Healing old wounds

Healing old wounds

A Chapter by Hikaru

I was in the emergency room. The doctors shining bright lights in my eyes.

"Storm." One of the doctors said "We stitched up the cut but it will scar and you suffered from shock.... Your're car was struck by lightning. You're the only one left."
"WHAT!!!!!!" I shouted tears forming in my eyes

"I'm sorry they lost to much blood."

"Even little Kora?"

"She tried to fight it for you but the blood loss was to much."

I cried for hours, days,weeks,months for the loss of my family.

Three months later......

My aunt went all crazy with taking me shopping for the new school year. She Baceiclly threw the clothes at me jeans sagging shirts sweatshirts and shoulder cut off tops. We ended buying everything we picked up and a pair of blue, black, white and purple LeBrons.

"It's almost you're sixteenth birthday is there anything you want to do?" Aunt Holly asked

"I don't know." I shrugged

"Well I went to the jewlry shop and saw this and thought of you."

She pulled out a ring that went around my entire finger like a sheet of armor with a pointy end it had stones one it all in diffrent colors and shapes.

I slid it on my pointer finger and gave her a hug. "Thanks Aunt Holly."

"No problem chicka. Happy early birthday."

I thought of my sister and how she and mom would have taken me back- to- school- happy-birthday- shopping.

Opening old wounds and pouring salt in it so it never closes

© 2016 Hikaru

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Added on March 17, 2016
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