Sugar Knife

Sugar Knife

A Chapter by Amber Tasch

well i havent gotten any reviews on this latley, so i doubt that you are reading this anymore. i will continue to write this though, wether you are reading or not.



Chapter Nine: Sugar Knife

Buttercup was a mess. Her pink silk dress was dusty from her tripping in the village. Strawberry blood covered her torso and speckled her hands. She was cut with torn clothes from the forest that she ran thought to get back to her land. She stood there in the middle of the garden with all the eyes of her villagers on her.

    A poor farmer who was too old to fight spoke up. "Ma'am princess, are we the prevailing side? Or have our men failed to defend our kingdom?"

    Buttercup looked over her shoulder in the direction of the battle. "We were doomed from the start. Nothing has changed. We loose."

   A woman ran from the crowd and jumped on Buttercup. She began to beat Buttercup as she screamed at her.

    "That drunk man was right!! You are a selfish, spoiled brat!! You would kill us to keep yourself in power!!"

    Upon hearing this the whole crowd was on her. Beating her, scratching her, kicking her. She was being suffocated by she sweet smell of blood, her's and the prince's that still soaked her clothes. The thick scent of sweat and dirt was all around her. She didn't fight back against the villagers. They had every right to be angry, so as the black unconsciousness closed in around her she let it come.

    When she woke up she was tied to a post that was being carried by her own soldiers into the middle of the battle field. She couldn't move, she was so sore from the beating. She looked up weakly at the direction she was headed. All around her there were soldiers from both sides. She tried to speak but couldn't find the words. She knew that if she spoke it would only be a lie.

    "Kill the princess!"

   "Shame come to the royal families!"

   Buttercup looked to see that her post had been set down next to the post that held the King of Sweets. He was already dead, she could tell by his pale skin and the blood that had already congealed at the corner of his mouth. Buttercup began to cry silently.

   "Make her suffer for what she has done to us!"

   "Burn her alive!"

  "Show no mercy!"

   "Let her go!"

   The voice was loud and clear. The crowd became silent and looked towards the person to which the voice belonged. William Forest stood straight and tall as her stared intently at the princess. Buttercup could lift her head no more than a few inches, but it was enough to see him.

    "Why should we let this demon go?!" A villager cried. "She is the reason that my husband is dead! She is the reason that the sweet grass in the fields is burnt! She is the cause for misery and misfortune!"

    " Yes, why?" Buttercup asked weakly. "Why have you come? What good am I?"

   He walked up to her and lifted her head in his hands. "Let me explain my dear princess."

     "No! She shall not breath a moment longer!" Another villager cried.

     "Please, I should think that you would like to hear this too."

     Buttercup spoke again with a weak voice. "Where did you go William? We could have won if you have been there. Why did you beg to the king for me? We have never met."

     "But we have, silly girl. My parents ruled this land before yours. They gave it to your parents. We used to play together every day! I did fight in this battle for you and we won!"

     "No, we couldn't have won. We were doomed, William."

     He laughed. "Why do you call me this? Do you know why the general never knew of me? You were told my name wrong! I'm Alexander Smith."

    Buttercup remembered him now. She could picture him and the prince of cupcakes chasing her in a game of tag. Being the youngest she was always caught by them. Then she was back to reality. "I-I'm so sorry Alex."

    "No more talking!" A soldier screamed as he threw his sugar knife. It found its mark right in the middle of Buttercup's corrupt heart.

    Alexander unsheathed his claymore and slashed at the crowd, cutting all the people writhing his range in half. He cut the ropes that held Buttercup and caught her as she fell. Holding her over his shoulder with one arm he began to kill everyone that he saw. He couldn't stop. It felt so good to let all of his rage out in violence. The villagers scattered until all that remained was corpses and Alexander.



© 2011 Amber Tasch

Author's Note

Amber Tasch
its not over yet!

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I can't believe it isn't over yet. Oh wow. This story has had so many unexpected twists. I'm loving it! So William/Alexander is actually the real prince...

Posted 10 Years Ago

There's a lot of action here, hehe! Well, I wished you had described the flashback more and a little more detail in feeling could have helped as well. A great chapter though, even if a little back story on the three would have also made the story most interesting. I mean, why did Alexander's parents renounced their royalty? Well Done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Amber Tasch
Amber Tasch

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i would rather draw but my friends wanted me to get one of these look me up at [email protected] more..


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