Unwinding with Wine

Unwinding with Wine

A Story by Alpris

* * * * *

It's nearing 9 p.m.
  Even inside the comfort of a room with curtains of lace drawing the windows closed, it was known that
  the sky was a dusty black nearing the oblivion of midnight; and contrary to its cool air, the room was thick
  with the warm skin of Regina.
How many glasses of wine had she consumed? Three or four, or was that before she fetched the second bottle?
She was in a room alone; 
and with her darling mother, whom shared the exact taste in Pinot Gris.
   Regina had only the finest in her cellar; and she intended on showing it off. Against her right hip, Cora
   leaned over the billiard table and aimed a shot. The balls ricocheted all over the table, and Regina
   sipped her wine as she hazily watched them roll by in slow motion. 
            "I think I scored a point," Cora said, passing the cue to Regina who accepted it. "This is some fine
             wine, dear. Now, where did I put my glass..."

             "I'm so glad you're here," Regina said warmly, sliding her glass to a nearby bench and leaning her cue      against it.Then she wrapped Cora in a firm hug: one arm around her neck, the other curling to hold her
   perfect waist. Cora smiled against her daughter's ear; and of course she reciprocated, her palms stroking the flesh of Regina's hips.

              "I love you too. Thank you for inviting me over, I know Henry doesn't like me very much."
         Regina pulled away from the hug. She could feel her brow forming a frown, but only very lightly; she was far too         young to sport any wrinkles other than the dashing grin dimples she often used as a weapon.
              "To push you away would contradict Henry and I's idea that family has to stick together," Regina
   said firmly, ducking her chin to gaze into Cora's eyes.
         "Whether he likes it or not, you are my mother and I will stay with you; just as Henry is my son and he will stay                 with me. And I love you, Mother, so much; there will be no side-picking."

  Cora sighed. She did indeed know that her dear and fair daughter loved her so, but it was Henry that worried her. Somehow, that boy was important and he had a rather compelling influence on her daughter. She needed to be protected, and try if she might, protected from her son's delusional outlook on their relationship.
          "I know you do," Cora said softly, smiling as Regina stroked the side of her jaw. It was comforting; it added to the blissful woo of the wine's cauldron. Her smile grew wider. Regina stepped closer.
          "You will always be my mother," she whispered. Her voice cracked slightly; but all that was forgotten as
      Regina planted a firm kiss on Cora's mouth. It was a harmless kiss; one between a mother and daughter who    loved each other dearly. Others would choose the cheek but there was barely enough sentiment there; and
    Regina adored the rough of Cora's full lips. The tip of her tongue slipped out far enough just to graze the lower lip    before she pulled away with a grin. Then, reaching for the pool cue she aimed for her shot. 

* * * * *

© 2013 Alpris

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Hmm... A nice story, though I'm a bit in the dark as to the main point or theme of your story is. Is it the daughter's delusional state? Or the idea of family that sticks together? And how does the wine come into play? To make the main character that much more delusional?

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

You're supposed to be in the dark :p this is only a chapter/section of the entire story which I have.. read more

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Auckland, New Zealand

Here is a reference to my artistry - a painting of myself and Myra Hindley: At the point of acquaintance , I generally go by Alpris; a name given to me by someone I don't know, let alone the in.. more..

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