 30, 2012


Allen Smuckler
Allen Smuckler

Sarasota, FL

I'm a poet, a singer, a peaceful gunslinger.. looking to share my poetry..and a little bit of me...if I dare I 've been writing since I was 18.... am slightly older now, and still trying to fin.. more..


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