Old friends and moi

Old friends and moi

A Chapter by Hikaru

"Jesus woman don't rip off my arm!" Ashton exclaimed

"What do you know 'bout that wolf?" I asked

"Why should I say I have the right to remain silent."

"Because I saw that wolf on my porch before my family and I were struck by lightning. And then I saw it again as someone or something dragged me out of the car."


"Yeah it a big 'oh' and a pain in my a*s."

"It must give you very bad cramps then."

I was about to respond when three guys shouted "Hey, Ashton who's the girl?"

As the boys walked closer I got a good look at all of them the tallest was a boy with blond hair and moss green eyes. The second was tall and he had brown hair brown eyes and was tan. The last was the looked least likely to kill you put you on a stick over a fire and eat you for dinner, he was dirty blond and had hazel eyes.

"Why doesn't she have an aura?" The nicest one asked

Ashton shrugged "She was the girl I pulled out of the car."

"Wait you pulled me out?!"

"And I sat on your porch because I knew something was wrong."

"You couldn't of been there the only that that sat on my porch was the-."

"Wolf." Ashton grinned

"You're all werewolves?!"

"No." Ashton said "Adain the blond one is a wizard, Luke the dirty blond is a bug and smith is a donkey."

"Haha." I said sarcastically "you're very funny."

"Why thank you."

I rolled my eyes "if you're all werewolves then are there vampires and other monsters too?"


"Then why are you talking me instead of killing me?" I aske truly confused and curious

"Because I like you."

"But you just met me."

Smith said "Dude tell her."

"I'm going to ask you out."

"Why me?"

"You're pretty."

I cocked my hip to the side "Is that all?"

"Well I don't know I just met you."

"Okay I'll go on a date with you."

"Well if you go with me you go with all of us." He said hugging his compadres

"Okay." I said

"I'll pick up up at eight."

© 2016 Hikaru

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Please respond!!! You all are driving me insane because you're not posting

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