Lessons in Blood

Lessons in Blood

A Story by Amy

Lessons in Blood

Maddie Clark groaned when she got to the biology room. They were doing blood samples today. She should have listened to her best friend Lily when she begged her to skip school today and go shopping with them. Now she was stuck giving up some of her blood. She groaned again when she saw the class cards. She was paired with Mikal, the foreign student from France. He probably wouldn’t even understand what was going on.

Mrs. Linnette snapped her fingers to call everyone to order. Blood sampling had everyone in an uproar. Mrs. Linnette was an odd woman with coke bottle glasses and bushy hair that almost always had a leaf or two in it. It was an ongoing joke throughout the class to make bets on what she’d have trapped in her hair.

Maddie slipped into her seat next to Mikal. She smiled attentively. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, she thought when he flashed his own dazzling smile her way, he was really cute. His dark brown eyes were friendly and his matching hair hung perfectly just below his chin. He was like something from a magazine.

“Uh…” Maddie fumbled for the right words, “do you know what we’re doing today?”

“Yes,” he answered flawlessly, “I get to stab you.” His teeth flashed again to show that he was joking.

Definitely not so bad. “Yeah,” she smiled.

“Alright class,” Mrs. Linnette called, “these are your test cards and needles.” She handed out a set to each pair. “One drop in each square is all you need.”

Mikal looked a little uncomfortable at the sight of Maddie’s blood on the card. “You ok?’ She asked lightheartedly, but he didn’t answer. Mikal stood up and backed away from the table.

“I think I am going to be sick,” he moaned.

“Mrs. Linnette?” Oh man, she hoped he didn’t puke right here.

Suddenly Mikal dropped down to all fours, holding his stomach. Mrs. Linnette finally realized there was something wrong. She came over to investigate, placing her hand on Mikal’s shoulder. There was a flash of movement and all Maddie could see was blood.

Mikal’s face had changed drastically and was covered in blood. Mrs. Linnette’s blood. Maddie screamed and bolted for the door, but Mikal was too fast. He sprung forward and locked the door. “I knew I should have skipped,” Mikal snarled. He took a step towards Maddie and all she could see were his long glistening fangs.

© 2011 Amy

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I liked that! What a twist! Very inventive story. I don't expect a Vampire to randomly be in my midst. Does anyone?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I am so many things rolled into one, a daughter, a mother, a sister. I love to write (mostly romance) I love a good love story I still believe in happily ever after, even though mine has escaped.. more..

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