A dig on ourselves. Socially!

A dig on ourselves. Socially!

A Story by Shwetz

Random scribble

Curiously, ours is the social media frenzied age. Where DP is changed on an hourly basis if not minutes and statuses convey deeper expression of self, containing secret messages and kept in the hope that it is read by the person for whom it is intended. Further DP's and statuses kept or removed have a different story to tell. If blank, be prepared for some good set back. Something is frantically wrong! What more can be expected when such posts are posted at a larger scale like on Fb. The message on the post conveys exactly what the person otherwise would never tell a person in person. Venting out anger, showing grudge, happiness, heartbreak, most beloved, philosophical, you name it and it will be found and posted at the right time according to the moods of an individual only to increase the wonderment of the crowd if it's seriously intended or a showbiz. People have long learnt to ignore. And if you are the person who is hashtagged or tagged simply and you have not commented or atleast liked the post then you would have to face the dangerous consequence of not being followed in future!

The beauty of the picture here is not appreciated by its goodness or skills of photography but by the number of likes it receives. To make yourself more likeable (of course socially, not otherwise) tag as many friends you can with whom you have come into this passive arrangement of returning the love of likes when they need it.

From "working at not yet working I am still a student" to "Proprietor at my father's shop", all can be found here. The most hilarious though is and as expensive it gets when you actually travel to a place not to have a nice time there but to 'check in' in the media and have a nice time gathering likes and setting a new record of it on the social media. With every hit of 'like' stabilises your heart beat and saves the people around you.

What more can you ask when the number of followers show how much you are liked and followed by the world. The genuine hangouts are with a handful few compared to the ever increasing friends list. Do I have to get into selfies?? Well no!

© 2017 Shwetz

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Beautifully done... :)
I totally agree.... we tend to write out what we would actually not tell the person face to face but the chances of them reading it and the perks of not having to say it on their face lol ...we have magic on our finger tips....

I like writing out my thoughts too....it's good to read yours... :)

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks Dude... We literally have magic on our finger tips. Lol..
Nice to read your review! :)
This is a real random scribble yet experimental. I wanted a sarcastic content with a clear message.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on August 1, 2017
Last Updated on August 6, 2017
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I am too good a person to be true! Sarcasm intended. more..

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