The Revolution of Musica

The Revolution of Musica

A Story by Alwar

A universe of 21 worlds, each controlled by the beats of music. When a brutal war unfolds between the residents of the worlds, one hero must stand up and play a tune that will resolve all.

Times weren’t good on La Volpio these days, the war had completely taken a toll on the economy and the planets residents. The music had disappeared and the world was colourless, black and white was all that the wolves knew anymore. After their defeat on Nelos 5 against the vast human hordes and their superior firearms, the military was disbanded and the Legendary hero that once played the 32 string guitar had vanished. The celestial giants that ruled over Musica had foretold of a band of unlikely friends would join together and unite the 21 planets to their former glory, sadly that prophecy had yet to be seen.  The confederation of beats was disbanded shortly after the war between the wolves and humans commenced, but encrypted transmissions from the forgotten database were being sent out to 20 planets excluding Nelos 5, but no one could exactly figure out how to decrypt such messages. Slowly the worlds spiralled out of control and civil unrest became a reality faster than anyone had expected. Riots and violence engulfed the worlds in flame, and yet another downfall would stand present in the history of Musica. One achievement that was changing the worlds was Alchemy, a new found science using transmutation circles and equivalent exchange had thousands flocking in amazement. With Alchemy, the worlds balanced out their economy and used the science for medical purposes, but once again Nelos 5 interfered. With no general law among the planets, nobody could stop them from creating weapons of war and  Galactic destruction, so Nelos 5 used Alchemy for warfare and declared war on the Feline world of  Shelri. The planet was wiped off the galactic map in days, some say it was terminated into dust, but others believe it is hidden within in the reaches of space. The masses were thrown into fear and it was caused once again by Nelos 5. Soon, 7 individuals were personally effected by the conflict and Gunsmoke Revolt was formed to ensure the destruction of Nelos 5. This is the story of the Rise, Fall, and all out Rock of the century of Gunsmoke Revolt.

Lance was just one of 12 billion residents on La Volpio, he was kind hearted and didn’t care much for fighting, he loved to have fun and that was that. He sat outside of his den slightly covered by a overhanging waterfall on the eastern side of the city of Rockclaw valley, Lance felt particularly happy today, it was as ordinary a day as ever, but he felt something different. He watched as hundreds of pups left their dens to another day of school, and as parents left for their duties, he longed for a family of his own but his luck had come up short lately. Lance sighed “Maybe today will be different” as he always said starting out of his den into the streets of Rockclaw valley. Lance started his day like he always did, going to visit Konstantin, his best friend. “Konstantin!, where are you buddy?” Lance yelled as he entered Konstantin’s den. Konstantin shared many of Lance’s ideals, he too was looking for a mate, and was a very calm and cool individual. Lance called for Konstantin again with no answer, not finding him in his den, Lance went outside to where he would always find his friend if he wasn’t in his den, his garden. Konstantin found it particularly calming to garden as it didn’t require much effort and little frustration, he called it his little side project. “There you are, I had a feeling you would be here” lance called as he saw Konstantin tending to his plants. “Good morning Lance, fine day isn’t it?” Konstantin asked in his usual calm voice. “ I hope so, I really think today holds good fortune” Lance replied. “ I guess its off to duties again isn’t it?” Konstantin asked. “Im afraid so, if we are late again, the boss will have our hides”. Lance and Konstantin worked in a Alchemy clinic, both found little interest in the science but found the work to be easy and enjoyed working with their friends. Both wolves strolled into the clinic and tried to sneak to their stations realizing they were late again. “Where do you think you two are going?” a voice said from behind the Lance and Konstantin as they froze in fear. Both turned around to see Fullmetal standing behind them, sitting in an “You are late again!” pose. “We are really sorry miss, we were just short of time-”, “SHORT?!” Fullmetal yelled cutting Lance off before he could finish. Fullmetal hated being called short because of the fact that she was under the normal height of residents on La Volpio, but still others tried to stay away from using the word while talking to her. “I don’t want to hear excuses, just…..please go to your stations” she said she turned and headed off to her lab. Lance carried on to his work area, as did Konstantin and both began to work in a slow but gradually increasing manner. Lance would sit for hours trying to perfect a new formula to impress his boss, but always came up less than perfect. Today was different though, he stopped his work and his ears twitched, he started to beat his paws against the hard floor in a rhythmic pattern. Others around him heard the noise and started to join in, eventually the whole workplace was patting and chanting, even Fullmetal, with her automail limbs, clanked and clapped against the floor. Everyone stopped and tried to find the source of the beats. They gathered around Lance asking him where he came up with the activity, “I really don’t know, it just happened I guess” he said not knowing how he came to do what he did. After the Musica wars, the beats that held the planets together drifted apart, and everyone forgot what music was. Lance, not knowing it, had revived the dead art. Night had now descended upon Rockclaw, the streets became dark and crime tended to escalate at midnight, Lance and Konstantin headed to their favourite place to hang out, The watering hole, a small pub that had good drinks but less than favourable visitors. Lance didn’t drink much tonight, he sat and repeated the beats in his head that had overwhelmed earlier that day, he added words to them and the word popped into his head, “lyrics” he said softly. Lance left the pub early as did Konstantin, he returned home to test the beats in privacy. He would sing aloud and pat against the floor of his den, “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…..”. Someone had heard Lance singing and tapped on the entrance to his den, “ Hello, is anyone here?” the voice asked in a voice that made Lance’s fur stand. He had never heard anything like it, it was the perfect mixture of angelic tones and had the subtlety of the Gods themselves. “Co..Come in” he tried to squeak out as his voice cracked. A cute, grey furred female, had entered Lance’s den and his lower jaw dropped. She noticed his interest in her, and swayed her body back and forth in a attractive matter and sat beside him. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Catherine, and you are?”, “L-Lance” he choked out. “Well Lance, what was that Lovely noise that you were making just now?” she asked curiously. Lance showed her the pattern of beats that he had discovered and grabbed her paw to show her how to do the same. Lance and Catherine slowly created music together and the feeling was wonderful. “And that’s all there is to I-” Lance was stopped by a kiss from Catherine. Both embraced each other as they kissed and hugged, Lance had never felt more in tune with his senses and the sensation was new but welcoming. Catherine backed parted from Lance and without a word left his den, Lance was left with conflicting feelings and wasn’t sure what to make of Catherine, but he knew that he had found what he was looking for. That night, Lance didn’t sleep soundly, his mind wandered in all directions, Catherine was a constant thought, but music still baffled him and he wanted to know more. A beam of light entered his den and exploded into a bright figure that terrified Lance. “Do not be afraid of me!” the being said as it lowered itself to Lance. “Who are you?”, “I am a celestial giant, I am Grom, the giant of sight and sound” the being replied. It told Lance of the Wars of Musica and the Legendary wielder of the 32 string. It said that the worlds were heading for certain doom and that the Humans were planning Judgement day. The only way chance of survival was for Lance to revive music and bring color back to the worlds, He had been chosen to wield the 32 string and bring prosperity back to the worlds. Lance felt sick to his stomach, he didn’t want to left with such a responsibility, but feared that if he didn’t the his world would suffer dearly. Grom left Lance to think in privacy and would return the next day. Grom had left Lance a small device in the event he chooses to accept his fate, Lance stared in anger at the device, wondering why he had been chosen for such a task, but then he felt sorry for himself. In the end Lance decided now was the time to become a hero. Lance pushed the button that and all reality started to bend, he heard songs and tunes unlike any other, his mind was filled with the knowledge of Rock n’ Roll, he then proceeded to pass out. The next day Lance woke to find Grom staring at him, “I see you pressed the button hm?, the only test that is left for you now is to fight the Maestro of Rock himself” he told Lance. “That’s a chance im going to have to take, I must train with the knowledge I have received, then I will summon you for further detail” with that Grom disappeared and Lance started training. The next few days were filled with the constant blight of training and the constant ring of the guitar that Lance had fashioned out of metal using alchemy. The day had finally come for Lance to challenge the Rock Maestro, he was terrified, but ready.  As he stood on the plains, a rocket ship carrying the Rock maestro crashed into the ground and the king of rock himself appeared, ‘THANK YOU, A THANK YOU VERY MUCH” he said as he emerged from the ship. His hair was jet-black, slicked back and cool, his entire person spoke the word COOL. “yeah we’re dancing to a jailhouse rock!” he sang as he approached Lance, “well hey little wolf, what brings you to my side a town”, “im here to challenge you for the crown of Rock” Lance challenged. And so the Maestro played a massive guitar riff that almost knocked Lance off of his paws, but he stood his ground. Lance then played another riff that challenged the Maestro’s accordingly, “How was that?” he asked offensively, “Oh man that was so terrible I forgot to laugh baby!”. Lance wasn’t ready to go down without a fight, with one powerful riff, a army of 3000 Rock n’ Roll fans appeared to fight for Lance. “Is that all you got little man?”, the Maestro then summoned his own massive force. The two armies clashed in a mixture of pure sound, blood and matter flew in all directions and the result was tremendous, Lance  triumphed. Lance sang out one final tune to lock the rock Maestro away in the prism given to him by Grom, “Oh we’re halway there, oh oh, Livin on a prayer….” and with that last note the Rock Maestro was locked away. A crowd had appeared since the beginning of the fight, now cheers were heard from all the residents of La Volpio, the world was filled with music again. Grom appeared to Lance for one last piece of guidance, “Lance, you have prevailed against the Rock Maestro, now you must chase and capture the other Maestro’s and restore the beats back to their former glory” he saluted Lance a warped into a portal. Konstantin ran to Lance, “ What was that?” he asked in confusion, “That was a calling Konstantin, we are going to lead a revolution and destroy Nelos 5, restore the beats” he replied with great pride. Konstantin was now drummer of the new revolution controlled by Lance, and new recruits were being sought out to join and reunite Musica. Lance named themselves Gunsmoke Revolt, a name that resembles the destruction of Nelos 5 and their cursed firearms. Lance ended his day with some personal R&R and decided to sleep, while laying down in his den someone approached him from behind, “that was amazing, I mean what you did today” Catherine said from behind him. “Do you really think so?” he asked, she didn’t answer, she only licked his cheek and layed down beside him. That night Lance and Catherine shared the power of the music together, and Lance had never been more happy or more in love……

© 2012 Alwar

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Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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