Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Part 1: Katie

Seattle. I stopped here. I knew that Seattle was far enough away that I could clear my head and stay away from Jenna. I haven’t texted or called Zach since I’ve been gone. I couldn’t bring myself to have him try to track me down. It’s killing me not to talk to him. It’s killing me not to be in his arms right now.


I was leaving the police department. I’ve been clean of hurting or trying to kill people for 2 weeks now. I’ve been in Seattle for a month. Since I’m new, whenever there is a murder that doesn’t make since, they look to me. I know who does it. They know I know. But I’m not going to tell them because I know that it will not only expose them but expose myself as well. I didn’t need to have too many humans know that vampires exist.


I got back to my apartment and Mel was sitting on the couch. Mel is a girl that I met when I first got to Seattle. Well, technically I didn’t meet her. She was following me around like a lost puppy until I kinda sorta almost killed her. I asked her why she was following me around and she said she was studying vampires and wanted to be a vampire. I granted her wish. I turned her into a vampire. I took her into my wing even though I really don’t know what I was doing because I’m still new. But now that I was starting to get myself under control, I was helping her try to get herself under control so the police could stop badgering me about unsolved cases.


“How bad is it?” Mel asked. She had an apologetic look on her face. And she should be sorry. She knew that I was at the police station because she was the one who has been killing innocent people. I keep trying to tell her that she needs to stop or at the very least make sure that she hides the bodies and not just leave them laying around the road.  


“It’s pretty bad Mel. I keep telling you that you’re not supposed to kill anyone.”


“I know. But the blood is so good.”


“Mel, if you kill you have to do it quietly. I can’t risk her finding me.” I yelled.


“Wait! What are you talking about?” Mel looked at me very confused.


Damnit! I haven’t told Mel about my old life. She didn’t know about Zach. She didn’t know about Jenna. She didn’t know about my power. I took a deep breath and just went to my room. I have been working really hard not to use my power. I was afraid that if I used my power that I would really hurt someone and not knowing that you hurt someone is the worse feeling in the world.


Part 2: Zach

I was sitting in the living room watching television. It’s been about a month since Katie left. I know that she would come back eventually but it was hard without her. The news was on and they were talking about a series of murders and how no one knew who was committing these murders in Seattle. “It’s her!” I jumped out of my seat!


My siblings just sighed. I have to admit, since Katie left I have been jumping to conclusions lately. But It has to be her. “Zach, anytime you hear about murders in a city you automatically think it’s her. She told you that she would come back when she’s ready.”


“Trent. I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong and that’s why she hasn’t come back. What if it is her and Jenna gets to her first.” Trent just looked at me. He’s my big brother and my best friend and he knows me better than anyone. He knows how Katie has changed me and how I change when Katie is not around.


He sighed. “Fine, we go. If we don’t find Katie in one week or if we find her and she’s not ready to come back, we leave.” I nodded. I understand that he knows what happens when you find a vampire that isn’t ready to come back to their old life but I had to find her.



We got to Seattle and the first place that we tried was the police station. We walked into the police station and Trent stopped me. It looked like a bomb just went off everyone was running all over the place. Trent looked at me and said, “Just let me do the talking. They are probably still on edge. We don’t know how many people Katie has killed yet.” I nodded. Trent tended to be the more level headed one in the family. He tries to keep me level headed but that’s almost physically impossible especially when it comes to Katie and if she could be in trouble.


“I can help you gentlemen over here.” We heard a voice say from off to the side. She looked like a secretary. Trent started to walk over to her and I followed. “What can I do for you guys today?”


Trent leaned up against the desk and smiled at the lady. Her name tag said Lisa and she looked to be about in her late twenties early thirties. “Hi,” Trent looked at her name tag. “Lisa, my brother and I are looking for someone. She just moved here so we don’t really know where she lives and we wanted to surprise her.”


She smiled. I think she had a crush on my brother but when my brother needed information he was very charming and could make any girl go week at the knees. “Well, what’s her name and I can see if I can find her in the database.”


“Her name is Katie, short for Kaitlyn, Smith.” She looked up from her computer and was shocked. It was like she just heard the name of someone who couldn’t even exist. Trent looked at me confused. “Is there a problem Lisa?”


“No. It’s just really weird. Kaitlyn Smith was just in for questioning. She was just ruled out as a suspect in a series of murders that we have been experiencing.”


“Alright.” I could tell that Trent didn’t really know what to say. “Could we have her address or a hotel that she may be staying at? It’s really important that we surprise her.”


Lisa nodded. She started looking for it on her computer and when she found it, she wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to us. “Be careful. She seemed a little on edge today. She may have been ruled out as a suspect but I still don’t trust her.” I just rolled my eyes and grabbed the sheet of paper from my brother.


“Thank you.” Trent said. He ran up to me. “What are you thinking? We can’t make a scene.”


“Trent, did you hear her? If she was right, Katie was on edge because of something.” I just continued walking to Katie’s apartment. I had to find her and help her.


Part 3: Katie

I was in my room listening to my music as loud as I could. I figured out that if I listened to my music loudly it would drain the world out and I would be less likely to use my power on someone. I now carry headphones with me whenever I leave the apartment. As I was listening to my music, I heard a knock on my door. Damnit Mel. Just leave me alone.


I turned down my music and went to answer the door. Mel was standing there with her sad, puppy dog look on. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been hiding my hunting well. I’m trying. I really am.”


I sighed. “I know. I just came out here to get away from everything and to try to learn to control myself on my own and if someone I’m hiding from comes and finds me, it’s all going to be for nothing.” Just then there was a knock on the door to our apartment. I swear the timing of things in my life could really make my life into a funny sitcom or something.


No one knows where I am. Mel doesn’t have any living family members left which is why she wanted to turn. Literally no one should be knocking on our door. Unless Jenna found me. If she found me, I don’t think I could continue the streak of not talking to Zach. I would have to go back home when I wasn’t ready. “Who could that be?” Mel asked.


I shook my head. “I have no idea.” I started walking toward the door. It knocked again. My heard started pounding. Just then I heard who was out there.


“Zach, maybe she’s not here. The secretary at the police station did say she was on edge. Maybe she’s out hunting.”


“Then I’ll wait here. I have to see her. I have to know that she’s okay.” I stopped walking toward the door. It was Trent and Zach. They came all the way out here. And they didn’t go through Sarah to figure out where I was. Of all the people to tell them where I was it was f*****g Lisa from the police station.


“Katie, what are you doing? Aren’t you going to answer it?” Mel said.


“Shhh!” I told her.


“Katie, I just heard you I know you’re in there.” I closed my eyes.


I looked at Mel and mouthed, “Thanks!” I couldn’t blame her though. She didn’t know about Zach.


“Katie, please open the door. I promise I’m going to help you.” I closed my eyes and shook my head. I wasn’t ready. I needed more time to get myself under control. Just then Mel walked up and opened the door.


“Mel! What are you doing?!” I yelled. And there he was. He was beautiful. I forgot that every time that I saw him I fell in love with him over and over again.


He walked up to me and put his hand on my cheek and I started to tear up. “Katie, what’s wrong?” He asked.


I just hugged him. “I missed you so much.”  He laughed and just held me.


“I missed you too beautiful.”


“I’m glad you’re here but what are you doing here and did anyone follow you?”


He gave me a confused look. “Katie, I was worried about you. That’s why I’m here. Why would anyone have followed us? Are you talking about Jenna?”


I avoided the question. Jenna has been texting me asking if I could join her. I’ve been avoiding her and I didn’t want to let anyone know that she was texting me. “Katie, who are these people?” It was Mel who asked.


I just laughed. “This is my boyfriend, Zach, and his brother Trent.”


“Do they know about you?” We all laughed.


Zach was the one who answered. “Considering I was the one that turned her, yes we know.”


“It’s okay Mel. I didn’t tell you about my old life for a good reason. I was trying to stay away from a certain someone.” I went up and hugged Mel.


“Katie, answer me about Jenna. Has she contacted you at all?”


I sighed. “I’ve been trying to avoid it. I didn’t want to worry about it. But I have been getting texts from Jenna asking me to join her on her mission. She won’t elaborate any more than that. I’ve been ignoring her and hoping that she wouldn’t find me here.”


“She hasn’t found you yet has she?” Trent asked.


I just shook my head. Then I got a text and it was from Jenna.




“Nevermind. She just found me.” 

© 2017 Amy Baker

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