Art Essay Topic: Art Nouveau

Art Essay Topic: Art Nouveau

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It is generally accepted that Art Nouveau covered the period from around 1890 to 1910 although some experts do argue that it started earlier. It had its roots in the earlier Arts & Crafts Movement.

However, it is only comparatively recently that Art Nouveau was accepted as a 'style' and accorded any real recognition. It had been seen as a collection of different styles with little in common except, perhaps, a taste for excess and extravagant decoration.


  • It was a conscious attempt at modernism and a departure from tradional Victorian forms of design, most of which looked back to the past for inspiration.
  • Typical motifs come from nature: flowers, insects and birds. They wind and curve, straightlines are scorned by Art Nouveau designers.
  • Symbolism is important in the designs. For example a leaf may be just a leaf or perhaps it is part of the female body. Designers used forms from the natural world in ways that suggested they might represent human limbs.
  • Designers rejected the inspiration of classical European art and instead looked to Japanese, Celtic and other folk art as a basis for their work.
  • They used traditional materials like wood, glass, and pewter.
  • Art Nouveau design was applied to jewellery, furniture, buildings, stained glass, wallpaper

Leading Exponents of Art Nouveau

  • Louis Tiffany is probably the most famous Art Nouveau designers and his glass is now very sought after and expensive.
  • Another was the illustrator Aubrey Beardsley whose cover for The Yellow Book helped to make the style popular.
  • American architect Louis Sullivan designed several buildings featuring Art Nouveau including the Carson Pirie Scott Department Store and the Auditorium Building, both in Chicago.
  • Another architect, Czech Josef Hoffmann, worked mostly in Austria and was one of the founders of the Wiener Werkstätte. Amongst his most famous work is Moser House in Vienna, Austria, and the Stoclet Palace in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Gustav Klimt was one of the most famous painters influenced by Art Nouveau.

In all, Art Nouveau was fashionable for about twenty years. Just as it was a rebellion against Victorian style, it was followed by Art Deco whose minimalism and clean geometric lines were a reaction to the extravagance of Art Nouveau.

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Art essay writing is not an easy one, but you can simply trust our experts for

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