The Revolution of Musica-Chapter 2-part two

The Revolution of Musica-Chapter 2-part two

A Story by Alwar

Part two of Chapter 2

“Hello, is this thing working? Okay, my name is Brian Addler, better known as subject 2254 on Nelos 5’s annihilation project. I was sent here 2 years ago on a attempt to murder the Baroness of Lilleyte, the ruler of Nelos 5, when our plan was intercepted by rogue agents from the First Volpio Regiment of the marines. Our plan would have worked perfectly had we not crossed through a field of transmitters on the eastern side of the planet, now we reside in this facility imprisoned and weak. Just yesterday I watched 2 guards drag off William, our navigator, when he returned, it seemed as though he wasn’t himself, he would constantly try to bite off his own limbs, in days he was nothing but a wolf covered in his own blood and mumbling in strange tongues. The guards torture the females here, they frighten them and beat them, I could hardly watch what they did to Mariah,  it made me sick to my stomach, I pray for her. I haven’t eaten in 2 weeks, I fear that I won’t be around much longer, but I set up this transmission for your eyes only, please destroy this place, this hell. Not many of us live anymore, my body isn’t that of a wolf’s anymore, I’m scarred and broken, what they did to me is nothing close to holy, I plan to end my life tonight, the pain is too much for me to bear, my friends don’t reside here anymore, our souls left these hollow bodies when we set our first paw  in here. The worlds are falling apart, I have heard about the vortex that borders on the outside of Musica, the Gods are angry with us,, we must do what is right. Huh?!…. I cant talk any longer, stay away from the light that conceals the darkness, it plans to consume us all, please whoever see’s this, send Nelos 5 to the grave. -END TRANSMISSION-

Lance was sleeping in his quarters, the cold of space made his body tingle and shiver, he couldn’t sleep and it was taking a toll on him. Catherine walked in and saw Lance facing the wall of where his cot had been placed, she quietly approached him and playfully nibbled his ear, Lance could feel her breathing down the back of his neck, he turned around to greet her lovingly. He kissed her passionately as he felt a surge of energy quickly fill his buddy, but he wasn’t looking to have fun, but he knew that Catherine’s persistence would eventually lead to the situation. Lance and Catherine lay together on the small military cot that was in his quarters and held each other closely,  gazing into her eyes, Lance became lost, his thoughts and troubles left him completely. They both manoeuvred gently and decided that the time was right for them to have pups of their own.

Grom was troubled by what he was seeing on the planets below the place of the Celestial giants, war had torn the entirety of Musica apart in a torrent of fire and ice. Nelos 5 had the planets in a death grip, the device they had was completely devouring planets whole, or keeping them hidden. His power diminished with the destruction of each planet, it was only a matter of time before the giants disappeared and the Baroness controlled everything. 15 planets in counting, 6 had been destroyed, and the whole of Musica relied on Lance to bring justice and save existence. Grom’s father entered the chamber and slowly let out a sigh at the sight of the worlds at war. “isn’t It a shame Grom, that the creatures don’t even care for what the Gods have given them?”, Grom turned to look at his father, the tired look in his eyes told his father that times were being harsh on him. “Lance is our only hope father, but he is still  a naïve child,  he doesn’t understand the power he possesses, it is frustrating”, his father gave him a sympathetic look, he opened his mouth to speak, but he could offer no advice to the doomed situation. Grom was left alone in silence, his mind wandered and he just broke down and smashed his fist against the wall, “why was I entrusted with such a task, may the God’s help us all”……

Konstantin stood on the broken wooden stage in the city of Caro on the planet Prisbi, he addressed the crowd that stood in front of him. “I have come with a message of freedom, the people of Nelos 5 and the dreaded Baroness of Lilleyte threaten your planet with extermination, we have come to offer you a way out and fight for a better cause!” he yelled enthusiastically, the crowd looked unconvinced . Out of the corner of his eye, Konstantin realized that someone was moving towards him fast, and he didn’t look happy. The first thing he assumed was a extremist, but then he noticed red tribal markings on the side of the attacker, he didn’t hesitate and quickly lunged forward trying to make the first move. The wolf didn’t move, he didn’t seem intimidated, and within a second, Konstantin was flat on his back, blood pouring from his muzzle. “Ahhhhh, who the hell are you and why did you strike me?” Konstantin yelled, the stranger slowly turned to him, “you advanced and I defended myself, that is all there is to know considering I only had one question to ask about your cause?”. Konstantin was confused, “what is it that you need to ask?”, The wolf stared at Konstantin before replying, “Where do I sign up?”. 

Later that night in a small inn on the edge of town, the stranger finally got a chance to explain himself more clearly. “My name is Phoenix” he started, “I came to this town because I heard that someone an galactic transporter”, “the Armageddon?” Konstantin asked. “Precisely, I’ve come here to join you, for my own reasons”, Konstantin still didn’t know whether or not to trust phoenix, but he was desperate for help and the assualt was only days away. The next day was tiring for the forces of Gunsmoke Revolt, the sun beat down on the desert planet and the sand was blazing hot, training had begun and it was brutal. Nobody had heard from Lance for days, when Konstantin last checked, Lance was still in deep meditation, his body emanating a thick green energy. “COME ON PICK UP THE PACE!” Phoenix yelled as the newly trained soldiers continued their drills, even though nobody knew his reasons, Phoenix seemed dedicated to the cause. Lance emerged into the soft sunlight of dawn and watched as the soldiers made their rounds around the training field, “who is the newcomer?” he asked Konstantin. ‘Ah, I see you’ve noticed Phoenix, he is an exceptional fighter, and the troops have never listened better”, Lance shot Konstantin a nervous glance and then got back to his point, “we move out at the sight of sunset, have the troops ready”……

The soldiers were still busy with their training and Lance was eager to make his first move against the Nelos forces on the desert planet. He picked up his guitar and played a loud tune that electrified his senses, he learned how to turn the notes into spells, he knew that something so surprising would throw of the enemy. Suddenly the ship was shaken and Lance dropped to the ground involuntarily, the entire ship shook with the fury of a thousand blasts, which ironically was actually happening. The Nelos forces were just a bit more cunning than Lance had thought, he was new to the war game but he knew enough to know that someone had leaked information. Lance grabbed both of his swords from their scabbards and ran out of the ship to face his enemy.  The Nelos soldiers were slaughtering Lance’s troops and the ground was soon soaked in blood, Lance saw innocent families of the soldiers being imprisoned, he could feel the pain of others around him. Out of thin air a being covered in glamorous clothing and sparkling jewellery appeared in front of him, an awful tune played from the boom box that the being was holding. “You must be Lance, what a delight ot finally meet you my man, how are things”, Lance shook his head in amazement, “are you the pop Maestro?” he asked cautiously. The being let out a small giggle “why yes I am, and I have heard news that you iced my bro a little while back, am I right?”,  ‘you’re brother challenge me, I had no choice, the fate of Musica rests in my hands!”. The pop Maestro laughed hysterically, “Dig this little man, BILLY JEAN IS NOT MY LOVER….., the Maestro sung with such intensity it made the world shake. “You must have a death wish trying to challenge me you scrawny wolf, prepare to face the might of an unstoppable army!”. The pop Maestro sent one thousand soldiers at Lance, he had to think fast, he grabbed his guitar and started playing. “I don’t wanna lose your love tonight!….” with the lyrics escaping his mouth his own force was summoned, Lance still had his eyes on the enemy. The might of Lance’s attack sent the Maestro spiralling out of control, while he had the chance, Lance drew his swords. 

Lance quickly ran up the Maestro’s arm to the neck of the giant, he proceeded to jab the swords into the neck and slowly drag them across, the Maestro howled in pain and reached for the little intruder. Lance was too fast he quickly manoeuvred himself away from the giant hand that had been aimed at him and struck another blow to his enemy’s right eye. Blood flowed from the wounds and the Maestro became weak, Lance saw his opening and rushed it. He was too slow, the Maestro was thrown into a rage and Lance quickly traced a semi-circle around himself to dodge the incoming attack. The battle became even more heated, Lance played an extremely high note in the Maestro’s ear that made the ear drum pop, the enemy continued to scream profanity as the pain made itself a home. Lance was grabbed and squeezed in an attempt to break his back, he had never expected this turn of events and was rendered helpless. The pain started to increase, he felt a bone snap, it was hard to tell which one considering he felt his entire body break under the pressure. He felt as if death would be an outcome, and he started to breakdown. The tears flowed from his eyes like a fountain, Lance still wanted to live, the fear consumed him and made him weak. Before Lance felt as if though all hope was lost, he was dropped, the Maestro slowly tumbled to the ground with a loud crash, blood sprayed in all directions. Phoenix stood calmly as the spear he had thrown landed right between the pop Maestro’s eyes and caused him to bleed out, they had achieved victory, but at what cost? Lance looked around at the bodies that littered the ground, the poor innocent souls were taken off guard and would never be able to live another day. The Nelos forces left and took whatever they could with them, this event would set-back Gunsmoke Revolt’s attack by another year, their forces were gone and their supplies diminished. Lance started to sob, the pain and fear were unbearable, it stained him like filth. Catherine sat beside him and picked up his head, “you did all that you could, don’t blame yourself for this, let the pain become your weapon” she said trying to cheer him up. “Catherine, I love you, but what I did was my own fault and I have to live with it, this was too much of a mistake, why? Why did I do this, these innocent people?, what is worth living for?”. Lance started to talk nonsense and Catherine quickly grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach, “These pups are what you have to live for Lance, they need a father, and I cant think of anyone better” she said softly staring into his eyes. Lance couldn’t believe his ears, he was going to be a father! 

That night they gathered the bodies of the fallen soldiers and gave each one a proper burial, Lance mourned as much as he could for there sacrifice. While the ceremony was being carried out an explosion erupted from a nearby cave, the sounds were terrifying but at the same time wicked. A massive wolf emerged from the entrance, a large guitar strapped to his back and his body completely covered in metal plating. He sat down in front of the soldiers, “The names Bruce, how about you?”……………… 

© 2012 Alwar

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