Homecoming Night

Homecoming Night

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Zach and I were sitting at the lunch table. It was around October. Zach wouldn't stop tickling me and I was getting really annoyed. "Zach, stop tickling me!" I couldn't stop laughing and I hate my laugh. It kind of sounds like a hyena. It's gross.

"Katie, this is the only way I'll get to hear your cute laugh." He continued to tickle me against my will. He always asked me to laugh for him. He thinks that I have a cute laugh. I told him that he's my boyfriend and he's supposed to say that.

"Please stop." I finally told him nicely and gave him my puppy dog look. He always falls for it. He nodded and stopped tickling me right there. Today was a pretty nice day. There were only a few clouds in the sky and the sun was shining. I was really enjoying myself at school. I know it's weird.

Just then Sarah came up to us. She was really excited about something. The thing about Sarah and I is we actually think we were seperated at birth because we have this weird twin telepathy thing going on. It's actually really funny. I already knew what she was coming up to tell us. But let's not spoil the surprise for Zach. "Hey guys! Guess who just got voted Homcoming Queen?"

Zach and I both looked at each other and then at Sarah. "Who?"

"Me!!" She was so happy about it. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't even think about voting. I think the whole Homecoming thing is really stupid. I don't like to participate in any of it. Even if my best friend was up for Homecoming Queen. I gave her a hug.

Just then Taylor, Zach's older sister came up to us. She looked kind of nervous about whatever she was going to tell us. I actually don't think that she wanted to tell me anything. She sorta doesn't like me. Zach just says it's because she's afraid of what he'll do to me, but I don't think so. "Zach, can I steal you for a minute to talk to you about something that's kind of important." She had a look on her face to help Zach understand what she was talking about. Sarah and I do the same thing when we want to keep something from someone.

Zach nodded. "Sure. Katie, I'll be right back." I nodded. He kissed me and went to the side of the courtyard with Taylor.

Sarah was telling me about all the things that she watned to do for her Homecoming outfit. To be completely honest, I wasn't paying any attention to her. I just kept my eye on Zach and Taylor. As they continued talking, Zach got a more worried look on his face. I wish I could hear what they were saying or that they would talk about it with me. I mean I am part of their life now right?

Zach was coming over and he looked way more worried than he did when he was talking to Taylor. It was starting to worry me about whether or not he or I will be safe. "Sarah, could I talk to Katie alone for a few minutes?"

Sarah looked at me. She doesn't really trust Zach as much as I would like her to yet. I nodded. She needs to learn that I trust him and that's what counts. She walked away. "What is it? You looked really worried when you were talking to Taylor." I haven't had to worry about the fact that Zach's a vampire in a few months. I really was worried that he was in danger.

He took a deep breath. I think he didn't know what he wanted to say to me. He was really hesitant. It was scaring me. "Look, I don't really know how to say this so I'm just going to say it. I have to go out of town." He gave me a questioning look. I think he was seeing if I understood what he was trying to say.

"What do you mean by 'out of town'?" I was worried that he would have to go far because I would miss him too much.

"I mean out of the country." I could tell that he didn't want to say it as much as I didn't want to hear it.

"What? Why?!" I didn't know where he was going, what he was doing, or if he'll come back. I could feel the nerves splash through me like a wave on the sand. I hated this feeling.

Zach was trying to calm me down. "Katie, hopefully it won't be long. I have some business that came up and if I don't fix it, it will be worse than it already is." I was confused. I didn't know what was going on.

"Is it dangerous?" That's the only question that I really wanted to know. I just wanted to know that he'll com back to me safe and sound.

He sighed, "It could be. But don't worry. I'll come back alright. This problem has happened before. I just need to go and tame it." I nodded. I didn't like the idea of him leaving but I had to accept it because that's what he needed to do.

I woke up to my phone beeping. I really need to turn my phone off when I'm asleep. I rolled out of bed. I could feel the cold air wash over me. It kind of sucked that I had to go to school in the cold. I grabbed my phone. I knew that Zach would text me when he landed but it was like noon where he is. He's wide awake probably.


I shook my head. DO I HAVE TO BEHAVE???


I laughed. All he cared about was if I would get in trouble at school or not. I thought it was cute. Now I have to find something to wear. I just threw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt and headed downstairs for breakfast. I was really early because of my little wake up call from Zach but I really didn't care. I liked a quiet house. I enjoyed the quietness to think about things. There really wasn't much to think about today. I had about 20 minutes of silence and then James and Nick came running down the steps. I just rolled my eyes.

"So where's your boyfriend?" James asked. He still can't believe that I actually have a boyfriend.

"Shut up you idiot! He's out of town!" I really couldn't deal with him for much longer.

"Why is he out of town?" Why was he so nosy?

"His dad's job caused them to travel!" And with that I left for school. As I was walking to school, I got a text from Zach.


Great, I thought. I really hate Homecoming! I know for a fact that I'm going to make a fool out of myself.

So the day at school was really boring without Zach. Am I turning into one of those girls who need a guy beside them to have fun? I really hope not. The day went by really slow. I was just nervous that Mark would try to get me while Zach was gone.

I was home getting ready for tonight. I was wearing my best set of jeans and a graphic tee. When Sarah picked me up, she was shocked. "Katie, you can't go to the dance dressed like that!" I laughed.

"Look, I'm being forced to go, so I'm going to wear what I want." She looked upset but then sighed. She knew I won this battle. So we went to the school for the dance.

When we got there, a bunch of kids were dressed in their best clothing to impress all their friends. They started to file into the school. Sarah went off with Matt, which is her boyfriend. He's the quarterback of the football team and she's the head cheerleader. Yes, the typical high school couple. Just then from bhind me I heard, "Where's Zach?"

I turned around and there was Mark. Why did he have to be such an idiot? I didn't have to talk to this guy. I could have just walked away. But, "He's out of town."

He laughed. "I bet you don't know where."

I just rolled my eyes. I was already annoyed with Homecoming and it wasn't even five minutes into the night. "If I did, why would I tell you?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just curious."

I again rolled my eyes. Then I got a text. It was from Zach. SRY I WAS BUSY. R U OK AT HOMECOMING???



WILL DO. I said. Then I put the phone away. I assumed that Mark went off with his buddies.

"Was that just him?" I jumped. He really needs to stop sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

"Mark, it's none of your business." I went off to try to find someone I knew and would want to talk to me.

Just then Mark grabbed my arm. "Oh, but I think it is. See if he's out of town, then no one is here to protect you." He said with an evil smile.

"I'm a big girl Mark. I can take care of myself." He was really close to me. I was trying to hide how scared I was. I didn't want him to know I was scared. That would give him the upper hand.

"Really? Are you sure about that?" He grabbed my side and pulled me into him. Why was he doing this? I didn't know what to do. I thought about screaming but I thought it would be like the boy who cried wolf. "See, if you could protect yourself, I wouldn't be this close. Would I?"

"I would get off her if I were you, Mark." I was confused. Who was that talking? It was Trent, Zach's oldest sibling.

Mark let me go and turned around. "I thought your family was out of town."

"My brothers and sisters are. I stayed because Zach wanted me to watch out for Katie."

Mark smiled. "Well isn't that sweet." Then everything happened so fast that it almost gave me a headache. Mark pulled out a gun, grabbed me, and pointed the gun into my side. I froze with fear. You would probably think that I was a statue if you didn't know any better. "So do you really want to try and stop me now?"

I looked at Trent. I think he could tell I was freaking out. I could also tell that he was freaking out and also confused. "Let her go Mark!" Trent said. I don't think Mark was going to listen to a simple command.

"Make me!"

"Dude, let's be rational!"

"There is no rational when it comes to love." Okay I was really going to throw up. Why was he doing this to me? I already told him that I hate him with a burning, flaming passion. Then Mark said, "You know what, let's all go to my place."

We got to Mark's house and he was still pointing the gun at me. We go into the living room. It looked just the same as any rich kid's living room. To tell the truth, I was invited to Mark's 5th birhtday party. I actually walked out early and just started walking home. I ended up getting punished but I didn't care. I was pulled out of my memory when Trent's phone rang.

"It's Zach. He's going to suspect something if I don't pick up." Tent looked like he was acting this out. I had to start realizing when vampires are lying about something.

Mark nodded. "Answer it and put it on speaker."

Trent answered the phone, "Hey dude! What's up?" Trent looked at me like I was supposed to follow along with something.

"Hey, are you close to Katie? Her phone is off." That was it. My phone wasn't off. He never tried to call me. Trent must have warned Zach through text or something.

"Yea, she's right here." Trent said.

"Hey Zach!"

"Hey, did you take care of Mark?" Something tells me that Zach already knew the right answer no matter what I said.

I looked at Mark. He nodded. "Yea. I did."

"Good. Tell him that if I hear that he hurt you, he's a dead man." Something also tells me that was ment for Mark to hear.

"I will"

"Hey, I have something I have to do. I'll text you tomorrow. Enjoy yourself! Love you!"

"I love you too!" Then he hung up.

"Okay, here's a deal for both of you. I'll let both of you go, but you have to kiss me first, Katie." I shook my head. Then Trent winked at me. What in the world was he trying to do?

Trent walked closer to Mark. All of a sudden, Trent had Mark in a choke hold. I was shocked. I knew Trent was bolder than Zach was but I never experianced it. It was shocking. Mark became unconscious. Trent looked at me and said, "Come on. Let's get out of here. He won't remember too much from tonight." I just nodded. I was glad that this night was finally over.

© 2015 Amy Baker

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Amy Baker

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