Zach Comes Home

Zach Comes Home

A Chapter by Amy Baker

So Zach has been away for a month now. I know he had to do something that would protect me eventually. I just don't like the idea of him being away for too long. I already had one traumatizing event happen. I really don't want another thing to happen. I truthfully don't think anything will happen though because Trent has been practically at my side the whole month. I know he's trying to keep me safe while Zach's away but seriously, he doesn't know the meaning of personal space.

One day I was sitting at lunch. Sarah was with her popular group of friends. The friends of hers that don't really wanna be friends with me. Just then Trent came up to me. He was wearing his usual wardrobe of a collar shirt and a pair of jeans. "Hey Katie!"

"Hey Trent." I almost went back to my sketches but he had a huge smile on his face. It almost made me think of Zach's smile. "You know when you do that you look just like Zach."

He continued to smile awkwardly. "I know." I wondered what he was being so awkward about.

Then someone came up and grabbed me from behind. It made me jump. I thought that I was actually going to get rapped or something. "Wanna kiss hot stuff?" I rolled my eyes.

"Mark, I told you that-" When I turned around I was expecting to find Mark being an a*s like he was at Homecoming. But when I turned around I didn't see the typical blond hair. I didn't see the dark green eyes. Instead I saw the black hair, dark as night. I saw the sky blue eyes that could make you get lost in them. "Zach! What are you doing here and why didn't you tell me?!" I hugged him for so long that it felt like an eternity.

He laughed and said, "I finished what I had to do and I wanted to surprize you." I didn't even care that he made his voice sound like Mark. All I cared about was the fact that he was home. He was safe and sound and back in my arms.

Then, all of a sudden, I get a text from a blocked number. I didn't even know you could text someone from a blocked number. I opened it up and it said, R U SURE UR SAFE AROUND HIM??? I was confused as to why someone would ask me that.

I must have shown my confusion on my face because both Trent and Zach asked. "What's wrong?" I looked over to Zach and I could tell that he was worried.

"I don't know. This blocked number sent me this weird text." I showed Zach the phone. After he was done reading it he gave me a confused look. "I don't know who it could be."

Zach could tell that I was getting upset and worried. "Hey Katie, don't worry. I will find out who did this. In the mean time, I want you to ignore any text like this."

I nodded. Thinking about why he wasn't home all month, I ask, "Could this be about whatever you were doing all month?"

He looked at Trent and then looked at me and said, "If it is, I'm sorry I let it get this far."

"Zach, when it comes to this kind of stuff, you can't leave me out of it."

He sighed. He looked at Trent and Trent said, "Well now she deserves to know what's going on."

Zach nodded. "Okay, the past month I've been working in England because there's this family that doesn't like my family at all. It's a complicated situation." I nodded, indicating that I was ready to hear anything he was about to say. He sighed. "I really don't even know how it all got started. When I was a newborn vampire I would kill and frame it on them. I was scared and they were experienced. Then I started dating their daughter."

"One of the biggest mistakes you've ever made." Trent made a side comment. Zach gave Trent a look saying to shut up.

"Anyways, as she got stronger she started to get a little crazy. So I broke up with her. I think that's how it all began. She took it hard and so did her family."

"So, they want payback?" He nodded. I know some of the powers of vampires so I thought back to Homecoming night. Mark wasn't acting normal. Yes, he's an a*s but he wouldn't pull a gun out on me. With Zach telling me this story I was starting to think that something else was up.

"Katie, what is it?" I looked at Trent. He gave me a look that said that he already told Zach what happened.

"Trent told you about Homecoming night right?" Zach nodded. He looked like he hated hearing about it again. "Well, could this family of vampires get anyone to do anything they want them to do?"

He thought about it. I wondered if he was getting on the same page as I was. Something in his eyes were saying that he was. "It was probably the Martins. If Mark loved you like he says he does, he wouldn't of had you on gun point."

"What do we do?" I was a little scared.

He could tell that I was getting scared. "Katie, don't worry. I won't let them hurt you." Then for the first time in a month, he grabbed me and kissed me. Something about this kiss said, "I will always protect you." He was seriously the best boyfriend ever.

© 2015 Amy Baker

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Added on August 10, 2015
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Amy Baker
Amy Baker

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I am a girl who loves to write. I love to get involved with another world and my books show that. more..

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