Sweet Confection

Sweet Confection

A Chapter by Amber Tasch

i cant believe how long my chapters are!!! well, theyre long to me^^ alexa i dont care how many spelling mistakes you find!!!



Chapter Three: Sweet confection

The air about the palace was thick over the next few days. The heat of the summer was mixing with the intensity of the training of the guards, making them melt. The Land of Candy was crumbling before it even went to war. The people where going to go hungry so if the men didn't bring in the harvest, and the women where on edge and afraid of loosing their loved ones.

      Buttercup sat alone in her room trying to find a good enough battle plan. There was a sudden horn blast in the distance, signaling the arrival of the prince of cupcakes. He rode in on a horse of angel food cake and had hair frosted to perfection. All his features were overwhelming but all Buttercup saw a vicious enemy. He approached her sugar castle with a pompous look about his face and get off his horse to bow before Buttercup. She did not curtsey or return the gesture in any way.

        "My dear lady, what say you to the proposal that my father has arranged?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

        " I say that I am insulted that I would be offered filth such as you! Our armies shall do battle and only one shall emerge victorious and that is I!"

       The prince merely chuckled and shook his head. " Buttercup must you be so hot headed all the time? I do wish that you would consider the proposal," he ran his fingers through her hair," but we both know that that will never happen. Good day, oh and I'm still holding the offer so should you change your mind..."

       "I would never change my mind. Good riddance."
       He chuckled again as he mounted his horse. He looked to his cookie guards that had only now caught up with him. he whispered to them, "Let's see if we cannot persuade her to see things our way." With that he rode off leaving the two guards.

      Buttercup was uneasy. The guards were advancing on her and with the soldiers training and the palace walls being so high, if they did anything she was sure to be hidden from witnesses to help her. One guard pulled a club from his satchel, the other person some heavy brass knuckles. She went to scream but they two brutes advanced on her and covered her mouth with a cloth. The one with the club pulled back for a swing but his arm was caught by a red hand. William stood behind him and punched him square in the back, making him drop his club. The immediately took a swing for William but her dodged and countered with a blow to his right side. Both men fell to the ground then got up and scampered away.

     'I cannot thank you enough William."

     "No need. I was on my way to be drafted."

     "Had i not told my men to take all those who were able to fight to the training ground? Surely you must have tricked them?"

     "Indeed I did, but i shall never tell you how!"

     Buttercup smiled at him as they began to walk to the training grounds. Jokingly she said, "How horrid! You have a mad mind sir, mad!"

     They laughed but it was cut short by a messenger coming over the hill. His little gumdrop feet seemed as if they could not carry him fast enough. He ran to Buttercup and held out a letter for her. She took it and read it with a somber expression.

    "This miserable land could not have been more dismal, it seemed, until this letter showed up."

    "Ma'am? Are you alright?" William put a hand on her shoulder.

    "My advisor has died."

    "My apologies. Is there anything that I can do?"

    "No, he was old and it was bound to happen any ways. It would seem that we are all bound to die in this war."

     She turned to the palace after showing William the training fields and thanking him one last time. She was truly alone now. She poured all of her thoughts into her plan and had guards posted on the caramel wall that surrounded the city to keep and eye out for the enemy. As the bell tolled for her advisor she felt a chill go down her spine. She felt horrid for yelling at him previously and not saying sorry. She had not spoken to him in the days since then and now was filled to the brim with regret.

      Sleep came easy that night and plagued her with awful thought of death. Her soft green dress sprayed with the blood of her own men and the men of the Land of Sweets. Then she saw something that startled her awake. William stood on a hill defending her honor. She had never imagined that she would dream of him and began to repress the image immediately. The rest of the night was calm and every one slept easy, not yet aware of how their princess could not lead the army to victory.


© 2011 Amber Tasch

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I like William, and something tells me he will be in other chapters quite often.

Posted 10 Years Ago

So much emotion! This chapter, in my opinion, could be described a little more, and the reaction of Buttercup from her beloved Advisor dying was kind of surprising. I mean, shouldn't she react more deeply? Unless, she's just too proud and doesn't want to be shown weeping in front of her subjects...I truly like the story so far. It captures your interest easily and I've never read anything like it before. Well Done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

"The people where (WERE) going to go hungry so (don't need the 'so') if the men didn't bring in the harvest, and the women where (WERE) on edge and afraid of loosing (LOSING) their loved ones."

How suspenseful. I wish you would have described the Prince of Cupcakes a little more, but this was another fun chapter to read. I liked the part about the prince's hair being "frosted to perfection." :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Again, wonderful. I do hope we find out why and how her advisor died. it seems rather sudden and conveniently-timed to be of natural causes. *suspense* Fabulous write

Posted 10 Years Ago

im not alexa but i didnt see that many mistakes lol great job

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Amber Tasch

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A Story by Amber Tasch