A Poem by Alpris


I met this girl who goes by the name Barcode
she is pale,
and wears her hair in dark snappy fringe
much like a frantic piano that can’t seem to stop clacking

last night, we spoke  in code
about how trees twisted from blackened roots
  and that there is not enough colour in this room we call our world.
      she thought for a minute and said
                      “I sell cheap art on the corner of Bookend Ave.”

we looked at her paintings
   fresh slabs of bright red meat for the market
some cool and calm like the hush of a lullaby
 and as we talk I stop to burn a hole through the wall
as I stare
         they are cheap to buy,
but cheap is not cheap when you give value to something

 I tell her the world is not black and white
  and most certainly never just grey,
but only blank to the canvas; ripe for the painting
   and she nods hard and fast
like an excited zebra    she believes she can, as do i

but what is the difference    between
Barcodes and I?   are we really much different
   other than by the ink in our veins?
   we are all separated in age,
by the stroke of a comb

         and I have heard of seeds forgotten in the earth
bright moons concealed by a shadow's eclipse
      and in this world   it’s only a matter
           of paying the right price to shine
and Barcode agrees, as do I.


© 2013 Alpris

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love the "frantic piano" analogy...
the whole poem is interesting and artsy...when artists get together there is always some kind of explosion....
we are much the same but as you say..."separated in age/ by the stroke of a comb"
and maybe a stroke of the pen, or taps on the keys.

Posted 5 Years Ago

i read your first one on the top of your postings and then this have a certain style and theme with your work...and this is an interesting read...keep me in as a reader...

Posted 10 Years Ago

clever stuff..funny and deep....some real imagination on fire here

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is so profound and deep. A great read!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Cheers mate! I appreciate it :D

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Auckland, New Zealand

Here is a reference to my artistry - a painting of myself and Myra Hindley: At the point of acquaintance , I generally go by Alpris; a name given to me by someone I don't know, let alone the in.. more..

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A Poem by Alpris