Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A Chapter by Amy Baker

I was sitting in Zach’s living room when someone knocked on the door. Everyone was out hunting and I was alone in the house. Zach didn’t tell me that there would be any visitors so I was confused as to who was at the door. When I got up and went to the door, out of the window I saw Sarah. I went to the door and opened it. “Sarah, what are you doing here?”


“I’m here to help you with your blood lust. Zach sent me.” I shook my head. I already hurt her once. I couldn’t hurt her again. “Katie, look. I know that you don’t trust yourself around me right now. But you need to learn how to be able to trust yourself around humans.” I just kept my eyes closed and took deep breaths like Zach and I have practiced.


“Sarah, I can’t hurt you if you don’t come in so please don’t.”


“Katie, you can’t keep yourself locked in here. Zach said that it will draw questions. If you can learn to control yourself around me since you already fed from me, you can control yourself around your family.” I sighed. She was right. I nodded and let her in.


I went to the kitchen and grabbed a blood bag from the fridge. “Katie, you probably shouldn’t..”


“Sarah, if you want me to not kill you, you are going to have to let me have some blood while you’re here.” She nodded. I had to admit in the weeks I have been a vampire I have noticed that I’m a little more irritable lately. Zach said that it’s just the hunger trying to fight itself out.


“So how are you feeling?” Sarah asked. I understand that she’s trying to get her best friend to come out but honestly, I don’t think her old best friend is in here anymore.


“Honestly, I feel pissed off. Jenna made me feed on you all because she can’t have this damn power anymore. I just want to kill her.”


“Umm, Katie.” I looked at her and she was pointing to my hand. I realized that without thinking about it, I broke the glass that had my blood in.


“Sorry, I’m still getting used to how strong I actually am.” She just came over and helped me clean it up.

“You will get through this. Don’t worry.” Just then Zach and his family came in and saw that I broke a glass.


“I’m sorry.” I said. Zach just laughed and shook his head.


“You wouldn’t believe how many times I broke mom’s favorite glass.”


“Which one?” His mother looked at him with her eyebrows raised.


Zach came over to me and kissed me. “All of them Mother.” That’s when everyone laughed. “We would rather you break a glass than break someone’s neck.” I nodded and headed upstairs and went into Zach’s room.


Zach followed me into his room. “What is it?”


I sighed and threw the one end table across the room. “Jenna, is getting in my head. All I can think about is killing her and how much I would enjoy killing her.” Zach just looked at me. “I know you said that our emotions are heightened but right now I feel like mine are on overdrive. I didn’t even know I broke that glass until Sarah pointed out.” I threw the table across the room again.


“Feel better?” Zach asked. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me.


I closed my eyes. And took a deep breath. “Now I do.”


“Listen to me. I know the transition is hard especially with Jenna getting you to feed on your best friend. You can’t keep it all bottled up though. That’s how you hurt someone. I’ve broken everything in this room probably more than ten times. If you feel like you need to break something, you can just come up here and do that. Okay?” I nodded.



It took about a month, but I was finally ready to go back to school with Zach. We got to the school and everyone was looking at me like I’ve never been here before and I was a new student. I didn’t realize that the transition to becoming a vampire not only affects me on the inside, but I guess it also affects how I look on the outside. I was really nervous about what I would do so I looked at Zach and he just grabbed my hand and nodded. He was trying to tell me that everything would be okay. So, I took a deep breath and continued to walk to the school. I finally got my blood lust under control when I was around Sarah and then I had it under control when I was around my family so we thought that it would be good for me to go back to school. Zach’s family thought that it would be good for me to get out of the house and stop hiding form Jenna. I wasn’t sure though. I didn’t know how everyone would react and how my temper would be with everyone at school.


The first half of the day seemed to go smoothly. Nothing really seemed to be of major concern until lunch. I went out to meet Zach for lunch and instead of meeting Zach, I was met my Matilta. “Matilta, what are you doing? Where’s Zach?”


“Oh Katie, glad to see that your transition to vampire hasn’t changed that crazy obsession that you have with your boyfriend.” She rolled her eyes. I knew that she has never gotten over Zach and I knew that she was jealous of me for being with Zach for as long as I have.


“It’s not a crazy obsession Matilta.” Zach and I have been figuring out this power that I have. We didn’t want to worry about me getting all crazy and accidently using it on someone that I don’t mean to worry about it. I started to focus. Matilta started choking. “I’m going to ask you again. Where is Zach?” She continued to choke until I let off a little bit of slack for her to answer me.


“Wow, that power really does work.” She said in between her coughing.


“Do you want me to use it fully?”


“Relax. Zach is just running late in class because I compelled his teacher to run the class late.” I stopped chocking her.


“What do you want?” I asked. I was tired of her games and I wasn’t going to put up with it anymore.


“Jenna sent me to see how your transition was going.”




“Why does Jenna ever want anything? She mainly wanted to see if you had figured out how to use your power. Now I can tell her that you have and you know how to use it on vampires.” She’s so obsessed with this damn power. Then Matilta just left.


Zach came out to the courtyard and saw me standing there. I must have looked pissed because he ran up to me and asked me what happened. “Matilta compelled your teacher to run class late and found me to find out if I figured out how to use my power for Jenna.” I never looked at him. I was so angry that I was afraid that if I looked at him then I would do something that I knew that I wouldn’t want to do.


“Did you use the power on her?” He put his hand on my shoulder. I knew he was trying to get me to calm down. I slowly looked at him.


I nodded. “She wouldn’t tell me where you were.” He pulled me in and kissed my forehead. We continued the day as if nothing had happened. Something about using that power on Matilta though made me think that possibly that I could use it on Jenna. I finally had a way to kill her.

© 2017 Amy Baker

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Added on April 23, 2017
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Amy Baker

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