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I see before me a woman

Who is enslaved to convention.

Trapped by the views of man.

Fooled into believing she is a mere object.

A shape to be ridiculed.

A color to be discussed.

An object to be used.

A project to be reviewed.


I see before me a woman

Who is enslaved to seduction.

Who’s body is not free,

It is trapped in a picture painted by a sick man,

She tires so hard to conform to this false image.

Fit into a box,

A frame,

A prison of display.


I see before me a woman

Who is broken into performing.

Beaten into displaying,

Coaxed into smiling,

Forced into faking,

Deceived into pleasing.


I see before me a woman,

Who is tricked to believe she is empty without adulation,




Afraid to embrace solitude-

She surrounds herself in false adoration.


I see before me a woman,

Confined to darkness in chains of insecurity.

Who’s eyes beg to be seen

Who’s body pleads to be held.


I see before me a woman

Who is told to compete.

Like a gladiator for prettiness,

She kills uniqueness to be the best,

To conform.

A slave in a coliseum of exploitation.

Beasts look down upon her,

They judge her.

Thumbs up,

Or thumbs down.

They cheer and drink from the cup of lust.


I see before me a woman

Who has no lush silky hair.

No stunning eyes,

No seducing aura,

No illuminating smile,

No perfect skin,

No curves,

No shape,

No object,

No duty,

No slave.


I see only a soul, eyes screaming for Divine love,

Unselfish love.


I see before me a woman

That is like a water drop

Only reflecting its deceptive surroundings.


I surround you with acceptance.


I see before me a woman

Who is nothing more or less then the man that I am.

A mirror that begs to reflect the beauty around her.


Come to me,

I will free you from this coliseum of exploitation.


I live not in Rome, but in nature.

No walls,

No doctrines,

No pillars of opulent oppression.


Come to the meadow of acceptance,

Break free from the chains of insecurity!

Dance in the flowers of innocence and purity.


Lay with me in this meadow of eternal blossoms.


Lay with me in the sunlight of forever.



Amadon DellErba �" 3-15-12

© 2012 Silent Lover

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Very touching, you can see the love. You see the beauty.

Posted 10 Years Ago

A beautiful and endearing read, Amadon...abc I say that you had this beautiful respect for woman and not objectifying her...a lovely scribe my friend.

My coffee and read of the morning. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I'm stunned by the perfection.

I see only a soul, eyes screaming for Divine love,
Unselfish love.

You see past the beauty, but instead see her for who she really is.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh wow that was deep and touching, perfectly beautiful! WONDERFUL JOB!

I don't mind if you want to check out some of my stuff...Just skip the first 3 on my page.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I am speechless. I cannot tell you how utterly I love this poem. Its perfect. Every line, every word speaks out so much more that what the eyes read. This is like a glimpse into the life of a woman who has undergone so much since the beginning of time.

And the changed (broader) perspective near the end completes the whole saga. An absolute favourite. One of the best words I've ever read. Keep it up!

P.S. - I hope I did not flatter you..much. :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

In the 17th century Jesuit priest were being tortured and killed in Vietnam for 'spreading lies' and ' darkening the heart of experience.' There's some paintings of the events on the web undertaken by Viet artists. The paintings will remind anyone of the pencil lines created by children. I wonder about that.

Great poem. Its true. A woman's beauty takes away from us much of the ugliness of life at levels we would never forgive ourself if we found our own complicity in things.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beautiful poem , grand tribute to women!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Silent Lover

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