Distant Blues

Distant Blues

A Poem by Allen Smuckler

asea and afraid...but resolved in my stead.. every once in awhile, I like to bring back from the dead



I just got those run down, mopey, shuffling feet, distant blues...

with stomach churning...heart's a burning, flutters to bemuse.


Daily candor and instant Karma throw me off my game…

unfit thoughts, salvaged parts, really both the same.


I’ve walked the fence, smelled the stench, eaten off the floor…

battered, striated, confused state, knocking at the door.


Those same old busted, upside down, complex, distant blues…

find their way inside my hat, my shirt, my pants, my shoes.


So here I am and here we sit, apart, dressed as if to kill…

my time to view and walk the beach will never be until


I’ve lofted high above the realm and soared beneath your soul…

wondered why it isn’t you, adrift, in arms, on peaceful knoll


Time reflects and spans the love between the distant blues…

bereft with unabridged desire, within the rainbow’s hues.


Tidal waves of languished fear across my ambiguity…

I sense it’s fear of the unknown, perhaps in time I’ll see.


I’m lost, dismissed, fermented by the lust of enticing wine

Always 'round the corner, I search for the missing sign


I just can’t lose those distant blues, no matter how I try

distant blues that come and go, and still I wonder why?












© 2012 Allen Smuckler

Author's Note

Allen Smuckler
written: August 8, 2011
photo: Cape May, New Jersey (August 3, 2011)
It's been a while since I've written something new....and fresh
would appreciate any feedback you could give me on this one, friends.
Thanks...as always

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I thought you did a wonderful job on this. The picture is priceless as well. Your word are engrossing and your rhymes and spots of alliteration are impressive. I thought Shy girl's analysis of turmoil within and your emotions was a suitable interpretation and mimics my own thoughts.

I enjoyed. Great writing with catchy rhythm.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very nice poem that goes along with a nice photo of Cape May, NJ as you stated in your author's note. I like rhyming in this the flow is really nice as well as the imagery in this poem. These lines caught my eyes especially these parts:

"I’ve walked the fence, smelled the stench, eaten off the floor…"

"I’ve lofted high above the realm and soared beneath your soul…
wondered why it isn’t you, adrift, in arms, on peaceful knoll"

"Time reflects and spans the love between the distant blues…
bereft with unabridged desire, within the rainbow’s hues."

Posted 9 Years Ago

I, once again, love your picture choice. The termoil in the sky...the emotions swirling as those clouds deepen in gray...filling with the ocean water...but all that is just off to the side of things..ya know not the forefront as with your words. They are in the front..trying to find the explaination as to why those feelings are in the past...why they wont just roll away like the cloud front does...are they coming back as like with the tides (round the corner) Walking that street looking over your shoulder constantly so you stay ahead is exhausting..even exhausted we still are hounded by them...so love that picture :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Today is one of those days for me I so lament the feelings of inadequacy they bring ouit.As if I need to be building creating doing something grand.Maybe it is a day to reflect and appreciate the world instead

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is a wonderful piece, original structure and it flows very well. Your use of language is great here and the imagery you paint is like a master artist. Good job with this poem . Good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can *so* identify with that lost feeling. I love "unfit thoughts, salvaged parts." It's a perfect description.

Hopefully, the blues will fade as quickly and quietly as it appeared.

Lovely, Allen

Posted 9 Years Ago

I absolutely love how the rhythm of this poem almost mimics gentle lapping waves - and how the theme is the cyclic nature of melancholy, of regret...We think we've put the grief to bed, but a small tap starts the cycle again...almost, almost...soothing, in a way. Old grief versus new agony...

Masterfully done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is really really good. It would make a great song, I could hear it as I read your words. The deep sadness comes through, the kind that seems to linger and you just don't know why, the kind that leaves you confused.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Such moody blues, dark yet jaded reminiscenses; eyes-shut-tight wondering if you're still there, crept away or almost free. Can never be entirely free. Seems a time ago, lessons learned bout self and another, others .. unforgettable becuase you don't want to let go, maybe. Sad, memorable lyrics; sad, memorable poetry.

Posted 9 Years Ago

wonderful poem

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Allen Smuckler
Allen Smuckler

Sarasota, FL

I'm a poet, a singer, a peaceful gunslinger.. looking to share my poetry..and a little bit of me...if I dare I 've been writing since I was 18.... am slightly older now, and still trying to fin.. more..


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