Cat ears and tails

Cat ears and tails

A Chapter by Hikaru

Took another step in gasping at the world of color. "Wow." I repeated

Ashton gave me a side glance "You said that."

"Well it was worth repeating."

"Hmmm." He hmmmed "What do you want to do?"

"Well... I don't really know. I don't go to party's that often."

"WHAAT???!?!?" Ashton exclaimed

I nodded "I just don't talk to people that often. It's... Like all the happiness just drained out of me when my family died."

Ashton came to hug me and I rested my cheek on his chest listening to his heartbeat. "Come." he said "no being a party pooper on you're birthday."

I nodded "Yeah, okay." I wiped the tears that were forming in my eyes

He dragged me to a man who had sparklingly rings and was only wearing a shirt and underpants. His hair had highlights and was spiked so he looked a gay sonic the hedgehog.

"Hi Guy!" Ashton said

The tall gay sonic looked at me with great amusement "And who is this sweet little pea pod?"

"Hi." I said "I'm Storm."

"Her eyes.." He said to Ashton "Is she part of the hunt?"

"No I doubt it."

"You know she has a glamour on right that's her human form.."

"What?" Ashton exclaimed

"Darling!" Guy exclaimed "You never told him!?"

"Told him what?" I asked a little frightened

"The werecat blood and the werewolf blood!"

"Hubba Whaaaaat?!" Ashton and I exclaimed

Guy waved his hand and I looked in the long body mirror that he magicked up. My hair was long and pink I had black guy a long tail and pink slit cat eyes my ears twitched to the breaks that flew in.

"Oh, this is unexpected."

© 2016 Hikaru

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Posted 3 Years Ago

Heh. Very twisted, whacky writing. This is awesome.
I also love your use of the words "magicked up" - very neat imagery, and unique. I dig.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Noir. It's katty noir😋😋

Posted 3 Years Ago

What do you think? She looks like that monster hig doll younger kinds like. Katty Nouri

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Encinitas , CA

I have brown hair, love books, nebulas and love story's. (Books and writing!) I'm over eighteen (pretend to be) and I also spell a TON of things wrong and I live in California. And if you need a frien.. more..