Welcome to My Life

Welcome to My Life

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Part 1: Katie


Welcome to my life! Well the reality is my life sucks. Now I'm not that typical girl who thinks that she has a suckish life when she really doesn't. My life truly sucks. My parents decided to get divorced when I was just ten years old. My dad decided to marry another girl and now her sons are my annoying step-brothers. I also only have one friend. I was in my room getting ready for school. Today is also my first day of high school! Great more people to piss me off.

"Katie, get down here! You're going to be late for school!" The thing that sucks about living with my dad is that he is a stick up for school. He loves it when we get annoyed with him because he harps on school so much. I swear he does it just to get on my nerves. It really gets annoying.

"Katie-kat!" James really needs to stop with the name calling or I will give back what he dishes out. He's one of my annoying step-brothers. He is a senior and also he's 18 years old. He has short blond hair and sky blue eyes. Why any girl would be attracted to him is beyond me. He has acne everywhere. He's about six feet tall. He's on the football team and his girlfriend is a cheerleader. He's also the oldest out of all of us so he thinks that he can just be really obnoxious.

I rolled my eyes. "James, I told you not to call me that!" Both of my step-brothers like to show off or call me stupid names. I think they are both just secretly jealous of me because I am so awesome. (That was a joke. I'm not that awesome.)

"Ya dude! You have to call her Punk Girl!" That's James's brother, Nick. He's 17 and thinks that he can tell me what to do just because he's a year older than me. Yea my dad and Kathy have three teenagers living in their house. Aren't they lucky? Nick looks more like his dad than he does his mom. He has jet black hair that only spikes up when he makes it with a ton of hair gel. I think that he orders that stuff online without Kathy knowing. He has big, brown eyes. I probably would consider dating him, wait did I really just say that I would consider dating one of my step brothers? Eww!!! He is just about as annoying as James. It's hard to determine who is the most annoying between the two of them. Technically, my dad's not truly married to their mom yet, but he is engaged to her and they live here so yea.

"Both of you shut up now! I swear I will kill you both!" Them calling me names really pisses me off.

"What's this I hear about killing?" Damn, my dad heard that! Why is it that my dad always walks in at the right times just to get me in trouble? The boys never do anything to get in trouble according to my dad and Kathy.

"Dad! They keep calling me names!"

"Boys, you need to stop it. Now, all of you, apologize!"

"Sorry. That you're such a freak!" This time I ran for them to attack them. They ran away and Dad stopped me.

"Katie, just for that you're grounded."

I just rolled my eyes. I'm so used to being grounded. Living with my dad always causes me to be grounded because my dad really doesn't know why I'm doing the things I do. Then my mom texted me. Damn it! My mom needs to get a life.


I just rolled my eyes and put it away. "Who would be texting you?" James asked as I grabbed my bag.

"My mom." James, for some reason, thinks that it's pointless for me to have a phone because I have no friends to text. He just doesn't know that my mom is an annoying mom and texts me all the time.

"I thought you hated her."

"I do! She still texts me!" Then I slammed the door and left. When my parents got divorced, I originally wanted to live with my mom. My mom at the time was much more laid back than my dad was. But when the time came, my mom told me that I had to live with my dad even though I really didn't want to. It doesn't matter now because she has a new boyfriend and she tries to be all good mom when he's around.

When I got to school my only friend, Sarah came up to me. Now Sarah is one of the most popular girls here and I have no idea why she would be my best friend. She's super nice, don't get me wrong, but she could have a way better best friend than me. I mean she's beautiful! She has ginger, red hair but not the type of ginger that everyone thinks has no soul. She's super skinny and I'm talking twig size. She also always has the best clothes to wear. Seriously, I don't even know why we are friends. "Happy first day of high school!"

"Sarah, why are you always so excited on the first day of school?" I asked as I gave her a huge hug. This summer has been awful because I really haven't hung out with Sarah that much. Ever since my dad got engaged at the beginning of the summer, we have gone on vacations so I could get to now everyone. I freaking hated it. I missed her so much.

"Why are you never excited? For you, school is eight hours away from your house."

"I know, but I don't belong here." I'm what most people call "scene". It's easily confused with Goth or emo. The town I live in though, is the total opposite of me. It's like taking a picture from the people in a magazine in London and you have everyone in my town. They all think I'm some sort of freak, but really I don't care.

"Katie, you have to stop this I don't belong crap!"

"Oh my God Sarah, you can't lie! You know it's true. Don't tell me that you don't get crap from other people for being my best friend."

"Yes, I do. But I don't care what they say. You shouldn't either."

"I don't but you know I don't belong because of what they say. Now let's just drop the subject." She nodded.

Just then two mustangs pulled into the parking lot. I'm used to mustangs. I mean both my parents have one. It's the people inside the mustangs that I wasn't used to seeing. There were 3 guys and 2 girls split between the cars. They all looked like they would be from a rocky horror film.

Then a guy walked out of one of the mustangs and I swear, he was the hottest guy I've seen in my lifetime. This guy was about six feet tall. He had deep, dark black hair. His hair was cut into a shot, little Mohawk. He had black sunglasses so you couldn't see his eyes and it made him even more mysterious. Finally he had black, Monster, skating shoes. All in all, he was the perfect package. I might finally meet someone who is like me.

I must have zoned out, which I do a lot, because Sarah was trying to get my attention. "Katie! What are you staring at?"

"Do you see that guy over there by the mustangs?"

She looked over to the new kids and then he got disgusted to look on her face. "Is that who you're staring at?" She asked, confused. I nodded I didn't want him to come over to us but at the same time I did.

Then they guy was coming over to us. Okay Katie, be cool. Be cool. I thought to myself. "Hi! I'm Zach!" He said with a smile. It was the kind of smile that just made you want to smile back even though you might not be in a good mood.

"Hi! I'm Katie! So are you guys new to town?" I asked. It took all the strength in my body to not jump up and down with joy.

"Yea, we moved in over the summer." I didn't know why but he wouldn't take his sunglasses off but it made the fact that he was talking to me that much more exciting.

"Cool!" I was about to faint. The new guy was talking to me. Plus, he seeming kind of into me. This is amazing.

"So do you mind if we sit with you at lunch? We really don't have anywhere to sit."

Did he really just ask me that? "Sure! You can sit with me. Sarah doesn't sit with me but I'll be there." Did I sound too much like a dork in that?

"Cool!" He said with a smile, "See ya then!" The he walked away. This guy, so far, is making me love school a little more.

The first half of the day dragged on. First I had Biology and that was just stupid welcome to school crap. Then Math, Reading, and Drama were pretty much the same. I kept thinking the lunch bell would never ring. Why is it when you want something to happen, it takes twice as long for it to occur? Then, after Drama, the lunch bell finally rang. I bolted out of class like a bat out of hell. I swear some of the kids in school where probably looking at me weird but I really didn't care. I had somewhere to be and someone to see.

I was at the table just doodling in my sketch book. I'm that type of person who doesn't like to just sit there and wait. I have to do something. When I'm stressed I like to draw in my sketch book. I don't eat the school's food and I never pack. I had to do something so it didn't look like I was waiting for Zach. Then someone came up behind me and said, "Hey Katie!" I looked up. It was him. Why in the world did the universe make him so gorgeous? Was it just to mess with me? If it was, than it was working.

"Oh, hey Zach!" I tried to sound all cool about this but it was probably not working out the way I planned.

"I forgot to introduce you to my siblings this morning. This is Sammy, Tyler, Taylor, and Trent." I said hi to them. They seemed cool. Then I got another text from my mom. Again that women needs to get a life and stay out of mine.


I texted her back: IK Then I slammed my phone on the table.

Zach was looking at me and he seemed concerned. "Who was that?" He asked.

"Oh it was just my mom."

"You don't seem too happy about whatever she texted you about."

"I really am not. But I'm not going to drown you with my family dramas. Trust me it's not even worth mentioning."

"Oh come on. It can't be that bad."

"Oh. It's bad."

He nudged me and said, "Come on. Tell me."

"Alright, you asked for it." I told him everything. I normally don't talk to people the way I'm talking to him, but something tells me that he's different. He seems like he seriously cares about me. I told him about my parents' divorce. How I really wanted to stay with my mom instead of my dad, but she just threw me to Dad. I didn't realize that all these years I've hated my mom for something as simple as not wanting me.

"What did your mom tell you?" He asked.

"Just that I'm at her house this weekend when I really don't want to be." I didn't want to hint that I didn't want to be at her house because I wanted to spend time with him.

"Well I think I know a way to help make your weekend better."


"Do you want my number?" He asked with a smile. Oh my God I thought he would never ask.

I couldn't help but smile. "Sure!"

© 2015 Amy Baker

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