Aeon's Moon Chapter Two: Begining of the Unusual Boy

Aeon's Moon Chapter Two: Begining of the Unusual Boy

A Chapter by AllenDeAeon

Allen, the hero or so, meets a priest after he falls from his previous play spot on the church roof and has an interesting encounter...


In the shadows of the church spires a priest, still dressed in his gowns from the afternoon sermon, shuffled quickly towards the entrance to the holy building.  The man’s old and graying hair flapped gently in the cold breeze as his cold wrinkled hands stop his hat from falling off.

From the silence of the night, a loud shout is heard from somewhere, echoing in the near empty parking lot of the church “Crap…missed again-“. The priest looked for the cause of the outburst and clutched gently at the keys his ageing hands held close to his heart. The sound of a hooting bird drew his attention upwards, and he gasped, watching as a small body fell from the top of the highest church spire.  The priest took several steps, and cried out a prayer to god to save this poor child or to offer him safe haven in his paradise above.

The hooded boy hummed quietly to himself as he turned to face the ground mid-flight. “Oh hello ground…” he chuckled insanely to himself. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something else that didn’t blend with the parking lot.  Oh that’s interesting is thought to himself as he neared the ground, suddenly as though time seemed to slow down a moment, he righted himself, and landed feet first on the ground, which crack slightly from the impact of falling several stories.

The boy knelt momentarily then stood up with his arms spread out smiling and proclaimed “Don’t be afraid old Allen is here!” to the priest who stood, shaking from the sight of a boy surviving a fall unharmed.

For a moment all was quiet, the priest stood shaking from the cold and of something much more worse while the hooded Allen stood still outstretched and stared at him with a smile that seemed to hide something else in his face.

“Wh-What are thou? An angel sent from the lord?” the priest whispered hoarsely, from the folds of his gown he took out the keys which he formed into a cross, and a vial of holy water.

Allen brought his arms down and hugged himself, hopping one step at a time towards the priest. The hood fell off as a cold hard breeze swept it down. The priest recoiled, and his eyes widened and his skin turned white at as he saw what was hidden beneath.    

Allen’s long hair, black with streaks of white crimson red flapped in the breeze , revealing the lack of ears on the side of his head like a normal child. Instead on the top of his skull sat two semi folded flaps, one crimson and one white and cat like in appearance but much larger, that twitched in the sudden coldness.  Allen still smiled, revealing two rows of dagger like teeth, as he smile spread across his face, reaching towards where his ears should be creating a demonic like face that sent shivers down the priests spine. What scared the priest more than the smile, and more than his ears, was Allen’s eyes.  The 2 crimson eyes stared at the priest, the pupils like cat like slits that widened and shrunk taking the priest and the surrounding area in.

The priest recoiled further as Allen suddenly spoke, his wide smile returning his monstrous face to normal “Angel? My humans are silly little things, all forgotten about the rest of us they use to worship In favor to a silly imaginary man with feathered messengers….”

Allen giggled and was only a few feet from the priest, who pulled up the keys formed into the cross and shook them at Allen crying “Demon! Demon be gone! Be gone from his house and flee back to whence you came!” The priest took a step to Allen who saw the keys and dropped on all fours. The priest smiling took another step but stopped in shock as the boy started to swipe playfully at the keys, his eyes bright and alive.

“Ohhhh catch it catch it catch it” Allen droned as he swiped at the keys playfully, mesmerized by the clinking metal, his ears standing up in excitement. Allen smiled and begun to purr as he played peacefully with the keys. With a quick swipe, he knocked the keys out of the priest’s hand, and slid away as Allen chased after them.

“Fo-Foul DEMON!” cried the priest who took from him the holy water and threw it at the boy’s back, it shattered and spread the water all over his back and head.  For a moment all was silent as the boy knelt over the keys, his ears down on his head and his hair rising. With a sudden movement the priest ‘s vision suddenly went sideways, then upside down as a loud cracking followed by the sounds of squirting followed.

Allen stood up slowly and turned to the priest, whose head now looked upside down at his own with Allen’s cat like tail, once hidden beneath his hooded sweater, gripping it tightly until it ripped from the rest of the priest’s body.

“I really-really-really don’t like baths…” Allen whispered as he took the priests skull and looked at its aged face, still with the look of shock permanently frozen on. Allen tossed the skull with looking at it and went to the priest’s body looking momentarily at it. “No…this one won’t do…it’s too old for my tast-“Allen spoke aloud and turned to the exit of the parking lot. As he walked he stepped on the decapitated head, crushing it easily, and pulled up his hood.

Wonder if the city does take out?  Allen thought to himself, smiling his monstrous way, as his tail dragged along the concrete sideway.

© 2010 AllenDeAeon

Author's Note

2nd chapter done in about 20 or so minutes, so gonna be a lot of corrections. Some MAY get offended by some of the content but i will like to note this is just a story. Please review nicely but honestly thanks

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hehe interesting chapter
kinda reminds me of Beast Master
I like Allen's personality, and the surprisement of the ears and cat like appearance...neko, hehe
some good action in here, I would like to read more

Posted 12 Years Ago

lol i did run it through word xD , guess my one sucks but thanks for the tip!

Posted 12 Years Ago

That was quite suspenseful. My only problem was with the grammar - try running it through a Word processor first so that a lot of the smaller problems are ironed out; as they really retract from the story. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Caledon, Caledon Village, Canada

1st I'm a furry xD , so a lot of my stuff will have something like that in it 2nd I love horror & gore , so if you have any stories that fall into this call me and let me read! 3rd I don't get poems.. more..

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